Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jaden Smith Asks Parents to be Emancipated for his 15th Birthday

Actor Jaden Smith has one request for his 15th birthday... emancipation. That's right he's asking for an emancipation because he wants to move out and live in a place of his own. The actor's father, Will Smith responded by saying, he doesn’t pay much mind to Jaden’s desire to leave home, and that his request is just “backlash” because of their hands-off approach to parenting. He says he understands “if kids just want to have command of their lives.”
We can all attest to being a teenager and thinking that we know more than our parents did, but in the end we all figured out that we knew nothing and that our parent were right the entire time.
I am all for unconventional parenting but when a 15 year old asks to be emancipated- that's where I draw the line. The reason why God made parents is because children need guidance and supervision- PERIOD! I think Will and Jada are too relaxed... just look at Willow. They allowed her to cut her hair as if she's a grown women or even close to being one and now she's wearing wigs and looks a fool. What ever happened to ponytails and looking like a little girl? Look a kid only has a short time to be a child, so why not encourage them to be just that. That's just my opinion- take it or leave it!
Will and Jaden are starring in the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi thriller “After Earth,” which hits theaters on May 31st.
What do you think about Jaden being emancipated?

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