Friday, May 24, 2013

Relentless Ties by Justice Bahlee Available on

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Relentless Ties by Justice Bahlee
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The mean streets of Washington, D.C. have proven to be both ruthless, and lucrative for the organized crime cartel known as The Council. Controlled by one of the most notorious gangsters America has ever seen, the Council has reigned relentlessly.
When their leader “Bad Ass” Bobby Chance is murdered he leaves behind a grieving widow, three small children, and a herculean legacy to uphold. His son Spencer Chance becomes of age, and is immediately thrust into the position his father once held.
Young Spencer falls in love with Theresa, the daughter of a local minister. After a few months of dating he takes her on a luxurious vacation then proposes marriage and a life of happily ever after. Just when he thinks everything is going well, all hell breaks loose.
His brother is a young promiscuous lawyer who has an affair with the wife of a ruthless Jamaican drug lord, his sister is a reckless, cold blooded killer who finds herself on the run after she murders the sister of the commanding chief of the Mexican mob, and his mother is an idolized Diva who secretly detests his fiancé and tries everything in her power to drive her away. Like his father he is deadly, loyal, and always puts family first, but when his brother, sister, and mother become a liability he has to choose between family, and the woman he has quickly fallen in love with all while fighting a dual war.
After he sends his entire family to an undisclosed location he sets in motion his plans to end the ongoing war by any means necessary. Through blood, sweat, and tears Spencer conquers his adversaries, and barely makes it out alive as the future of The Council lies in the balance.
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