Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bobby V Discusses Sex Tape and How Car Jacking Impacted His Music

Bobby V finally addresses the SEX TAPE and talks about his scary car jacking moment transforming his music.
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Bobby V sits down with HipHopWeekly and discuss the Sex Tape scandal. He also gets real about the car jacking experience.
Check out some highlights from the interview below:
HHW: What changed in you, to want to make some changes in your music?
BOBBY V: I had a carjacking incident earlier this year. I was held at gunpoint for my car. After that situation a couple of other things happened and I looked back on the music I had given people. While I really love the music that I have done, I feel like if I would have died at that moment I hadn’t left the world being touched by my music. After all that I wanted to do something different from before. I don’t wanna chase the radio.
HHW: Do you have one offer on the table or are you looking at a couple of labels?
BOBBY V: We have a couple labels- actually three labels that we are having talks with. I have always have had interest in major labels, but because I have always had independent money and so it kept me putting music out on my own. Now I am sitting back, weighing my options and being free with my music. At the end of the day I am doing what I love to do. Now I can make music for your soul.
HHW: So we heard about this sex tape, what is going on with that?
BOBBY V: A young lady was at my house, I guess she went through my computer and sent the sex tape to herself. I’m not sure if that will ever get out. I think she was mad at me about something and sent it in to TMZ. You know sometimes women do things out of spite. I’m doing everything in my power for it not to be released because that is not the type of person I am. I would never mean for a sex tape to get out there. I come from a good family, a Godly home. I grew up with my mother, father, and sister. That’s not a good look for me because that is not who I am.
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Source via: HipHopWeekly and freddyo.com

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