Monday, May 20, 2013

Video: Miguel Lands On The Crowd During Performance At The Billboard Music Awards

Singer Miguel tried to jump over the crowd at the Billboard Music Awards during his performance but instead, Miguel lands on a female fan's head. I could not believe he even tried it!!! His landing looked like a wrestling move gone horribly wrong... hopefully she won't sue him.
I also believe he was high. His eyes were glassy, red, and it's the only reasonable excuse for even attempting this!!! Lay off the drugs Miguel before you wind up like Frankie Lyman... for real!!!
Well look at the bright side... it will go down in awards history as the WORST performance move EVER!!!
This is not the first performance blooper Miguel has experienced. He also fell off stage in London while performing "Adorn." But just like this time he got back up and kept performing...WOW!!!
See the video of his London performance below:

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