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Dear Justice,

I have been dating my girlfriend for the past 6 months and I really love her. We are perfect for each other. She makes me laugh. She cheers me up. And she’s always there for me. I definitely see a future for us, but there’s one thing I have to take care of before we can move forward. I am married and have been for the past six years. My wife and I live in separate states and I pretty much do my own thing. We have three kids and I love my kids with all my heart but I can’t stay in this relationship when I’m in love with someone else. I haven’t told my wife that I want a divorce nor have I told my girlfriend that I’m married. I don’t want to lose my girlfriend but I also don’t want to hurt my wife and kids. Justice please help me make the right decision before I ruin my life.


Confused in New York

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