Thursday, December 6, 2012

Missing Clayton Co woman found dead in her car

Missing Clayton Co. woman found dead in her vehicle after law enforcement failed to render satisfactory search efforts.

On Tuesday Dec 4, 2012 Carlisa Lawson's body was found in her 2001 Chevrolet Suburban in McDonough, Ga after she dropped her daughter off at work. Details surrounding her death, and the investigation has not been released at this time.

Carlisa was a beloved member of the GLBT community. A campaign to increase community awareness, and search efforts was launched by her partner Michelle Alexander.

The Just Talk family extends our most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Carlisa Lawson.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Just Talk: Relentless Ties by Justice Bahlee (Available on Am...

Just Talk: Relentless Ties by Justice Bahlee (Available on Am...:   The mean streets of Washington, D.C. have proven to be both ruthless, and lucrative for the organized crime cartel known as The Co...

Relentless Ties by Justice Bahlee (Available on

The mean streets of Washington, D.C. have proven to be both ruthless, and lucrative for the organized crime cartel known as The Council. Controlled by one of the most notorious gangsters America has ever seen, the Council has reigned relentlessly.

When their leader “Bad Ass” Bobby Chance is murdered he leaves behind a grieving widow, three small children, and a herculean legacy to uphold. His son Spencer Chance becomes of age, and is immediately thrust into the position his father once held.
Young Spencer falls in love with Theresa, the daughter of a local minister. After a few months of dating he takes her on a luxurious vacation then proposes marriage and a life of happily ever after. Just when he thinks everything is going well, all hell breaks loose.
His brother is a young promiscuous lawyer who has an affair with the wife of a ruthless Jamaican drug lord, his sister is a reckless, cold blooded killer who finds herself on the run after she murders the sister of the commanding chief of the Mexican mob, and his mother is an idolized Diva who secretly detests his fiancé and tries everything in her power to drive her away. Like his father he is deadly, loyal, and always puts family first, but when his brother, sister, and mother become a liability he has to choose between family, and the woman he has quickly fallen in love with all while fighting a dual war.
After he sends his entire family to an undisclosed location he sets in motion his plans to end the ongoing war by any means necessary. Through blood, sweat, and tears Spencer conquers his adversaries, and barely makes it out alive as the future of The Council lies in the balance.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Exclusive interview with Krystle "Ms. Coochie Crack" Thompson (Real Housewives of ATL)

I recently had the enlightening pleasure of interviewing Krystle "Ms.Coochie Crack" Thompson who appeared on the Real Housewives of Atlanta as a competitor for Jet's beauty of the week. In case you forgot Ms. Coochie Crack was very harshly criticized by former Ms. USA- Kenya Moore. I sought to get Ms. Coochie Crack's side of the story in hopes of clearing the air and seeing just how this unnecessary event has affected her life.
Q: When did you decide to audition for the Jet beauty of the week?

A:I always wanted to audition. And on that day It was kind of a last minute decision after I was encouraged by a friend.

Q: When you woke up that morning what were your expectations for the audition?

A:On the way to the audition I didn’t know what to expect. After some of the girls auditioned Kenya came out and gave a pep talk to those waiting. She told us to give it! And I really thought she was being positive but obviously not.

Q: Were you nervous?

A: I was nervous, because I knew it was going to be filmed.

Q: Was this your first time trying out for something of this nature?

A: No. I have tried out in the past, I have participated in several other events and worked with many celebrities. All without incident.

Q: Before you went before the panel, what was the atmosphere like?

A: It was cool. I thought she would have been supportive, by her encouraging speech and her advice for us to "Give it, and be sexy."

Q: Were there others who complained about Kenya’s behavior toward them?

A: Yes. Q from 112, and many others have said her behavior was horrible.

Q: I noticed that when she was making her negative comments you maintained a smile? Why? What was going through your head at that time?

A: I was trying to make her mad. I try to give the opposite of negativity. She is such a hater it infuriated her. I maintained my professionalism.

Q: How did her comments make you feel as an aspiring artist?

A: It disappointed me because as a little girl I looked up to her as a former Ms. USA. But it also made me feel good because she was obviously threatened.

Q: In my opinion everyone who stands in leadership or authoritative positions should at least show some compassion for those who are trying to reach that plateau? Do you feel that Kenya Moore lacks compassion for others?

A: I do. I think she has inner issues, and insecurities.

Q: How do you feel she could have handled the situation better?

A: She should have said it with more tact. She should have kept her critique. She should also look at her past before she tries to say something.

Q: How has your life changed since the incident?

A: It hasn't been any major changes. I'm realizing that the hate is real when your trying to make it, and being exposed, good or bad.

Q: Has it changed your professional plans any?

A: Not much, but I have enrolled back in school to perfect my craft.

Q: Do you feel she should apologize publicly?

A: I do. But if she feels she doesn't want to it shows who she really is. I want her to apologize not only for me but for women everywhere, because she's putting down women who are just like her. I need it and she will give it...

Q: Do you feel that she bullied you?

A: Not bullied but hated on. It can be considered as bullied, but she's invisible to me.

Q: What are your thoughts about her now?

A: I don't look up to her, I actually despise her. She has loss respect as a woman and a former Ms. USA. No respect right now.

Q: If you could say anything to anyone else who has experienced this what would you say?

A: I would say continue to strive for what's in your heart. If someone is putting you down, don't stop continue. Don't let the problems of others affect you. Let the haters hate.
I also contacted the PACER Center & National Bullying Prevention Center which is publicly supported by Ellen DeGeneres to seek their advice regarding the definition of bullying, and how it affects those targeted.

Julie Hertzog, Director forwarded the following statement:

Definition of Bullying
Bullying behaviors can be much more complex and varied than the stereotype of a boy beating up a smaller classmate. For example, harmful bullying can also occur quietly and covertly, through gossip or on the Internet, causing emotional damage.
Although definitions vary from source to source, most agree that an act is defined as bullying when the behavior hurts or harms another person physically or emotionally, and when the targets have difficulty stopping the behavior directed at them and struggle to defend themselves. Many definitions include a statement about the ”imbalance of power”, described as when the student with the bullying behavior has more “power”, either physically, socially, or emotionally. That may mean the student has a higher social status, is physically larger, or emotionally intimidating.
Impact of Bullying
Research about the short- and long-term damage caused by bullying shows that it affects students in many negative ways. It can affect their education - students may avoid school, lack concentration, and their grades may suffer. Bullying can also lead to physical and mental health problems, including sleeping problems, headaches and stomachaches, depression, self-harm (such as cutting), increased fear or anxiety, and thoughts of suicide.
Although Ms. Hertzog's comments were directed toward students I feel that the information she provided is applicable to all ages. I also feel that bullying is a serious problem in America ans for a former Ms. USA to conduct herself in such a manner. What does this say to our children, both those struggling with being bullied, and those who are bullying. Is Ms. USA really saying it's okay to publicly, humiliate, embarrass, and insult an innocent person.
I'm not judging Kenya Moore, and I don't know what she was thinking at the time but I would definitely like to her  response and see her render an apology to Krystle and others who have been victims of bullying.

Charges dropped against Chris Brown and Drake

Chris Brown and Drake will NOT face criminal charges from their alleged involvement in a massive nightclub brawl this summer in NYC. According to law enforcement, there just isn't enough evidence to move forward with the case.

The investigation into the bottle-smashing brawl at WIP nightclub on June 14th has been concluded and no criminal charges will be filed against the stars or any member of their entourages, and there will be no further investigation.

The surveillance video in the club was rendered useless because it was so dark and blurry, and the interviews that were conducted by the NYPD were inconclusive.

It was reported that Chris suffered injuries to his face from a flying bottle that was allegedly thrown from Drake's table. Several other people were bloodied up in subsequent projectile bottle attacks, including bodyguards and random clubgoers.

NBA star Tony Parker has sued the club over the incident, claiming his eye was injured as a result of the brawl. He's asking for $20 million in damages.

Drake's lawyer Blair Berk stated "Drake was never even a suspect so it's no surprise."

Chris Brown later took to twitter to comment about the incident.

"Dallas" star Larry Hagman Dies at 81

Actor Larry Hagman -- foundly known as J.R. Ewing on "Dallas" passed away at age 81.

According to sources Hagman died in a Dallas hospital at 4:20 pm Friday, due to complications from a recent battle with cancer.

The actor's family released a statement shortly after his passing, saying "He was surrounded by loved ones when he passed. It was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for."

Hagman also starred in "I Dream of Jeannie" but was mosly known for his role as the iconic bad guy J.R. in the 1980's drama "Dallas." He recently returned to the same role on the TNT version which aired  earlier this year.

It is reported that he is survived by his two children.

Holiday brawl at Halle Berry's house!!!

According to sources famous actor Halle Berry's holiday celebration was interupted by her baby's daddy- Gabriel Aubry.

Aubry alledgedly visited Berry's home and while outside he pushed and struck her fiance Olivier Martinez in the shoulder. Reportedly Halle's fiance punched him in the face, cold-cocking him. DAMNNNNN!!! It is still unclear as to whether Gabriel was rendered unconscious or not.

According to photos taken in L.A. a day after the fight Aubry is a bruised, swollen, and battered mess. Following the brawl he was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a broken rib, and a serious face contusion to include an unsightly shiner.

It's clear that Olivier got the better of the fight, but not without an injury to his hand and his neck.

A judge issued an emergency protective order against Gabriel, requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and  their daughter Nahla.

Well Aubrey the next time you decide to pick a fight try picking on somebody who can't beat your ass...tehehe...

Hector "Macho" Camacho Dies from gunshot injuries

Hector "Macho" Camacho has died from gunshot wounds as a result of a drive-by shooting last week in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Ernesto Torres, director of the Centro Medico trauma center in Puerto Rico, stated Camacho went into cardiac arrest early Saturday. He was then taken off life support and died shortly thereafter.

Camacho and a childhood friend were shot several times Tuesday night while sitting inside their car outside of a liquor store. Camacho was immediately hospitalized following the attack, and went into cardiac arrest a short time later. Camacho's childhood friend died at the scene.

Inside Camacho's friend's pocket police found nine small bags of cocaine, and one opened bag in the car.

Officials in Puerto Rico are investigating the shooting. No suspects have been identified, and no arrests have been made to date.

Camacho's professional career deemed him a dominating athlete with an awesome fighting record of 79-5-3 with his most recent bout in 2009.
Often entering the ring adorned in his native Puerto Rican colors, and curly hair he fought some of boxing's most remembered fights. Going toe to toe with boxing greats like Felix Trinidad, Julio Cesar Chavez and Sugar Ray Leonard. In March 1997 Camacho competed against Leonard in what would be his last fight, ending his career in disappointment and loss.

Camacho was also no stranger to law enforcement. He was arrested many times, including an arrest for burglarizing a computer store in 2005. While in custody officers claim they found the drug ecstasy in his possession.
Throughout his marriage Camacho's wife filed two domestic abuse complaints, she sought divorce several years ago, and he was arrested for allegedly abusing his teenage son last year.

Hector "Macho" Camacho will be remembered as a great boxing legend, he was 50 years old.

Our prayers go out to his family, and may he rest in peace!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Boxer Hector "Macho" Camacho is brain dead

The Puerto Rican boxer known as Hector "Macho" Camacho has been declared brain dead by doctors. Dr. Ernesto Torres said on Wednesday  that Camacho was showing irregular and intermittent brain activity.

Camacho is 50-years-old. He was shot several times as he and a friend sat in a Ford Mustang parked outside a bar Tuesday night. Police spokesman Alex Diaz said officers found nine small bags of cocaine in his friend's pocket, and an open 10th bag inside the car.

Camacho has always been considered a troubled man, despite his popularity and skills as a boxer he constantly battled drugs, alcohol and other problems. His career record is 79-6-3. My sincere prayers go out to his family!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton's hooks up???

Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton have colaborated together and Wayne has decided that he wants to spend the night in Paris... At least that's what he says in the song... Where he references one of the most famed sex tapes of all time.  "Excuse my french, but f**k the cameras / I wanna spend a night in Paris," says Wayne. As we all know Lil Wayne gets around and he says he wants to spend the night in Paris whichmeans he probably already has... Paris wishes to feature the song on an upcoming album.

Mike Epps wanted for questioning in nightclub shooting!!!

Comedian Mike Epps wanted for questioning after a shot was fired inside the Tru night club where he was celebrating his birthday. According to reports Epps' entourage had a confrontation with another group when a warning shot was fired and Police were called just after midnight. Everyone in the club bolted for the door including Epps. Police are currently investigating the case and wants to speak to Epps to find outwhat happened.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Original Tuskegee Airmen is laid to rest

Retired Lt. Col. Herbert Carter, an original Tuskegee Airmen, died Thursday at East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika. He was 95 years old. Montgomery Advertiser reports that Carter was one of only four from the original group of 33 fighter pilots still alive. He was also noted as one of the most vocal about the legacy of the African-American World War II pilots. These great African American pilots have been credited for their instrumental part in devouring racial barriers in the military, and helping to win the war. Their mission was protecting bombers as they tried to attack enemy troops.

Before retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1969, Carter continued to serve in the Air Force after the war ended. He later served as the associate dean for student services at Tuskegee University.

Carter enjoyed traveling and sharing stories about the Tuskegee Airmen. Along with the other Airmen he spent three weeks advising George Lucas during the pre-production of Red Tails, a film released earlier this year about the Airmen. He commented that the director made them feel like heroes.

“(Lucas) treated us right and fulfilled his promise to make a realistic movie,” Carter stated.

The film was released in January, at which time Carter decided to lessen his appearances for health reasons. However he still spoke at Maxwell Air Force Base’s Gunter Annex.

“It’s a thrill for him to do it,” Kurt Carter said about his father at that time. “He’s just honored to be asked. It recharges his batteries.”

As a result of his wife's death last year it is said that Carter's vitality began to decline, losing weight and his appetite.

Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford ordered flags to be flown at half-staff following Carter’s death. He added it was an “appropriate tribute to this national hero, who so valiantly fought fascism abroad and racism at home, and of whom all in Tuskegee are so justly proud.”

The Re-election of President Barack Obama

44th President Barack Obama is set for another four years in the White House and the GOP is upset. I wonder why? For years they have controlled america with an iron fist and for the first time in history we have shown our oppressors that we want, deserve, and demand continuous change. United we stand, Divided we fall, Tighter than pantyhose four sizes small.

So many people are upset about the Re-election of President Barack Obama. I ask why? For many years people of color have been made fun of for our religious beliefs... They think God is a waste of time, they thought slavery would never end, and they thought our President would never be re-elected... My response "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

This week I heard comments like "The world is coming to an end, and Your taxes are going to go up $40 per household in January." I'm sorry white people but people of color are use to living off of a shoestring budget. Hell many of us have made it on no budget at all, but through it all we have trusted God and he has proven that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I love my people and I love my first family.

Take a bow Dr. King and all of those who sacrificed their lives so that we could be afforded the opportunity to be heard.

Say it with me FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rodney King Dead at 47; Found at Bottom of Pool...

Rodney King, whose beating by Los Angeles Cops in 1991 sparked riots after the acquittal of the four officers that assaulted him was found dead at the bottom of his pool Early Sunday morning.
Police in Rialto, California, received a 911 call from King's fiancee, Cynthia Kelly, about 5:25 a.m., said Capt. Randy DeAnda. Responding officers arrived and found King at the bottom of the pool, removed him and attempted to revive him. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital, DeAnda said.
There were no preliminary signs of foul play, he said, and no obvious injuries on King's body. Police are conducting a drowning investigation, DeAnda said, and King's body will be autopsied.
"His fiancee heard him in the rear yard," he said, and found King in the pool when she went outside.

Kelly was also a juror in King's lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles in 1994. 

King's beating followed a high-speed car chase and its backlash forever changed Los Angeles, its police department and the ongoing problem on race in America.

"Rodney King was a symbol of civil rights and he represented the anti-police brutality and anti-racial profiling movement of our time," Rev. Al Sharpton said in a statement. "It was his beating that made America focus on the presence of profiling and police misconduct."

At the time King was only 25 and on parole as a result of a robbery conviction in March 1991. In an interview in 2011, he stated he had been drinking and was headed home from a friend's house when he saw a police car following him and panicked, thinking he would be sent back to prison, he attempted to flee.

Severely beaten by four white officers while black officers stood and watched, King lay on the ground as an onlooker filmed the attack that appeared on national television two days later. Beaten nearly to death he was operated on by three surgeons for five hours.

In the years following the beating and trial King had several more run ins with the law. On the 20th anniversary of the beating in 2011, he was pulled over and ticketed for a minor traffic violation.

King said earlier this year he has forgiven the officers who beat him.
"Yes, I've forgiven them, because I've been forgiven many times," he said. "My country's been good to me ... This country is my house, it's the only home I know, so I have to be able to forgive -- for the future, for the younger generation coming behind me, so ... they can understand it and if a situation like that happened again, they could deal with it a lot easier."

R.I.P Rodney King, and I hope we can all just get along...

Evelyn Lozada and Star Jones Make up...

According to HHW, Basketball wives star Evelyn Lozada and Star Jones had a falling out after the former View host started a petition to end the popular series. Jones stated "We simply will not support violence. It hurts to see violence amongst women on television for entertainment purposes. It is not okay for women to hit other women on TV."

Lozada was originally defensive regarding Jones' statements and began to backlash her relevancy stating "I like the petition and I like the controversy because I've learned learned controversy is good." She also revealed in a recent interview "I think she is irrelevant . And she's using our coattails to get relevant again. Nobody gives a f--k about her."

Although Lozada's statements were harsh and brutal Jones' efforts must have finally weighed on her conscious because shortly after her statements Evelyn tweeted "@StarJonesEsq know we've discussed my comments 2@VibeMagazine privately, but want 2 publicly apologize 4 my words. Ur an amazing example!" Jones accepted her apology, and the two are said to be on good terms. At least for now that is...


Mary Mary scores again!!!

Acclaimed Gospel duo Mary Mary ranks number one for their new single "Go Get It."

The hit single debuted May 8, 2012 and has been climbing the charts since.

The sister act consisting of Erica and Tina Atkins-Campbell also has a new self entitled reality T.V. show on WE TV. The show follows them as they share their lives, including ups, downs, and their family life.

Erica and her Producer husband Warren Campbell recently welcomed a baby girl to their already growing family of four, and Tina and her professional drummer/singer husband Terry Campbell recently shared that they are also expecting an addition to their family of six.

After ten years of giving God glory through the ministry of song Mary Mary has acquired 3 Grammy Awards, 2 American Music Awards, an NAACP Image Award, and a BET Music Award. They have  dominated the gospel industry with their contemporary style with hits such as "Shackles, God in Me, The Real Party, and Yesterday.

On May 9, 2012 they appeared on Good Morning America and revealed that their show Mary Mary has been renewed for a second season!!! YAAAY!!!

They are currently preparing to perform on the main stage at the Essence Music Festival July 8, 2012 in New Orleans, LA.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar arrested!!!

According to sources Rev. Creflo Dollar was arrested on charges of assault of his 15 year old daughter after he reportedly choaked and punched her. Police were called to the Dollar residence at about 1 a.m. after a 911 call was placed by his 15 year old daughter reporting that her father had assaulted her after he forbid her to attend a party. Her 19 year old sister witnessed the ordeal and gave her account of the incident to the police. During the altercation she called for her mother who told officers she did not witness the event.

Sources say the famed pastor was arrested then went to church and rendered a sermon on forgiveness.

I'm not judging nobody and sometimes kids need the beat down but we now know that Creflo dollar will make you holla!!! lol...tehehe... My prayers go out to the Dollar family!!!

NC woman castrates man with her bare hands...

According to the Shelby County police a 35 year old woman castrated a man with her bare hands after an argument.

We've all heard of the term "A women Scorned" but damn...

Joyce Maxine Gregory was arrested and charged over the weekend with malicious castration and assault inflicting serious bodily injury. Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford stated that she had a disagreement with an older man then followed him outside as he attempted to call 911, grabbed his scrotum, and squeezed his testicles out.

He then ran to a nearby rescue squad for help.

Officers were then dispatched to a Bowman street residence where they arrested Gregory, Once she was placed in the patrol car she pulled down her pants and urinated in the backseat.

Gregory's bond was set at $20,000.00.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Godfather of Go-Go "Chuck Brown Dies...

Washington, D.C mourns the lost of the King of the go-go beat!!!

At an early age I learned of and fell completely in love with the unique sound of go-go music. The genre of music was given this named by Brown because it goes on and on. "Chuck" as he was affectionately known by Washingtonians was considered the cream of the crop in the go-go industry. His shows were always more costly, and usually required adult attire but his performances were well worth the aforementioned prerequisites.

To many in the metropolitan area go-go is the preferred sound, and although it has failed to have the same infectious impact outside the DMV area, many claim to love the sound regionally and internationally. Brown's career is said to have been nationally launched because of his invention of go-go. Some of his biggest hits include "We need some Money, Go-Go Swing, and Run Joe." These oldies but goodies will remain in the hearts and memories of true fans for years to come.

His direct influence falls upon greats alike, Trouble Funk, Rare Essence, Experience Unlimited (EU), and many others.

He reportedly died at John's Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 75.
My heart and prayers go out to his entire family, and to all those who truly love go-go.

"Wind me up Chuck, Wind me up Chuck, Wind me up Chuck, Wind me up Chuck."
Thank you Chuck for a great time!!! Rest In Peace!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Pastor Marvin Winans Carjacked and Attacked!!!"

According to Detroit Police inspector Nick Kyriacou, Pastor Marvin Winans stopped at a Northwest Detroit Citgo gas station to purchase gas, and was attacked. It was reported that as many as 10 young men between the ages of 18 to 20, were present when the minister made his purchase at the station. After the transaction was complete Winans exited the store, and the young men followed him outside.
The famed Pastor was distracted by a conversation about the music he was playing as he filled his 2012 deep burgandy Infiniti QX56 SUV.
The suspect told Winans that his gas was spilling, when he turned to check on his vehicle he was sucker punched from behind, and pushed to the ground. Three or four other suspects then joined the suspect in beating the gospel star as he was on the ground. "Somebody said roll him over and they got his wallet," Kyriacou said.  Winans was able to identify one of his attackers, he described the assailant as 5 feet 4, in his late teens, wearing a whit T-shirt, and dark jeans. Authorities also reported that it is their belief that the offenders did not recognize the gospel singer.
He escaped with minor scrapes, bruises, and cuts, he also declined EMS transport to the hospital but was later taken by a friend.
Winans is currently the Pastor of the 3,000 member "Perfecting Church," and is also in the process of building a new 4,500 seat sanctuary. Although progress has been halted for the past year, Winans' newest single "Let the Church Say Amen" was listed on as the Nation's top gospel recording. We wish Pastor well (can you say cha-ching)...teeheehee...
The 54 year old Pastor recently rendered the eulogy for the "Quen of Pop's" Whitney Houston in February, and was also noted as her Pastor.   

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sundays symbolize something different for every person, culture, and race...

For me they remind me of peace, quiet, organization, family, and worship. As you go about your day remember to be grateful no matter what, and take time to simply enjoy the day which is a blessing!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wet Wednesday's!!!

Love is the language that surpasses the understanding of the universe!!!

Given the right person and circumstances love can make you feel higher than any euphoric or synthetic drug. It has the power to make you feel better than you ever have and the power to make you feel worse than you ever have all simultaneously...

However, there is one activity that ignites the flame in any being- cat, dog , or meow...teeheehee... This activity is known as SEX!!! Come on let's not be shy... we all like it, I mean love it!!! And let's face the fact that it feels sooo good!!!

So with no further delay let's get into our Wet Wednesday topic...

There are many types, positions, styles and ways to get yours but every now and again even I... the sex doctor herself looks to some sort of instruction to refine my skills.

Today I want to focus on what I like to call "TAKE-YOUR-SWEET-TIME SEX."
When you have the gift of time, basking in super-sensitive sexual acts and soulful lovemaking can be an illuminating  revelation...and not to mention a relationship booster. With sensual sex, it's not all about where you and your mate are going, or how soon you get there, but the process that gets you there. When you slow down and attempt to prolong your orgasm, you give both parties an opportunity to further explore one another and savor you experience together.

How many times have you had a sexual encounter with someone that was suppose to be a one night stand but because they put it on you sooo good, years later- he or she is still hanging in there... Make no mistake about it sex is an action that is so powerful that it alone comes second to none or in other words it's priority falls second to the importance of money!!! My motto is more sex, more happiness. No sex, no happiness!!!

If and when you decide to try "Take your Time Sex" I reccomend the following:
Start out with a sexy massage (use some aromatherapy or edible oils) and be sure everyone is NAKED!!! Then move on to the slow kissing and sensual licking, afterwhich move on to the oral pleasures (and if this is not your thing something has gone terribly wrong, and you need to start over!!!) be sure to make this period of your love making a very pleasurable event but remember to take your time.

If your lover is slow to erupt, take a little longer with the afore mentioned acts ;) after the oral activity has concluded it is up to you how to proceed but I reccomend that you initially try doggie style as it will assist with the overwelming desire to have an orgasm immediately, after this try one of my personal favorites the "Bone Crusher." This is when the receiving party sits on your lap with their legs wrapped around you, allowing open access to everyones hot spots!!! This is sure to cause a smile to cover everyone's face... And remember the bone crusher is very powerful so please be careful.

Once your love making session is done remember to have open dialogue so that your beautiful art can be perfected, remember communication is the key!!! I hope you enjoy your journey and please leave me a message and let me know how it worked for you... good luck!!!

If you are interested in adding any sex toys to your act here's what I reccomend...

Heterosexual couples:
Fantasy Door Swing

Gay couples:
Classix Prostate Stimulator

Lesbian couples:
The Accomodator

And if all else fails or you are currently financially challenged and can't get the reccomended items- just use your Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes-Knees and Toes (in my funny singing voice)...teeheehee...


George Zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder!!!

The face of justice has surfaced, and George Zimmerman has finally been charged with second-degree murder!!!
From the start of this horrific ordeal, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton wanted George Zimmerman to be arrested for killing their son Trayvon Martin. Ever since the February 26 shooting of the unarmed teen in Sanford, Florida, the volunteer neighborhood watch captain has been in hiding, yet he was still a free man.
Today we all released a sigh of relief as Angela Corey, a Florida state attorney appointed a special prosecutor in this tragic case, announced that Zimmerman was under arrest and would be charged with second-degree murder.

I personally feel some what better that he has been arrested and is going to be held accountable for his reckless actions. I feel that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood. He pursued him against the advice of the 911 dispatcher thus creating a platform for the confrontation as he approached the teen. He states that the teen broke his nose and slammed his head against the concrete, and I say damn right, he should have!!! I wish he could have taken that pistol and... Y'all know the rest!!!
Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life and unfortunately he lost that fight to a crazy, deranged
volunteer neighborhood watch captain...WTF... America is suppose to extend "Liberty and Justice for ALL" but Trayvon was not even extended the liberty of being able to safely walk to and from the store at 7 o'clock in the evening. He and his family had to wait 46 days for the state of Florida to determine that his killer was guilty (to any degree). When they searched his remains and found nothing but a bag of skittles and a can of Iced Tea nearby, that's when he should have been arrested, that alone said his murder was not warranted.

Again I say that someone throws flour on Kim Kardashian and they are immediately taken into custody, a man murders an unarmed child and he walks free for 46 days before being arrested... What is the world coming too???

As an African American I have had very little faith in the justice system as I have witnessed countless injustices relating to people of color, not to mention how the system exploits men of color by recycling them in the system and creating few avenues for rehabilitation or restoration.

Although my faith in the system has wavered, it was semi restored at 6:05 pm today!!!
My hope is that the family of this young man can begin the healing process and attempt to live a normal life!!!

Le'Andria Johnson has confirmed her pregnancy!!!

It has been confirmed that Sunday's Best winner Le'Andria Johnson is pregnant!!!

After weeks of mounting speculation, the Grammy awarded artist confirmed the allegations that she is pregnant with her fourth child, and will deliver in September. Her appearance on BET's Celebration of Gospel reignited previous thoughts, and may have even caused her to confess.  

In an exclusive statement to, Le’Andria states:
“In recent weeks, there have been numerous published reports stating that I am pregnant. I would like to take this time to confirm that I am pregnant and due in September. I have been feeling well and maintaining a healthy appetite. I have been busy traveling around the country with my music ministry. One can only imagine that as a mother and mother-to-be, my plate is quite full—taking the kids to school, doing homework, cooking—regular mother duties. I have been blessed to have the love and support of my church, family, friends, label, management, and fans. I have received so many beautiful and thoughtful notes and prayers from people all over the country. I ask that you continue to pray for me and my family. I cannot do this alone. I will continue to pray for God’s guidance and protection over my life. I love you all very much and I will be in touch soon.”

Let me just say... the Church House is upset, and the saints are on fire...teeheehee... People having been letting Ms. Le'Andria have it honey!!! I say Live and Let Live!!! None of us are perfect but God chooses to use each of us daily.

I pray that she has a healthy, and Blessed pregnancy!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weezy Engaged???

Lil Wayne and his stunning girlfriend Dhea have been seen together on many occasions, yet recently she has been sporting some new BLING!!! Some think the star studded couple are engaged, with their increased sightings and the fans starting to believe the same, who knows we may hear wedding bells.

According to sources the couple dined at Barton G restaurant in Miami on valentines day. While there Weezy slipped the waiter a large yellow stone ring to place in the restaurant's signature Sundae, and moments after it was delivered to the rapper's table he shouted "She Said Yes." Everyone in the crowded restaurant believed that he had proposed, and later that evening he tweeted "She Said Yes."

America I said it... I said it... I said it!!! When Toya got married I knew it wouldn't be long. Oh don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.... When your ex gets into a relationship or God forbid gets married you begin to play the "I can top that" game. Weezy ain't in love he's trying to impress Toya, but it won't impress her that you married again, it would have impressed her if you would have made it work for your family...

If they are engaged I wish them the best... really I do but I do hope Ms. Dhea knows what she's getting into because if he almost drowns in the p*ssy, he'll swim to her butt...teeheehee...

Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada get their own Reality show!!!

Chad Ochocinco and his bride-to-be Evelyn Lozada are set to star in their own reality t.v. show on VH1. The show will follow the controversial couple as they approach their big day, and will conclude with a special wedding episode as the series finale.

"Ev and Ocho" is set to air this fall and run for 8 episodes. The series has been compared to the hit E series "Khloe and Lamar" and has been referred to as the newer version... I don't know about that because Ev is okay with Ocho cheating with or without her, and Khloe is not having that!!! And if they ever even make it to the wedding... and I'll be suprised and if they do. It won't last, some things need a little tradition and a little less openess!!!

They will each make $300,000.00 bills for the two months of work. Evelyn was prepared to leave reality t.v. in the dust... until she saw the dollar signs... And I don't blame her... get your coins boo, and do you...teeheehee...

When she was offered her own show and an appeasing raise from her previous gig "Basketball Wives" she couldn't resist... So stay tuned and let's see if we can stomach Ev or Ocho baby!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Gets into a FIGHT!!! Exclusive!!!

Lindsay Lohan has been formally off probation for less than two weeks and she's already been accused of getting into a bar fight???

According to sources, a report was filed by a female in the West Hollywood Sheriff's office last night. The woman alleges that Lohan didn't like the fact that she was talking with a friend of LiLo's, and got into it with her at a nightclub on Thursday night, yet she didn't file a report until last night. Call me crazy but that sounds like she' been coached for the cash...Hmmm...

Law enforcement states the women's claims will be investigated like they would with any case like this one- to determine it's validity.

Lindsay's rep. Steve Honig, told TMZ, "Lindsay was absolutely not involved in any sort of altercation whatsoever. This is clearly another case of someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame."

I don't know, and I wasn't there but Ms. Lindsay certainly has some explaining to do... Damn girl you must like tha man all up in your sh*t!!! From today on we shall call Ms. Lindsay Lohan "Thug Passion" because she clearly has all of the white gangsta rapper's and the such beat... teeheehee...

Wet Wenesdays...

Starting Wednesday April 11, 2012 Justice Bahlee presents the very best in Sex tips, Karma Sutra tips, Erotica tips, Sex toys, and so much more...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Diggy Simmons let's J. Cole have it!!!

As many of you have heard Lil Diggy Simmons has been blasting on J Cole for his recently publicized sexual allegations regarding his sister, Vanessa Simmons...

According to young Diggy it all started when J Cole released a track entitled "Grew up Fast." It was released after he reached two million followers on twitter, and on the track Cole name dropped Diggy in the first verse:

"Move along cock-sucker, ain't got nothing to see,
'less you talking blockbuster, you n-ggas is not Russell
You more Diggy, Me, I'm more Biggie
No diss to the young boy, I'm just rapping, get bored quickly"

Although J Cole claimed that his statements were not a diss, Diggy let lose on him with a responding track entitled "What you say to me":

"The other day I was listening to Purple Rain , couldn't believe all the things that I hear em say
Who dat, who dat, you know who it is, hear you lying on my sis, tellin people that you hit
when your album drops I'ma hit you with your bricks, so I'ma bomb first on you since you wanna riff
who gonna call, you ain't got no friends, this fight fixed, you ain't got no wins,
little nigga named Cole think he live like me, jet setter trend setter, yeah you not like me
can't find a girl that you know that do not like me, can't find a girl I know, who know you, you dumb fool
wasn't even poppin in the school you used to go to."

From this nasty little lyrical spat Rev. Run himself took to twitter and responded:

J Cole.. Puts out 2 records Dissing family and Diggy & nobody cared.. Some1 leaks a old Diggy record & ther'es a problem?

Vanessa also responded to the allegations and said:

Our brothers r protective ova us CUZ guys stay LYING, MORE IMPTLY that ish NEVER HAPPENED

I'm not sure who did what but what I do know is that Lil Diggy is pissed, it sounds like Rev. Run supports his boy, J Cole is immature as hell for telling all the business (you can always tell the guys that never get any...teeheehee...), and poor Ms. Vanessa getting her name thrown all around town...

I hope J Cole learns his lesson and stops talking smack about the Simmons because obviously Homie don't play that!!!

Chris Brown buys $175+k car for girlfriend...

Did Breezy recently purchase a new 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S for his sweetheart???

This past weekend, Karrueche sent pictures of herself sitting on top of a new 175k+ car with the caption, ‘Me & My New B-tch’. It looks as though she's doing something right, and he can't be that bad... she has no complaints. The superstar dropped a lot of cash for this pricey gift, and right before the release of his new and highly anticipated album ‘Fortune’ (an appropriate title don't you think), scheduled to debut next month.

Meanwhile, if you’ve heard the buzz around town regarding the weird Breezy, Rihanna, Karrueche love triangle that’s been going on, and you probably were in tune with the eyebrow raising tweets from Rihanna and Chris over the weekend:

Chris Brown tweeted
Eventually people grow up and get wiser to the bullsh-t!
And some of Rihanna’s tweets included:
N-ggaz talkin real wreckless #stuntmen
If u don’t want me, someone else will… if I’m not good enough!
Cry me a river….I already cried
I’m makin’ u wait….I need to know if ya worthy
He’s been actin’ uuup….but he won’t be the only one
These three difinately know how to get the public's attention, but I don't get it... I thought Chris was such a bad person and that she wanted him away from her, and now she's talkin smack to the man and about his new Boo. Word to the wise "Grow up Rihanna." I never thought that he did everything she said and this proves it, so all the haters can stop hating on TeamBrezzy!!!teeheehee!!!

Drake embraces Rhianna in new "Take Care" music video!!!

YMCMB's Drake may have made fans wait two additional weeks for his highly anticipated new album "Take Care" but ladies and gentlemen it's worth it!!!

Well the wait is finally over and we get to see him embrace Rhianna once again... The video has a very still background which causes your attention to be glued on the two superstars. In my opinion Drake shows a more sensitive, sensual, and emotional side of himself.

The video depicts Drake sharing his inner feelings with Rhianna as she listens and reacts to his emotions.

Drake also released "HYFR," another new music video featuring YMCMB's own Lil Wayne, Birdman, and DJ Khaled. This video shows Drake at his re-bar mitzvah when the afore mentioned join him during his celebration. The video also shows clips from Drakes childhood, and Trey Songz also appears in the video and downs a bottle of Patron.

Both songs are sure to be hits in my book... anything with YMCMB in it is a winner in my book!!!  

What's Easter really about...

Atlanta's highways and stores were filled with people doing their last minute shopping for Easter Sunday, and I couldn't help but think if all of this is really necessary???

Each year people from all over go out and purchase clothes for Easter Sunday Service. They get dressed and attend a 1, 2, or sometimes 3 hour service (a once a year event for many) and hope like h*ll the service ends quickly. They buy Easter Baskets filled with candy, egg dye, and prepare lavish meals.

But the event that the celebration is surrounded by is hardly publicized, talked about, or even mentioned outside of the church. You would think that the church would witness on the eve before, offering salvation to those that are lost before the dawn of Easter.

Is it possible that there's people in need of salvation outside of the church??? I'm just saying...

I think if the true meaning of the exploited celebration was really talked about it would destroy the misconceptions, and possibly save people a lot of money... did the light bulb just go off???

This year I hope that people will enjoy and celebrate the true reason for the celebration and that is Christ... No ifs, ands, or buts about. So eat up, drink up, and by all means don't waste nothing on that purple silk suit baby...(in my Grandma Feebie voice)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Saving your Relationship!!!

Ask Justice...

Every now and again we all get a little... shall I say less motivated??? But what do you do when you see the potential in your mate yet they fail to live up to it?

I believe in loving completely, and I have learned that loving someone completely means being honest. I suggest that you have a conversation with your mate and tell them how you feel. Let them know that this slump that they're in is only temporary and that you are there to support them.

Also understand that supporting them does not mean allowing them to take advantage of you. Your job is to help motivate them , not do everything for them.

I consider myself to be a pretty highly motivated person, whatever I set my mind to I usually do, but sometimes I do feel less motivated then usual. I don't feel that this makes me a bad person or even a lazy person, but it does present some challanges because I am in a relationship and there is someone depending on me to hold up my side of the relationship.

But what happens when you're with someone who makes you feel like your in the relationship alone. What if they have their own agenda, and makes you feel as if you'd be better off by yourself??? For most of us staying in a relationship that makes you feel unappreciated is better than being alone. As the old saying goes... I can do bad by myself, I don't need nobody to starve to death.

Although you may not be starving physically, emotionally your deprived... I am a firm believer that love is two way street, and it takes two to make it successful. Two people honestly trying to make it work, attempting to iron things out together, and ultimately sacrificing for the sake of your love.

If you're in a relationaship and things aren't exactly as they seem because of motivation issues, sexual or infidelity issues you have decide if the relationship is worth fighting for or if it's time to walk away.

I can't choose for you, in fact only you can decide. And remember if you chose to walk away there will be some sad days, and lonely nights. There's a chance your mate will move on, (if they do save yourself some embarrassment and stop calling) possibly with someone else.

But if your love is worth saving here are some tips to keep it HOTT...

1. A healthy relationship needs communication- you have to say what you feel!!!
2. Trust is also very, very, very important, once it's gone there's no coming back.
3. Reinforcement- gestures, words, compliments, flowers, date night, massages, etc.
4. Patience- a relationship consists of two inividuals coming together to live in harmony... And it takes time for two people to find that perfect rhythm.
5. When the two of you are really ready to make it work there will be no secrets, and everything will be out in the open... voicemail, email, social networking, etc. And if this is a problem you need more than the a Love doctor...
6. And last but not least- be sure that everyone is happy in the bedroom, because if everything else is done and there is no sexual chemistry... things are dying slowly... trust me!!!

If you have questions or something you want Justice to talk about email us at

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vanpool driver from hell!!!

Today I rode the vanpool to work and the ride there was great!!! But the ride back was crazy, the guy driving managed to get stuck in every lane that was stalled...WTF...

I did enjoy not driving, being able to sleep, read, and drink my coffee. Overall I guess it was okay, I just wish that asshole knew how to drive...teeheehee...

Simon Cowell's home invade!!!

The 52 year old X Factor host's rep told The Sun his client heard a loud bang coming from upstairs and realized it came from the bathroom, when he went in and he saw woman holding a brick...was she a former contestant that he booted off the show???

Cowell's rep added that the woman identified as 29 year old Leanne Zaloumis was subdued by the star's on-site security team, and later charged with aggravated burglary and trespassing.

He conclueded "Simon told me it was like something in a horror movie."

Luckily he was not harmed and can get back to his job of making people cry...teeheehee... 

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday Baby!!! (In my Grandma Feebie voice)

Wine glasses full and held high because a celebration is in order for the funny man himself. From a standup comedian to big screen Hollywood star, that's right he's dramatic Dr. Dolittle, a former Beverly Hills Cop, Mr. Marcus in Bomerang, and two of my all time favorites are Harlem Nights and Coming to America...drumroll please...

He expectedly celebrated his special day with family and friends. He is truely an iconic figure in the world of comedy and film. He has certainly proven himself to be an accomplished individual, an his contribution as a talanted African American man speaks volumes to what our people can truely do if we are dedicated...

Happy 51st Birthday Eddie Murphy. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trayvon Martin's girlfriend speaks out!!!

Trayvon Martin's girlfriend who was on the phone with him moments before he was shot and killed, has been interviewed by two district attorney prosecutors appointed to the case.

According to sources at RadarOnline, Trayvon’s girlfriend was interviewed at an undisclosed location for more than two and a half hours.

The source claims:
"Trayvon's girlfriend was interviewed by the two district attorneys that Special Prosecutor Angela Corey appointed to the case.

She was interviewed last week and her mother was present throughout. She was very forthcoming and had pertinent information to the investigation because she was the last person that talked to Trayvon before George Zimmerman shot and killed him. 
It was extremely emotional for her and her mother wanted to make sure it wasn't too much for her. She would be a very compelling witness for the state of Florida if criminal charges are filed against George Zimmmerman."
It was revealed last week that the Florida State Attorney's Office issued a subpoena for Trayvon's girlfriend to appear in front of the grand jury on April 10.

My hope is that justice will be served and George Zimmerman will be punished for his careless actions, and for killing Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Until he is prosecuted there will be no justice, no peace!!!

Mary J. Blige singing about chicken wraps???

The commercial featuring the soulful songstress aired online yesterday. Blige's participation is part of BK's rebranding efforts. Celebrity centered commercials featuring Jay Leno, Salma Hayek, David Beckham and Blige all appeared online yesterday. The commercials of the afore mentioned remain on BK's official YouTube channel yet Blige's has been removed.

The unexpected backlash came from people all over who took to twitter and facebook to express their disappointment with the singers choice to be apart of the ridiculous shenannigan. She is seen in the commercial standing on top of a table singing "Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing wrapped up in a tasty...flour...tortilla."

I must admit that when I saw it I had to clutch my pearls. I couldn't believe she took part in such a poor attempt to get black people to buy Mo Chicken...teeheehee... And to think I thought Ms. Mary was classsy, NOT!!! I hope that she was trying to take a diversified approach instead of being like many other stars and searching for a much needed paycheck regardless of the consequences!!!

The reported payday for this project was $2 million. If this is true where do I sign up??? Because for $2 million honey I will eat one of those chicken wraps wearing a holter, and a red sequence thong while lying on that table...WHO???...ME...teeheehee...

When our sources reached out to Burger King we were told that "The Mary J. Blige advertisement has been pulled due to a licensing issue. BURGER KING® expects to have the Blige ads back on air soon."

Personally I believe Ms. Mary was embarrassed as hell and told BK to take that shit down!!! She may have made a mistake but she aint no fool, she knew that it was a HOTT MESS and needed to be removed!!! I guess you really can have it your way at Burger

Monday, April 2, 2012

Eazy E's grave Littered!!!

Attention all blunt smokers and beers drinkers stay the F*#k off of Eazy E's grave!!!

Accoring to Eazy E's son, "Lil Eazy E" people have been flocking to his father's grave and apprently leaving their party residue behind. Following the 17th anniversary of Eazy's death his son is speaking out and stating that the legendary rapper's grave has been disrespected.

Eazy E's grave has become a popular destination for thrill-seeking boozers and potheads -- this according to the late rapper's son. Eric Wright Jr. tells TMZ, he visited his dad's place of rest on the anniversary of his death -- March 26th -- and when he arrived, the gravestone was covered in empty beer bottles and marijuana cigarette butts. Wright says he spent several minutes cleaning it off -- then sat for a few hours reminiscing about his father and the time they spent together. Wright tells us, he visits his dad's grave every year to "release my pain and hurt ... [and] every year I take a different message that he has said and use it as an inspiration." (TMZ)
For Eazy's anniversary, his daughter released a slew of tribute photos.
Eazy-E's daughter, Erin Bria Wright, is paying tribute to the late rapper with a new photo shoot. The N.W.A. rapper's daughter has recreated two of his solo album covers, "Str8 Off Tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton," and "It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa." "It's been 17 long years since my father passed away and I miss him dearly," she said in a statement. "This year I decided to pay homage to him by recreating two of his most famous album covers, I feel so proud to be apart of his history. Hopefully one day he will finally get the recognition he truly deserves for his impact and accomplishments that paved the way for so many artists and urban music moguls of today. I love you Dad, R.I.P." (The Juice)
Eazy died in March of 1995 of complications from AIDS. He was the founder of the controversial rap group N*ggaz Wit Attitudes (NWA), and the pioneer of gangsta rap itself.

Eazy's grave may currently be a dumping ground for weedheads and 211 drinkers but his music lives on through the influence of rappers such as Snoop Dogg and DR DRE...  

R.I.P. Eazy, aint nothing but a gangsta party!!!teeheehee!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why straight women love Studs...

Since the begining of time women have loved, adored, and had serious passion for other women. Regardless of if it's taking a second look at her impeccable figure or eyeing her perky breasts, it's a form of attraction.
Now don't get me wrong because I'm not a hetro-hater, by all means to each it's own. But I want everyone to be truthful and cut the bullsh*t. "Women love Women."
I have encountered straight women who are truly secure with their sexuality, but the moment the opportunity presented itself, she took the bait.
I asked one woman why she thought straight women are attracted to masculine women and she said "Well the number one reason is because everybody thinks masculine woman give better head..." I had to chuckle out... because that wasn't the first time I had heard that myth. And for the record, there's always one that spoils the bunch...
She also added that the other benefits are integrity, "I feel that women have more integrity than most men these days. "I use to date someone who didn't work at the time, she honestly wanted a job, and anything she had she shared with me. Men just don't do that."
"Women offer a certain level of sensitivity that men just don't have." I asked if she had ever been in a straight relationship and she responded "Yeah, however it wasn't fulfilling. I found out that I was infatuated with the idea of being with a man rather than actually loving him."
What would you say to a straight woman that's with a man and in love with a masculine woman? "Stop being selfish, and start being selfish." Stop being selfish by not allowing him to be with someone who loves him, and start being selfish by living for you and not allowing stereo types to dictate how you live."

Women are very emotional beings and love is just one of those emotions that sends us into overdrive. The truth of the matter is that masculine women are just as emotional as feminine women are. Every aggressive woman loves sports, a fresh Polo, and an enticing striptease but many also enjoy
flowers, foot rubs, and being cuddled.

Often times the relationship between two women move so fast that most consummate and cohabitate within the first 30 days. And if a woman is in a neglectful relationship with a guy and she meets somone who shows her the attention she feels she deserves, most likely she will gravitate to what feels good.

My advice is live your life to the fulles and if you decide to go where so many woman have gone before... good luck and I wish you the best.

Coming August 2012... Relentless Ties by: Justice Bahlee


“My Initials aint S.I.C. for nothing Nigga.” –Spencer Chance

Spencer stood on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge as he amusingly watched his henchmen dangle “Budda,” a once loyal street lieutenant from the bridge.

“I’m sorry Spencer, I’m sorry” Budda cried in hopes that Spencer would have mercy and allow him to live.

“Where’s my money Budda,” Spencer said as he removed his .45 from his waist and loaded a bullet into the chamber. “Pull that mutha fucka up,” he shouted as he laughed aloud. Spencer looked Budda dead in the eye as he used his gun to wipe away his tears. “Now I know you didn’t mean to cross me and because you’ve been such a loyal little nigga and made me so much money I’m going to let you live, but if you ever cross me again…” Spencer paused and looked at the other four men who stood spectating with smirks on their faces. “I might not be so fucking forgiving, you feel me,” Spencer completed.  

Budda nodded his head in agreement because he was too choked up to speak.

“Now about the money you owe me, you’re going to pay me back, with interest… Right, Spencer aggressively insisted.

Budda’s eyes widened as he didn’t respond, but seeing the fearful look in Spencer’s eyes caused Budda to quickly gathered himself and take advantage of the opportunity at hand.

 “Yes, yes Thank you Spencer, I love you man,” Budda replied shaking and emotional.

On bended knees Budda pleaded with Spencer as if he was God and he had just granted him access into Heaven. Spencer snatched his feet from Budda’s grasp, hoping to save his Gucci loafers from the flow of his continuous tears. Spencer turned his back and walked away but before he got into his candy apple red Cadillac convertible he shouted “The Penthouse we got to celebrate… Budda's alive.” Displaying an abundance of theatrics with his hands and facial gestures, his face exhibited forgiveness and joy but the true contents of his heart and thoughts were filled with deadly revenge, and just like God whatever Spencer thought was soon to become a reality.

Later that night Spencer and his entourage enjoyed the pleasures of expensive liquor and half naked women as they sat in the VIP section of the Penthouse, a strip club in D.C.

Every man including Budda was given stacks of one dollar bills to splurge on the women. As the night became the wee house of the morning, Spencer suggested that they continue the party at a nearby hotel.

He signaled for Juan the club’s owner, when he arrived Spencer informed him that he wanted to hire ten of his finest girls for an overnight assignment. Juan laughed and quickly rushed off to retrieve the women. On the outside Juan appeared to be an honest man, with a smile of gold and the gift of gab. One would have never suspected that he was involved in human trafficking in his native homeland of Mexico City. He returned to Spencer with the requested women, all varied in height, color, shape, and size as they stood before Spencer as if they were on a show room floor. Spencer quickly glanced at the women admiring their individual beauty. He then called for Budda to come over, when he arrived Spencer said “Pick one, anyone; it’s on me my man.” Budda’s eyes lit up as if he were a kid in a candy store. Carefully eyeing each woman he picked the second to the last in line. “Her, I want her,” he said anxiously and eager as he felt a slight hard on forming in his cargo shorts. “Well her it is,” Spencer said as the woman stepped out of line and walked over to him, recognizing that he was in charge.

Budda stepped up and said “What’s your name baby.”

“Juicy” she replied seductively.

She was moderately attractive with large breast, a double wide ass, a tad bit on the heavy side, and just how

Budda liked his women, raunchy. Spencer allowed his entourage to claim the remaining women before he paid the $4,600 tab, and left the club.

Spencer pulled up to the $700 a night W Hotel, reached inside the glove box, and retrieved a large envelope containing the finest of Kush. He proceeded into the hotel lobby and checked into the Penthouse suite.

Once he reached his destination, accompanied by his entourage he made sure things were ok, then left his men to their pleasures.

Spencer exited the Hotel and got into his car. Sitting there starring into the distance, he picked up his iPhone and called Whispers.

Whispers was one of the Council’s oldest and most elite hit men. He was known for his straight razor abilities and his raspy voice. He had been abused physically and sexually by his father as a child. When he was seven years old he shot his father after he found his mother beaten and unconscious on the kitchen floor. Before his father took his last breath, he grabbed Whispers and slit his throat damaging he vocal cords forever. After this Whispers became a professional with the very weapon that almost claimed his life.

“Yo Whispers handle that,” Spencer stated calmly.

“Okay” Whispers replied in a low raspy tone.

Whispers had clandestinely entered the suite and after ending the call he started down the semi lit hallway of the penthouse. As he approached the last door on the left the sounds of a woman moaning filled the atmosphere. Whispers silently opened the door, removed his pearl handle blade and stood over the couple as they obliviously continue their sexual escapade. With a smile on his face and a blade in his hand Whispers leaned over the couple and softly stated “It’s time to die.” Whispers took hold of Budda’s long locks as he began to plead for his life. “No Whispers, No, don-…” Before he could complete his statement Whispers sliced him from ear to ear. Blood splattered across the wall, the exquisite headboard, and the young woman’s screaming face. Whispers then moved towards the woman as she also pleaded for her life.

“ No, please she cried.”

He reached out and embrace her, “Shhh,” he whispered as he slid his blade into her chest and through her heart. He loosened his grip and laid her on the bed as the small blood stain quickly spread across her chest. Her eyes were wide open as she slowly slipped into eternal rest.

Whispers exited the hotel suite, removed his cell phone, and dialed the last number that called his phone. “It’s done” he stated then hung up the phone.

Spencer sat pondering Budda’s betrayal and the outcome of his actions, then stated aloud “My initials ain’t S.I.C for nothing nigga,” after which he sped off into the night.

Welcome to Relentless Ties, the first of a Trilogy…