About Justice

Justice Bahlee is an innovative Washingtonian who grew up in the crime riddled community of Seat Pleasant, Maryland. She began reading and writing at a very early age and quickly grew to love both. She wrote poetry, short stories, and fiction in grammar school. She also recited speeches and poems in local contests. She was a young oratorical genius in the making.

She attended Prince George’s County Public Schools until ninth grade when she was accepted into Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. While there she was a Literary Media major and excelled in journalism, photojournalism, poetry, short story writing, screen play writing, and TV production.
After one year at the School of the Arts she left to pursue her dream of becoming a mortician. She later attended Catonsville Community College, The Washington Baptist Seminary, and Canterbury University where she obtained an M.B.A in Business Administration. She specializes in the subject areas of Business, Writing, Budgeting, and Brand Building.
After the death of her father in May of 2003 she accepted the commission of God to spread the Good News. She continues this mission by exercising the love of Christ and integrity in her daily life.  
In 2010 her maternal grandmother passed away and her last words of advice to Justice were, “Live your life.” From that conversation Justice committed herself to live a life that would make a difference in the world and an impact on everyone she comes in contact with.
Today she resides in Northern, California and is a professional writer and the host of an online Entertainment blog, “Just Talk with Justice Bahlee.” The blog was started in a friends living room with just 16 page views the first month.
She is also a celebrity interviewer and is credited with being, “The Journalist Everyone Can Trust.”  She has hosted exclusive interviews with various reality TV stars, syndicated radio personalities, and TV producers. I was sitting in my living room and I said “I want to do celebrity interviews.” Two months after becoming a celebrity interviewer, "Just Talk with Justice Bahlee" began receiving over 14,000 views per month. 
In 2012 she published her first novel “Relentless Ties” under “Mo-Hawk, Publications” where she is the CEO. Her upcoming publications include, "Become Debt Free in 24 Hours, Overcoming Grief, Life After A Break Up, Life After Divorce, Overcoming Adversity, and Positive Thoughts = Positive Results."
Price: $2.99
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"Relentless Ties II" is scheduled for release in 2015.
Her greatest achievement to date is continuing to grow into the accomplished woman both her father and grandmother would be proud of.
“When I leave this world I want to know I’ve made a difference. If I can just help one person, save one career, one reputation or encourage one soul- then my living was not in vain. I didn’t come from riches or fame but I was taught that hard work is the key to anything you want in life. And I am a hard worker.”

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