Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kanye West Marriage Proposal Coming To A Kardashian Show Near You

Kanye West pulled out all the stops when he proposed to Kim Kardashian ... paying the orchestra members a relative fortune ... all while cameras were rolling.

A member of the orchestra tells TMZ ... she was paid 4 times what she usually gets for such a gig -- members snagged up to 1k each.

She says no one got wind of Kanye's plan until 2 days before the event.   A contractor reached out to a bunch of musicians in the area.  But here's the thing ...The orchestra members kept the secret for a full 2 days.  They did sign non-disclosure agreements, but you know how that works ...

The woman also tells us ... multiple cameras were rolling during Kanye's proposal, so there's plenty of material for the Kardashian reality show.  We're told Kanye has final approval over whether it goes on the show or not.

As for the event ... she says Kanye was "very hands on."

Kanye All Smiles After Kim K. Engagement

Kanye West strolled into his hotel in San Francisco ... just hours after proposing to baby mama Kim Kardashian -- and the guy looked REALLY HAPPY!

West was in such a great mood all day. In fact, the rap star even threw out a peace sign to the photogs who were snapping his pic -- it's almost like he got laid or something...

Congrats pal ... on the engagement (and on the getting laid thing).

Jermaine Jackson Pay Child Support or Go Directly To Jail


Jermaine Jackson could be playing to 5,000 people soon ... the inmates at a L.A. County Jail ... a place he may be calling home soon if he doesn't ante up back child support.

Jermaine is falling farther and farther behind .... he's required to pay baby mama Alejandra Jackson $3K a month for 13-year-old Jermajesty and 17-year-old Jaafar … but the mailbox has been empty for months.

Court docs say he owes $12K in back payments … And of that he’s only coughed up a measly 85 bucks.

The L.A. County Child Support Services Dept. has filed papers asking a judge to hold Jermaine in contempt ... which could put him behind bars for 20 days.

BTW, this isn’t the first time Jermaine has slacked off.  He belatedly paid $80,000 back in March 2011 … and anted up another $33K in back support this past May.  He's also had his wages garnished.

If the current case goes before a judge, Jermaine is gonna have a hard time explaining how he dropped $160K last month for a Ferrari.

Kanye And Kim K. Go For Broke With Egagement Surprise

Kanye West went over the top for his marriage proposal to Kim Kardashian -- renting out a stadium, hiring an orchestra, and oh a little 15-carat diamond ring! All in all, an awesome waste of money or surprise?

You be the judge.

Pauly D's First Baby Pic: MY Kid's Already Fist Pumping


Meet the new princess of Jersey ... Pauly D's 5-month-old baby girl, Amabella.

Pauly D hooked up with a chick he met in Vegas in the Fall, 2012 ... and this is what happened.

Pauly has already taken a DNA test which pretty much conclusively proved he's the daddy ... so Maury, stand down.

As for the name ... Amabella means lovable in French.

She was born on May 15 and, based on the pic obtained by TMZ, already needs a haircut ... just like her daddy.

Source: TMZ

D.L. Hughley My Rule For Cheating: Don't Get Fu**king Caught

D.L. Hughley has a simple piece of advice for Katharine McPhee or anybody else who wants to screw around outside of their marriage ... " just don't get f**king caught."

Or ... don't get caught f**king.

We saw D.L. in NY and asked him to educate us in the art of infidelity ... and even though he told us he won't be needing his own advice ... he was happy to share the golden rule of cheating.

In the clip .... he also says it's important that everybody keep a few deep, dark secrets to themselves. And then he spills a secret he's keeping from his wife.


Katharine McPhee's Men: Who'd You Rather

It's a battle of the beaus.

Here's Katharine McPhee's current kissing buddy and married man Michael Morris photographed at a premiere party (left) -- and McPhee's husband of five years Nick Cokas at an awards show (right).

Who'd you rather?
Unlike Katharine -- you can only choose one.

Jenna Jameson's Publisher Says Sloppy Interviews Ar Great For Business

No publicity is bad publicity, even if that publicity stems from a string of whacked out interviews ... at least that's what the people behind Jenna Jameson's new book tell TMZ.

A rep for Skyhorse Publishing tells us ... the company doesn't believe Jenna's sloppy live TV performances will harm the sales of "Sugar" -- in fact, they think it put the book on people's literary radar.

As for Jenna's claim that she wasn't intoxicated, but simply TIRED during the interviews, a rep for Skyhorse says JJ's story adds up because she had travel delays the night before her 6AM "Good Day NY" interview and barely slept.

Just to be safe -- Skyhorse says it's taking extra steps to make sure Jenna "gets enough sleep" before future interviews.

Good idea.

Pauly D and Baby Mama Custody War: They Hate Each Other

Pauly D and his baby mama are at war, TMZ has learned ... and there's a big fight over custody and cash.

Sources connected to the baby mama and baby daddy tell TMZ ... Pauly doesn't think the woman is a fit mother -- he points to the fact that she once worked at Hooters.  He's also concerned because the woman, who's only 25 years old, has another kid.

Pauly and the woman, who goes by Amanda, have filed dueling court docs.  We're told Pauly wants some sort of custody of his daughter -- but the level of custody is unclear.  Sources say Pauly has not seen the child, who was born in May, but obviously he's looking to change that. 

We're also told the baby mama is demanding child support ... and even though Pauly says he's ready and willing to step up and take care of the kid financially ... he feels like she's treating the kid like a winning lottery ticket.  Exhibit A ... the woman recently posed the baby in a high chair that's covered in $100 bills.

As for how they hooked up, we're told it was one drunken night in Vegas ... but the kid isn't bringing them any closer. In fact, one source tells us they straight up hate each other.

Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Your Smell?

Hello my beauties I hope that you all had a wonderful week. Today I would like to talk about the awesome world of fragrance. The queen of Hollywood glamour Mrs.Elizabeth Taylor is still the highest paid celebrity after death because she has known for decades how important it is to smell hypnotizing. The biggest part of being beautiful is feeling beautiful and when you smell good you feel good. There are so many choices to choose from.  You have every celebrity, designer, name brand, etc. who have their own fragrance. Most of them have more than one fragrance, so the list go's on and on. I only have a couple that I can personally say that are completely amazing and I love the way I feel when I smell them on me.  Heat Rush by Beyonce', Rihanna's Rebel Fleur, and Rihanna's Rogue are my favorites right now. They all have a sweet smell to them which I love, not to mention all of the body sprays and lotions out there. As you all know I'm here to simply share with you all of the knowledge I've learned on my journey through the world of beauty and I say everything that makes you feel sexy, sassy, smart, sensual, and plan old hot you should go for it. It's all about you loving you, than everyone else will follow your lead. As always love yourselves and check out these scents, I'm sure you'll find the one for you.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halle Berry Gives Birth The Heat's On Gabriel, Oliver

Halle Berry gave birth to a baby boy Saturday ... and now the pressure is on all of the adults to make sure there are no more Thanksgiving Day bloodbaths.

Halle delivered the baby where many celebs do ..  Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. 

So here's the rub.  The new baby daddy is Halle's new hubby, Olivier Martinez.  But there's a second baby daddy in the pic -- Gabriel Aubry, father of 5-year-old Nahla

Nahla spends most of her time with Halle and Olivier, but Gabriel is an involved, good parent -- with a temper.  Olivier also has a temper, and deadly hands. 

The baby and Nahla are going to bond, and it's going to be more difficult now for Nahla to "disappear" when she's with Gabriel. 

The question -- are the adults going to behave.

Stay tuned.


Grand Theft Auto V Star History Of Violence With Ice Cube But That Sh*t Is Over Now

Back before he voiced Franklin the gangbanger in "Grand Theft Auto V," Shawn Fonteno was a rapper who allegedly KNOCKED OUT Ice Cube in a legendary street fight ... TMZ has learned.

Fonteno used to rap under the name Solo -- and back in the day, he appeared in the documentary "Beef 2" describing a fight with Cube, in which he claims he KO'd the rapper over a business dispute and stole his chain.

The story was huge back in the '90s ... and the incident was a big part of the nasty feud between Cube and Cypress Hill, since Solo was tight with CH (scroll to 9:57 in the YouTube clip).

But now, Fonteno has grown up ... and this week in L.A., the voice actor told us he's buried the hatchet with his former foe.

"We both hustlers homie, it is what is, you know what I’m sayin’?" Fonteno told us.

"He’s from South Central, I’m from South Central, that sh*t’s over with man."

Fonteno says he's not only moved on ... but he now wants to WORK WITH Cube in the future ... telling the rapper, "Holla at ya boy!”

Govt Shutdown Ruining Football For Troops

Football legend Howie Long has a message for our government -- GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER SO TROOPS CAN WATCH SOME NFL FOOTBALL!!

Long says ... due to the standoff in D.C., the Armed Forces network can't operate at full speed --which means no NFL for our soldiers.

The NFL Hall of Famer issued a pretty heartfelt statement about the situation during Sunday's NFL broadcast on FOX ... explaining how NFL broadcasts help our men and women in uniform:

"These games bring a welcome piece of home and a much deserved respite from the dangerous work [the troops] do protecting our liberty."

Long finishes up saying "regardless of politics" ... the whole "NFL on FOX" team wants the shutdown to end soon.

Don't we all.

Lamar Odom Drugs Are Expensive But Porn Is Free

In what could be a significant cost-cutting move, Lamar Odom has added to his obsessions -- but unlike his serious drug problem ... his newly acquired porn pal is free.

Lamar has set his sights on Tube8 -- according to his Twitter page -- a site that touts, "Everything always tastes better when it's free, including porn."

It's unclear when Lamar and Tube8 linked up, but Lamar is very fussy about what he follows. And only follows 50 celebs ... including Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather and the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

So for the time being, and clearly not of his own choice, Lamar has replaced Khloe with about a thousand other cool chicks.


Deion Sanders Hospitalized For Possible Kidney Stones

Deion Sanders was hospitalized Sunday afternoon -- after landing at LAX and feeling a sharp pain in his gut.

Prime needed immediate attention after arriving in Los Angeles -- and tells us he received assistance from two very helpful firefighters.

We're told the 46-year old athlete is currently being checked out for kidney stones -- as well as possible appendix issues ... but still no firm answer on the cause.

Sanders couldn't have been in too much pain though ... since he had time to snap pics with the guys who helped him out.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breaking News: Shots Fired Near U.S. Capitol

Multiple reports of shots fired has been reported from the area of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. According to sources an attempt to ram a gate at the White House has ended with a Police chase and shots fired. Capitol Police issued a lock down order to those inside the Capitol building. According to Law enforcement at least one person has been injured, however the identity of that person has not been revealed.

Many believe this may be the result of the recent Government shutdown. Protesters and angry employees have continuously voiced their disgust with congress' decision to allow Federal employees to experience a financially uncertain furlough.

It was reported that the suspect is a female but further details have not been released.

We will continue to bring you more details as they develop.

Justin Bieber: D.A. Rejects Speeding, Spitting Cases Calls Him Immature


Justin Bieber
is in the clear ... the L.A. County District Attorney just REJECTED 2 cases targeting the singer -- the case in which he allegedly SPIT on his neighbor, and the case in which he allegedly was speeding recklessly in his Calabasas neighborhood.

As for the spitting case -- get this.  The alleged victim actually SAVED THE LOOGIE.  But that wasn't enough for a prosecution.  The D.A. says it was one guy's word against another, and Justin denied hawking a big one.

The D.A. says during the altercation, the neighbor told cops Bieber said, "I will beat the s**t out of you and I will f**king kill you."  D.A. investigators decided Bieber's actions were "disproportionate and immature, but since the neighbor had entered the property without invitation Bieber's actions did not rise to the level of a criminal threat."

As for the speeding case, it all came down to the video tape ... which shows Justin was not even in the Ferrari in question at the time of the incident.  He was riding behind the car on a motorcycle.

The D.A. also notes Tyler, the Creator actually took responsibility on TMZ for driving the car.  So case closed.


Katherine Jackson We Proved Our Point

Katherine Jackson has a rather tortured analysis of the jury verdict -- she seems to be saying even if she didn't get any money, she still kinda won.

Katherine says, "We have said from the beginning that this case was a search for the truth.  We found the truth.  AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who is in jail for killing Michael Jackson."

She's right to this extent ... the jury did say AEG Live hired Murray.  In fact Katherine scoffs at AEG, saying, "AEG has denied for years, and continues to deny, that they hired Dr. Conrad Murray.  The jury found unanimously that AEG hired Dr. Murray." 

But then the jury delivered a knockout punch to the Jackson lawsuit, by deciding essentially that when AEG Live hired Murray, they had no reason to believe he was an incompetent general practitioner ... which was the whole point of bringing a doctor on board in the first place.  Therefore, AEG was not negligent.

Katherine is pissed, saying, "AEG has repeated the mantra that this lawsuit was a shakedown.  Such a statement is a slap in the face of the entire judicial system that allowed this case to go to a jury."

Katherine and her lawyer, Perry Sanders, say "All options regarding the balance of the jury verdict (the ruling there was no negligence) are being considered."

Michael Jackson Death Trial Jackson Family Loses

The Jackson family just LOST their bid to hold AEG Live accountable for Michael Jackson's death.

The jury ruled AEG Live did hire Conrad Murray.  That's huge.  The jury then ruled Conrad Murray was NOT unfit or incompetent to treat MJ.   Katherine and the kids lose.

So here's the thing.  The question that ruined Katherine's case was whether Murray was competent to handle Jackson when he was hired, and the jury said he was.  Ironically, a jury in the criminal case ruled Murray then went off the rails and did things that ultimately killed MJ.  But because he was competent at the outset -- the Jackson family lost.

The jury foreman confirmed this during a post-court news conference where he said they felt Murray was competent to do the job for which he was hired -- a good general practitioner. However he added, "That doesn't mean we felt he was ethical. Had that question been in there, it could have been a different outset.
Katherine Jackson and Michael's 3 kids were suing AEG, claiming the company negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray and pushed MJ way beyond the limits for his "This Is It" tour.

AEG claimed Michael hired Murray and what went on between them was a secret to all ... including AEG.



Dr. Conrad Murray Says MJ Death Verdict Vindicates HIM

Michael Jackson's former doctor and convicted killer, Conrad Murray, must be getting pretty strong meds behind bars ... because he thinks the jury in the wrongful death trial proved he's a good physician -- he's dead wrong.

Murray left a message for someone shortly after the judge announced AEG Live was not accountable for MJ's death -- and on the recording, Murray says the decision proves, "I have never been and never will be an inept physician."

Murray's missing one giant point ... which is that the jury really only said they felt he was fit to do what AEG hired him to do -- be a good general practitioner for MJ. The part about pumping Michael full of Propofol every night was never relevant to the questions the jury was asked to answer.

In fact, the jury foreman made it clear they were NOT saying they felt Murray was ethical -- and said the verdict might have been different if ethics were in play during this trial.

Nonetheless, Murray feels vindicated ... so, you gotta hear him gushing and praising God, the jury, and the justice system ... this time, anyway.


Sons Of Anarchy Star Fathered Love Child Before Going On Murderous Rampage

"Sons of Anarchy" actor Johnny Lewis believed he may have knocked up an actress who appeared on the show a few years before going on a murderous rampage in 2012 ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Lewis died last September ... after snapping at the Los Feliz home where he had been living -- killing 81-year-old Catherine Davis and dismembering her cat, before falling off the roof of the home and plummeting to his death.

Now, Lewis' family has filed court docs in L.A. County Superior Court in an effort to divide the actor's estate -- which is valued at $41,000 ... kinda low for someone who played a major character on the show for a full 2 seasons.

According to the docs, 28-year-old Lewis did not have a will at the time of his death -- and Johnny's father believes he and his wife should be the sole beneficiaries of the estate.

However, under a section of the court docs which lists possible beneficiaries ... Lewis' father lists Diane Marshall-Green ... an actress who appeared on an episode of "Sons."

Lewis also lists Diane's 3-year-old daughter.

And why? According to Lewis' attorney ... before Johnny died, he believed he may have been the father of Diane's kid ... and even went so far as to seek visitation rights.

But for some reason ... we're told Johnny's dad believes his kid was wrong and he was NOT the father of Diane's daughter.

If the kid turns out to be Johnny's, the child would be entitled to the entirety of Johnny's estate.

We reached out to Diane for comment -- so far, no word back.
Source: TMZ