Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mary J.Blige I'm A First Class Star So Treat Me Like One

Mary J. Blige is a big star who deserves to be treated like a big star and if you try to sue her ...she will try to crush you in court like the big star that she is -- at least that's how it seems in new legal docs.

MJB is firing back at Vision Entertainment Worldwide -- a company that sued her for bailing on a concert last December ... to the tune of $145K which was her advance.

Mary's response -- sue me ... sue you!  In her countersuit, MJB says if anybody breached the contract ... it was VEW -- because it failed to provide first-class air travel for her and her crew ...  because that's what an artist of her stature deserves.

She has absolutely no plans to give back the $145K ... in fact ... she's demanding the company pay her the balance of the deal -- $105,000.

Mary don't fly coach ,, B****h!!!

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