Monday, September 30, 2013

Lamar Odom To Dad I'm Done Paying Your Rent

Hit the road Joe ... and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more -- cause your son just stopped paying the rent.

Lamar Odom has had it with his dad and will no longer pay his rent ... and the clock is ticking before Joe is thrown out on the street.

Joe Odom tells TMZ ... Lamar called him earlier this week and went BALLISTIC over the comments Joe made about him and the Kardashians.

Joe claims Lamar has been paying his rent for 4 years -- a hefty tag of $2,900 per month -- but Lamar made it clear to Joe ... he's on his own now.

Joe tells us he can't afford the rent ... so he'll be out at the end of next month -- barring a reconciliation.

Don't hold your breath.

Source: TMZ

Breaking Bad House Homeowner Vows I'll Never Sell

The people who ACTUALLY live inside Walter White's house on "Breaking Bad" says ... no amount of meth money could ever convince them to sell.

Fran and Louie Padilla have been living in Walt's crib since 1973 ... and it's quick rise to American landmark status has been a lot to handle (over 1k visitors just this month.)

The Padilla's are not scared off or tempted by a financial windfall  ... they say the memories from the years they spent raising a family at the White residence are without a price tag.

No one would recognize the inside anyway -- 'cause all inside scenes are shot on a sound stage ... and Fran says the interior decor on BB looks HIDEOUS!

Here's what shocked us -- multiple realtors tell us market value for the house is somewhere between $150 - $200k ... and its marquis value wouldn't up the ante.

The couple's backyard has also been frequently featured, but the Padilla's tell us they don't actually grow any poisonous lily of the valley.

... so they say.
Source: TMZ

Vanilla Ice Miley Cyrus Is Right Bieber Needs To Change

Vanilla Ice wants Justin Bieber to stop acting like a shirtless douchebag all the time and take Miley Cyrus' advice --  before his career becomes a big, fat joke.

Ice a.k.a. Rob Van Winkle thinks Miley was dead on when she told Rolling Stone ... she's been telling Bieber to put an end to the d-bag antics ... before people "think he's Vanilla Ice."

Rob was honored Miley name-dropped him as the bad example -- and paid respect with his own Miley-esque foot pic -- telling us he knows exactly where Biebs is coming from ... but only Justin has the power to make a change.

"It's like living an artificial life" Van Winkle says, adding, "when the dust settles, no one can figure it out or help you but yourself."

Word to your mother.


Photos: Bernie Kosar Arrested For Drunk Driving


Former Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar was arrested for drunk driving in Ohio this morning, and his mug shot reveals ... a lot of scalp.

A rep for the Solon PD says ... officers pulled Bernie over at 2:52 this morning and detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from his car when they approached it.

After a series of field sobriety tests -- police hauled Kosar off to a nearby station for operating a vehicle impaired ... where he was booked and released on a $500 bond.

Burned by "The Drive" again ... allegedly.

Cher Sonny's Ghost Still Screws With Me

Cher believes in life after ... death -- claiming ex-husband Sonny Bono's ghost not only lingers around ... but still pulls pranks on her!

When asked about her thoughts on ghosts during a recent AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit ... Cher confessed she's a hardcore believer -- 'cause Sonny still messes with her from beyond.

"I actually think that Sonny makes a light go on (in the house)" Cher revealed, adding, "I have a beautiful chandelier that he makes the light go on when it is impossible, there is no power on."

It's possible Cher is telling the truth ... or she could just be nuts.

USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin Fired

Worst coach ever -- arguably -- Lane Kiffin just got the boot from USC ... hours after their crushing 62-41 loss to Arizona State.

Kiffin got the heave-ho after the team got home Sunday morning from Tempe -- the official announcement is slated for later today.

Lane never had it easy while coaching the Trojans -- In 2012 he took the team from number one in the country ... to UNRANKED -- the first time any team had achieved such a dubious goal in nearly a half-century.

Congratulations Trojans ... fight on!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Lamr Odom On Crack Binge With Two Women

Lamar Odom is holed up in a private home in a gated community 100 miles from L.A. ... and his life is now revolving around smoking crack and partying with 2 young women -- and he's intimate with one of them.

Multiple sources privy to Lamar's current state tell TMZ ... Lamar has a driver who is regularly shuttling back and forth from L.A. to his rental home with one purpose -- scoring drugs, including crack.

We're told Lamar is so paranoid ... he insists the driver only buy small quantities of crack at a time, so as not to draw too much attention to him -- and that means frequent trips to score the drug.

Lamar almost never leaves the home.  He's smoking crack and partying with the 2 women, both in their early 20s. His life now revolves around smoking crack and listening to rap music.

Our sources say Lamar is extremely paranoid about getting caught.  He believes people -- not the 2 girls -- are watching him so he's using a phone app that allows him to text people but the texts are automatically deleted once the texts are read.  The app also notifies Lamar if they try and screenshot the message.

Lamar's best friend is also staying at the house.

We're told Lamar has been living in 3 different residences in the last 2 months -- partly because he feels if he stays on the move he won't get caught.

As for Khloe ... we're told Lamar isn't worried that she'll leave him.  He says he knows she loves him and has stood by him throughout the entire drug saga so he's convinced she won't abandon him now.
Source: TMZ

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Flirty Tweets With Stripper Revealed

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has a lot in common with T-Pain (and maybe Anthony Weiner) ... cause the U.S. Senate hopeful is really tight with a stripper who wants to be his first lady.

Booker's carried on a Twitter relationship with a Portland, OR stripper named Lynsie Lee, and once DM'd her: "The East Coast loves you, and by the East Coast, I mean me."

For her part, Lee has tweeted to Booker: "if you're POTUS I call dibs on First Lady."

Booker, if you don't know, has big celeb backers for his Senate campaign -- including Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Jerry Weintraub -- and has been mentioned as a possible Presidential candidate down the road.

The tweets between Booker, who is a bachelor, and Lee were first revealed by Buzzfeed ... and while they hardly rise to Weiner levels -- they've raised eyebrows because Booker is a rising star in the Democratic party.

It also probably doesn't help that Lee posts lots of topless pics of herself.

Lee told Buzzfeed the "East Coast love" message was just Booker replying to her saying the West Coast loved him.

Booker's campaign manager is also dismissing any controversy, saying ..."I think it's pretty well known that the Mayor talks with people from all walks of life on Twitter."

FUN FACT: Lee strips at Casa Diablo ... which touts itself as the world's first vegan strip club. Ahh, healthy living.


Joey Fatone Chick Fans Show Topless Love

Hollywood got all 1998 on Joey Fatone last night, and it was spectacular -- as a simple photo with 2 female fans turned into an exhibition of nipple piercings.

Joey was walking out of Beacher's Madhouse in Hollywood when a convo with him about Britney Spears was thankfully interrupted by a couple of adoring fans ... who asked our camera guy to snap a pic.

One girl immediately says, "I was going to show you my nipple piercing" -- and even though Joey says that's not necessary ... sometimes s**t happens.

Three awesome reasons to watch this clip: 1) The girl who flashes her boob ... 2) Joey squirming while it happens .... and 3)see reason#1.

It's like N Sync's heyday all over again. Enjoy!

Source: TMZ

Obama's Campaign Artist Drones Killed All Hope

President Obama's use of war drones is a buzzkill for the guy who created the 'Hope' campaign.

Shepard Fairey -- the artist behind Obama's 'Hope' poster -- was clearly disappointed in the Prez while bouncing from the Chateau Marmont last night.

Fairey was crystal clear -- Obama didn't live up to expectations ... and the word 'Hope' should be replaced on future posters.

Many people credit Fairey's handiwork with igniting the grassroots campaign that got Mr. O elected.

What should replace 'Hope'?  Check out the video.

Michael Douglas' B-Day Celebration At Outback

Michael Douglas
 took advantage of the senior discount at an Outback Steakhouse in New Mexico yesterday to celebrate his 69th birthday.

M.D. drudged along to his car with a friend after the meal ... no sign of ex Catherine Zeta Jones -- who he's reportedly trying to mend relations with.

We're not sure what he ordered ... but if it wasn't a bloomin' onion, then SHAME!!!


Corey Booker's Stripper Friend Yeah I'm Really Into Him

The stripper who's become a BIG issue in Cory Booker's political career told TMZ Live ... she's not a skanky dumb chick trying to fame whore ... she's an educated, smart woman who likes Booker's game and has a mad crush on him.

Lynsie Lee -- who appears with Hizzoner in a documentary film about Twitter -- but never met him --  peppered him with flirtatious tweets ... but says none of the tweets were ever targeted for public consumption.

Furthermore ... Lynsie -- who strips at a Vegan club in Portland -- scoffs at the news reports insinuating Cory is gay ... saying her dream is to one day become First Lady.

Gotta say ... she's a cool chick.  Check out the video and judge for yourself

Source: TMZ

Amanda Bynes Psych Could Go To 2015

Here's how bad off Amanda Bynes is ... it looks like she could be in a mental health facility for a year and a half.

Amanda's lawyer was in a NYC court today ... in connection with the case where Amanda allegedly threw a bong out the window of her apartment.

Her lawyer, Gerald Shargel, asked for a postponement for up to 18 months while she got psychiatric treatment.

Sources tell TMZ ... the likelihood is ... the case will be plea bargained ... there are major weaknesses in the prosecution's case.  Translation -- the case could possibly be dropped altogether.

Source: TMZ

Dita Von Teese Sues Over Hurricain Sandy Blow Me

Hurricane Sandy cost Dita Von Teese nearly $100,000 ... this according to a new lawsuit ... and now the burlesque queen is suing for what she's out.

Dita just filed the suit against Momentous Insurance Brokerage, claiming one of her strip shows in New York was canceled last October due to the superstorm ... and Momentous failed to get her the appropriate insurance to cover her expenses.

Dita claims she spent $96,920 in prep costs for the show (props, costumes, hotel accommodations, etc.) and it all went down the drain when the show was 86d.

According to the lawsuit, filed by her attorney Keith Fink, Dita says she should have had something called non-appearance insurance, which covers natural disasters like storms, but Momentous didn't get it for her.  And even more infuriating... Dita says the coverage is standard in the entertainment business.

So Dita wants her jack back.
Source: TMZ

Amana Bynes' Mom Drops Bid For Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes' mom is dropping her bid to get a permanent conservatorship, but not because she's turning her back on her very ill daughter ... it's because she already has the ammo she needs to protect her.

Amanda's mom was slated to go to court Monday to make the temporary conservatorship permanent.  But here's the deal.  Amanda is currently on an LPS hold -- translation, doctors have a tighter rein on Amanda than her mother would have with a conservatorship.

And there's a twist.  Doctors have given Amanda's mom the power to make medical and financial decisions for her daughter under the LPS hold.

The mom has already exercised her power by getting Amanda admitted long term to UCLA Medical Center.

Bottom line.  There's no need for a conservatorship anymore, so she's withdrawn her petition.

And finally, and sadly, we're told there has been no real improvement in Amanda's condition.

Source: TMZ

Lamar Odom He Really Did Tweet About The Kardashians

Lamar Odom did indeed tweet his support of the Kardashian family earlier this week -- contrary to what his friends are saying.

An angry tweet -- purportedly from Lamar -- went out a few days ago, in response to his father claiming the Kardashians are the reason he's fallen into a deep, dark hole.

The tweet trashes his dad, and then praises the Kardashians -- "He disrespecting the ONLY FAMILY that has loved me without expecting anything in return," adding, "They are the ONLY ones that have been here consistently 4 me during this dark time."

A source close to the Kardashian says ... just before pressing the button, Lamar called the family, saying he was about to tweet the message.

And we're told ... when Lamar called he was on speaker, so Khloe, KimKourtney, Kris and others heard Lamar say he was tweeting his message.

George Zimmerman Plays Death Threat Card To Dodge Tint Ticket


George Zimmerman needs to keep a low profile -- behind super dark tinted windows -- because he's getting death threats ... at least that's what Zimmerman told Florida cops.

Zimmerman was pulled over last month by a Florida Highway Patrol officer who told him the tint on his truck was too dark, and his license plate was not displayed properly.

Zimmerman told the cop he needed the extra cover because he's been getting death threats. He was not more specific about the nature of the threats.

Instead of getting slapped with a ticket for the violation, Zimmerman caught a break ... again.

The officer let him go with a written warning.

Lamar Odom Blows Out Of Palm Springs For L.A.

Lamar Odom left the home he's been staying at in the Palm Springs area and is now back in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.

Lamar had been staying at this house in La Quinta, near Palm Springs.  This is where he's been on an intense crack binge, staying with several other people in the house.  It's located in a gated community.

Last night at 8:45 ... Lamar left the house and went to the Tarzana home he was sharing with Khloe Kardashian.  Sources say he stayed at the house for a "short time" and had a conversation with Khloe.

Lamar left the house and then went to his loft in Downtown L.A

Source: TMZ

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stop the Hair Loss

Hello my beauties I hope you had a wonderful week. Today we will be talking about things that cause hair loss and some ways to prevent it. Well start with Genetic hair loss, also known as  androgenetic alopecia, is the most common cause for hair loss, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Some signs you may have are thinning at the sides of your head, bangs, or even balding spots throughout your scalp. How to beat it, well try products like Rogaine that can slow your hair loss without over drying, be sure to apply any hair loss treatment sparingly at first, no more than twice a day. We all love a new do but excessive flat ironing, blow drying, or dyeing is a quick way to strip your hair of much-needed nutrients. The signs of your hair is falling out from styling are, you'll notice sharp, brittle, broken ends on your strands. How to prevent this is by laying off the heat and dye! Its just that simple. Also try other alternatives to styling like rollers (watch for breakage), simple up dos, air drying, and maybe even a natural style. A lot of us may not think about it, but skin can heavily impact hair growth, particularly on your scalp. Skin conditions like dandruff and fungal infections (ringworm) can lead to hair loss.The signs are dry or greasy flakes when you brush your hair; fungal infections may cause red patches or sores on your scalp. How to beat it is by using medicated shampoos for scalp fungus and conditioner can be a cure all. A good conditioner can restore moisture to the dry scalp and make your hair healthier. These tips help by if you still have issues please see a dermatologist. Remember healthy hair is good hair. Until next time have a great day.

Photos: Hugh Douglas Busted For Assaulted Women

Former NFL star and  ESPN analyst Hugh Douglas was arrested for the assault of a woman in Connecticut, and TMZ has the mug shot.

The alleged incident went down in a Marriott hotel in Hartford ... and the woman involved claims the former all-pro defensive end "grabbed her by the neck" and slammed her into the walls of the room several times.

Douglas - who played for the Eagles, Jets, and Jaguars during his NFL career -- was arrested on Tuesday and booked for third degree assault and second degree strangulation. He told police the alleged violence was just rough sex.

Douglas was fired from ESPN just last month for allegedly getting into a drunken confrontation with another ESPN employee.

Source: TMZ

Camille Grammer Deserates BF's Baby Mama In Illegal Recording Lawsuit

If Camille Grammer promises to desecrate you, she will desecrate you ... at least that's the lesson her boyfriend's bitter ex just learned in court.

You'll recall, Camille filed a lawsuit against Lisa Chynoweth last year, claiming her boyfriend's ex and baby mama illegally recorded a phone call in which Camille threatened to "desecrate" the woman and her family.

Camille claimed Lisa baited her into making the angry threats, and illegally recorded the conversation without her consent. Lisa then used the recording as ammo in her custody battle with Camille's BF Dimitri Charalambopoulos, making Camille look like a crazy, vindictive person.

Among the threats, Camille said, "I will desecrate you ... I have lawyers that are beyond what you can imagine and they will pull stuff on you and you will be so mortified about your life and your family and what you have done."

The phone call was played during a deposition for Dimitri and Lisa's custody war, and a recording surfaced on YouTube soon after. Camille blamed Lisa for recording and then leaking it.

Camille just won the lawsuit, and she won without a fight, because Lisa never filed an answer to the complaint ... so the judge just issued a default judgment.

Lisa has been ordered never to release the recording in question ever again, as well as NEVER to record Camille without her permission. Period.

Source: TMZ

Lamar Odom My Son Doesn't Have A Drug Problem

Lamar Odom
's father tells TMZ he believes his son is "clean" and does NOT have a drug problem.

Joe Odom just told us he simply doesn't buy the story TMZ broke ... that Lamar is deep in the world of drug abuse and specifically crack.

A regretful Joe says he's sorry he lashed out at the Kardashians, reportedly saying Lamar would be better off without them.  Joe tells us he believes the Kardashians are a "wonderful family," even though he reportedly had said "They don't give a f**k about my son."

Joe says what set him off was a segment on "The Wendy Williams Show" in which someone trashed him as a heroin addict.  He says he's been clean for 30 years and adds, "Nobody's perfect."


Aaron Paul After "Breaking Bad" My Career's Over Bitch

Aaron Paul told us the biggest casualty of the "Breaking Bad" finale, could be -- no spoiler alert necessary -- his career!

We asked Aaron -- who's won 2 Emmys for playing Jesse Pinkman -- if he was concerned about getting typecast ... or if he'd ever have another role as good as this one, and he said ... "My career is downhill from here. We all know it!"

Hard to tell if he's joking ... or if he's just grown comfortable with the possibility his career really is ruined.
Aaron does tell us he thinks one aspect of his Jesse character will live on ... for better or worse.

Still, we gotta ask ...

FYI, Dreamworks just released the trailer for Aaron's new movie "Need for Speed."

Source: TMZ

Brittany Spears Ticket Sales Through The Roof

There are conflicting reports out about ticket sales for Britney Spears' Vegas concerts ... some are saying sales are disastrously poor ... Brit's people are saying "it's the best-selling show in the history of Vegas."  We have the numbers, and it's pretty clear -- Britney is about to own Vegas.

Britney will be performing 48 shows a year for the next 2 years -- according to the contract.  Tickets are available now for the first 16 shows.  We've been on dozens of calls with StubHub, Ticketmaster and Planet Hollywood's box office among others ... and here's what we're told.

For the first 16 shows ... a total of 73,600 tickets were up for sale.  The number of tickets actually sold is impressive -- 70,242.

Of the available, remaining, 3,358 tickets, 2,887 are in the nosebleed section.

We can't vouch for this being the best selling show ever in Vegas, but it's definitely up there.

Britney sources have told us they're actually talking about adding shows, and if that happens Britney will rake in even more than the $15 mil a year she's already guaranteed.

Christina Milian I'm Engaged Or Am I

Christina Milian -- who's sporting a big piece of ice on her finger -- has been playing coy about whether or not she's actually engaged ... but it kinda ruins the game when she calls her man ... her "fiancé."

Christina was at Supperclub in Hollywood last night -- flashing her huge diamond ring -- when we tried the oldest trick in the book ... we congratulated her on her engagement.

Watch ... she almost fell for it.

By the way, Rap-A-Lot records CEO Jas Prince is the alleged purchaser of Christina's alleged engagement ring. Allegedly.0925-Christina-Milian-Jas-Prince-Getty

Kate Gosselin Worried About He Kids Safety

The gunshot Jon Gosselin fired was more than a warning to a pesky paparazzo -- it was a wake-up call for Jon's ex-wife, Kate Gosselin ... who admits to TMZ she's worried about her children's safety.

Kate dropped a strong hint about taking legal action against Jon when we asked her about the gun incident outside Jon's cabin in the Pennsylvania woods.

Kate's 8 kids spend most of their time with her, but also visit with Jon.

But based on Kate's reply to our camera guy in NYC today -- "I'm doing what it takes to keep them safe" -- she's got something cooking ... perhaps with an attorney.

Consider yourself warned, Jon.

Source: TMZ

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Luis Miguel Screw up In Child Support Case

Note to process server:  All Mexicans don't look alike.

Luis Miguel was about to perform at a concert in Bakersfield, CA, when a process server was locked and loaded to serve him with papers in a child support case.  Luis was in a limo when another dude got out and the server lunged.

The video is terrible, but you can hear the dude say he's not Luis.  His name is Daniel.

Problem is ... the surprise was spoiled and the process server was ordered to leave ... but before his exit he planted the papers on the windshield of the limo.

Luis' ex, Telenovela star Aracely Arambula, has been after the singer for not paying child support for their 2 kids.

It seems Luis is not too keen on the justice system running its course, because he's making it hard for confused process servers.

FYI ... under California law ... service on a windshield is valid if the subject is inside the vehicle and the process server announces what he's doing in a clear, loud voice.  We don't hear the process server say anything, so service is dicey.
Source: TMZ

Stevie Wonder To Marvin Gaye's Family You Got Crap Legal Advice

Stevie Wonder thinks Marvin Gaye's family should take higher ground (see what we did there) legally speaking -- because their crappy lawyer is getting them into a lawsuit with Robin Thicke they can't win.

Stevie was fired up when we got him outside LAX, and says the fuss about "Blurred Lines" possibly ripping off Marvin's hit "Got to Give it Up" ... is stupid.

Stevie knows what he's talking about here ... remember he and Marvin were contemporaries during Motown's golden age -- and he says he's dealt with similar lawsuits himself.

Stevie delivers a direct message to Marvin's son. He might wanna pay attention.
Source: TMZ

R. Kelly Pool Party Urine Trouble Now

A famous Las Vegas pool party must have a very relaxed no-pee policy ... because R. Kelly was invited to perform there over the weekend.

Wearing a Jesus piece that would make Flo Rida jealous, the "Ignition" singer (and alleged underage pee fanatic) dropped some tunes at the Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday, and the crowd went bananas.

Of course the truth is, if you're going to piss in public ... there's pretty much no safer place than a Vegas pool.

Everybody does it.
Source: TMZ

Rapper Trina Passes Out At Florida Airport


"Here We Go" rapper Trina was hospitalized early Monday morning -- after passing out in a Florida airport over "dehydration and overexertion."

We're told Trina had been traveling all day while battling some sort of illness -- and hit the deck minutes after stepping off the plane.

The 34-year-old rapper was rushed to a nearby hospital ... where she's recovering.

We're told Trina will be fine.

Baltimore Ravens Brawl Jacoby Jones Injured

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was hurt after a brawl erupted on a party bus filled with his Ravens teammates.

It happened after a night of partying in Washington D.C. celebrating Bryant McKinnie's birthday.

Sources at the scene tell us ... at about 3 AM, as people were leaving Opera Ultra Lounge, people on the bus began fighting.  In addition to teammates, we're told at least one stripper was on board.

One eyewitness tells us he saw a bottle being swung at Jacoby Jones -- it connected with his head and hurt him.  We're told an ambulance was called "for a bleeding male" but he was not taken to the hospital.

Our sources say a stripper named Sweet Pea is the one who hit Jacoby with a gigantic Ace of Spades bottle and this may have triggered the brawl.  We're told the bottle smashed over his head and he was "bleeding everywhere."

We're told Jacoby's friends tried to retaliate against Sweet Pea but Bryant McKinnie tried to stop him, and a fight broke out between the friend and Bryant.

FYI ... Jacoby is currently injured and hasn't played since week 1.

Police responded to the scene but no arrests were made.  We're told there was evidence of an assault but no one cooperated with cops.

Source: TMZ

Brian Littrell's House More Baller ThanYou Think


Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell is sticking it to everyone hating on the tiny West Hollywood home he just sold -- cause it was only a back-up ... to his PHAT MANSION!!

Turns out Brian and his wife are also sitting on a 15,000 square foot palace in Georgia that's straight outta "Gone with the Wind" -- but better, 'cause this place has a lake, a recording studio AND tennis court.

Still don't hate your life? It also has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms ... on 39 FREAKIN' ACRES!!

Brian's wife Leighanne says they only sold the WeHo spot because they weren't going to be there for months at a time.

Why would they be?