Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Weather Calls For More

Hello my beauties I hope the you are staying warm this fall because it's a cold one. So it's that time of
 the year when the key to every outfit is to be warm but there isn't any reason you should forget about your skin. Sometimes we don't moisturize as much in the fall because we're covering up with long soaks and sweaters but our still needs the same thing, moisture. Just because your not going to the beach doesn't mean you should neglect your skin. More the ever moisturizing is very important. The cold weather drys out your skin to and it needs moisturizing creams to keep it nice and soft for those cozy nights in. Now there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Creams are better because they are more difficult to rub off with your close. My favor is Jergens Almond Cherry scent and here are a few more good ones to start with that aren't too expensive. As always my beauties love yourselves and be the best you ever.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Funny Business with Comedienne Alycia Cooper

Comedienne, writer, and speaker Alycia Cooper is no doubt on the move and making great strides as she does it. She is an energetic, motivated, and inspirational person who is determined to succeed. She is also is a native of Temple Hills Maryland and now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her resume is both diverse and elaborate, and she has fashioned the stage of many entertainment venues, including “BET’s Comicview”, “NBC’s Last Comic Standing”, “BET Live”, and “Oh Drama”. She has been acting since the age of five, produced for television shows, and has written for Russell Simmons, Def Fame, “The Jamie Foxx Show”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Will and Grace”, and “The Bernie Mac Show” to name a few.
We caught up with Alycia as she was out and about in Las Vegas for an exclusive interview. While talking to her she shared her inspiration for success, her plans for the future, and her outlook on marriage.
On how she got started: “My mother started me in children’s theatre when I was five and I had a natural love for acting. I majored in Television Production in college and after seeing “Living Single” I wanted to create sitcoms. I knew it was what I wanted to do.”
On when she decided to become a comedienne: “When I saw Def Jam on HBO, everyone was so funny and after being told I was funny my whole life- I thought maybe I should try comedy. I didn’t know everything it entailed. So I jumped on stage without having anything prepared and I would crash and burn. I thought ooh maybe I’m not as funny as I was told I was. I then learned you have to prepare and write material and after years later I finally have success with stand up."

On her greatest accomplishment: “I would say being one of the few African American females to perform Standup Comedy on a late night television show. There are less than ten of us who has performed standup on a late night talk show.”
On marriage and children: “I’m not married and I don’t have children but I strongly believe in the institution of marriage. I believe it is a very, very necessary institution.”
On Alycia Cooper’s perfect mate: “Someone who understands what I do and isn’t intimidated by it.”
On what she’s currently working on: “I’m working on getting my own casino in Vegas so I can work out of it several nights a week. I’m working on filming another Reality Television show and I’m also putting together a comedy tour.”
On where she sees herself in ten years: “I would like to be in front of the television with my own talk show or sitcom.”
On what motivates her to strive for success: “I would like to be able to do more for my family. My parents have invested so much in me and I have so many family members that could use a hand up and not a hand out. So what motivates me is being able to ease the life of my family members.”
On the moment she realized she had reached public success: “You don’t really think about it until someone walks up to you in public and recognizes you from something. It’s a really good feeling because you realize that you’re making a difference in somebody’s life enough that they remember you.”
On making it in the entertainment business: “It’s not easy and there are no short cuts. You have to pay your dues and you have to remain focused because there are so many distractions in this industry. I would also say surround yourself with positive and like-minded people. If you like acting, take acting classes and study. Whatever it is make sure you become a student of it and take it seriously.”
On what she wants her legacy to be: “I can’t write my own legacy. The only thing I can do is be the best Alycia Cooper I can be, strive for excellence, and hopefully be a role model for others.”
Alycia Cooper is a true master of her craft and she is all about her Funny Business. Great things are definitely in store for Alycia and we will continue to watch as she climbs to the top. I officially stamped her a member of the Just Talk family. For more information on Alycia Cooper follow her at, on Twitter @alyciacooper, and on Facebook @ alyciacooper2.

Kendall Jenner: Porn Offers Rolling In

The sun was barely rising on Kendall Jenner's 18th birthday ... when the top porn companies started offering her lucrative deals ... including one for over a million bucks!

Kendall has been showing off her body for years ... and big sister Kim Kardashian became a household name after her sex-tape with Ray J was released.

And now that Kendall's legal, at least SIX COMPANIES are hoping they can convince her to get it on in front of the camera.

One of the companies -- -- is saying it wants to pay K.J. and a partner of her choosing $1.8 MILLION to bump uglies.

Other interested parties include Brazzers, Babes and Digital Playground ... the latter offering the option of a girl-girl encounter with porn star Jesse Jane.

No word on whether Kendall plans to take any seriously.

Considering Kim barely acknowledges her porn past ... were guessing, no.

Babyface: L.A. Mansion Catches Fire

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds' bathroom got real hot and steamy this weekend ... cause it was on fire.

Sources say... fire trucks raced to the Grammy winner's L.A. mansion yesterday afternoon after a fire started in his tinkle room.

We're told the singer's inside sprinkler system put out the flames before units arrived -- nothing major burned down ... but there was some water damage.

A rep for the singer didn't know if Babyface was inside when the fire started ... but we're told the house was occupied.

No word on what started the fire.

Fun Fact: Babyface has written and produced over 26 No. 1 R&B hits throughout his career.

We're guessing this won't set him back much.

Jackson Family: If Murray Is Allowed To Practice Again He'll Kill

Michael Jackson's family fears Dr. Conrad Murray will KILL someone else if he's allowed to practice medicine.

Sources close to the family tell say... most of them are both offended and afraid at Murray's bid to regain his right to practice.  They can't believe Murray would have a ghost of a chance to practice after being convicted and jailed for the death of Michael.

The family scoffs at the notion that he didn't harm anyone other than MJ during his 20 years of practice.  They believe Murray acted so recklessly with Michael -- partly out of greed and partly because he was a starf**ker.

But the family will almost certainly not appear at any medical board hearing over Murray's license.  We're told they've had more than enough of dealing with the good doc.

Source: TMZ

Moesha Star Charged After Allegedly Kicking GF

"Moesha" star Marcus T. Paulk has been charged with domestic violence after allegedly putting his GF in the hospital with a kick to the stomach -- and he could face up to 4 years behind bars.

As we reported, Paulk was arrested in August after turning himself in.

His GF told us it started as a verbal disagreement that escalated into a physical altercation ... and Paulk punched her in the face and then kicked her in the stomach.

The GF admits she also threw some punches, but she's the one who ended up in the hospital.

Now Paulk has officially been charged with domestic violence and battery.  It's unclear why it took so long to file the case.

If convicted on all counts, he faces up to 4 years in jail.

Oprah Winfrey: You're Paying Too Much For My Old Stuff

You paid too much! And you paid too much! Everybody paid too much for Oprah Winfrey's old junk at her estate sale today ... and the Big O was shocked.

Oprah and BFF Gayle King were front and center during the auction Saturday in Santa Barbara ... where she was selling stuff off for her Leadership Academy in South Africa.

The first item was a poster (pictured below) from "The Color Purple" that Winfrey proudly displayed in her office for a long time --  the starting bid was $2k ... and Oprah was blown away by the price.


The poster eventually sold for $4k --but you have to see O's reaction as the bids went up, and up, and up ...

It's priceless.
Source: TMZ

LAX Shooting Video Shows Chaos And Panic

Panic and chaos erupted after a gunman opened fire at L.A. International Airport ... and the commotion was all captured on a CELL PHONE VIDEO!!!

A bystander recorded the scene ... seconds after hearing gunfire on the upper level of Terminal 3.

Passengers arriving at the Terminal 3 baggage claim were ordered to stay in the hallway until police could secure the area ... the video shows the pandemonium that occurred when they were allowed to flee.

The gunman used a semi-automatic rifle to shoot his way past a security checkpoint ... killing a TSA officer and wounding at least two others.  Police shot and wounded the gunman ... who's in custody.

Source: TMZ

Chris Brown Incredibly There's No Fight Video

Chris Brown got into a fight last Sunday literally a stone's throw from the White House -- one of the most heavily guarded areas of the country -- yet we've learned not a single camera recorded the altercation, and in this case it could be game-changing.

As you know Chris has been charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching a guy in the face outside the W Hotel in D.C. Sources connected with the hotel say there were two cameras on an overhang but neither was trained on the fight.

What's more, although there are government buildings in the immediate area, law enforcement sources tell us no surveillance camera picked up the fight.

Police and members of Chris Brown's team have combed the area looking for video but we know they have come up empty-handed.

So why is this good for Chris?  As first reported, a secret service agent patrolling the area at the time of the fight heard the alleged victim tell a DC cop that Chris did NOT punch him. The D.C. cop has denied the victim ever told him that, but the Secret Service agent could blow up his credibility.

Short story -- advantage Chris.

Source: TMZ

Friday, November 1, 2013

Spice Up Your Life With Change

 Hello my beauties I hope you had a wonderful couple of week as I have. Its the beginning of a new season, to leaves are falling and it's time for a change. Something new to give you a fresh and  renewed look on life. Someone once told me that the only thing that is consistent in life is change. With change comes new fears of the unknown but with change also comes new experiences. This is literally a new season and what's better for a new season than I new look. Maybe you want to do something from your pass, a ponytail or if you usually wear your hair up all the time try wearing it down. This works well if you want a subtle change, nothing too permanent. Or maybe you want to add something to your look like maybe braids for easy maintenance. Whatever floats your boat as they say. Small changes like these or a drastic change depending on your personality can be a lot of fun. You can also try getting opinions of close friends or your stylist of what they would like to see on you. We often put ourselves in a box of what looks good on us, what doesn't look good on you, what your best features are or what features need to be downplayed. Sometimes we're right and sometimes we're wrong but getting help from others gives you more options. It's like having a new set of eyes to see yourself through and it maybe something totally different from what you feel you should look like. Perhaps you should try a new color hair. If you want to be settle you could do some streaks that compliment your natural hair color or if you want to be bold you could do a permanent color change to your entire head. There are many options out there to give you a little spice but what's most important is that you love it. Remember my beauties love yourselves like no one else can and you'll find what works for you. Have a wonderful day.