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Jermaine Jackson Accused of Failing to Pay Child Support

Former Jackson 5 member, Jermaine Jackson has reportedly fallen behind on his child support payments AGAIN.
Jermaine is the brother of the late Pop icon, Michael Jackson who passed away in 2009 of cardiac arrest. Jackson settled a with his ex wife, Alejandra in 2011 after a long legal dispute over he failed to pay over $80,000 for their two sons, Jermajesty and Jaffar. The couple were married in 1995 and Jackson filed for divorce in 2004.
Alejandra is now claiming Jackson is once again behind and owes her more than $30,000 between from April 2012 until April 2013.
She has filed a complaint and officials at Los Angeles' Child Support Services Department have asked a judge to hold Jackson in contempt of court, according to TMZ.com.

Pump It or Dump It? Back To Black- Beyonce Featuring Andre3000 (Amy Winehouse Cover)

News has been swirling about a remake of the late Amy Wnehouse's "Back To Black", Now a radio rip of the Beyonce-Andre 3000 collaborated record from the Great Gatsby soundtrack has Finally hit the web!

The "Back To Black" cover is the latest track to be released from the Jay-Z-produced "Gatsby" soundtrack, which also features songs by Fergie feat. Q-Tip and Goonrock, Lana Del Rey, the xx and Florence and the Machine. Jack White's Third Man Records will released a Deluxe Vinyl Edition of the soundtrack, which is due out on May 7."Back To Black" originally appeared on Winehouse's 2006 album of the same name, and was co-written and produced by Ronson. Beyonce and Andre 3000 previously worked together on "Party," from her 2011 album "4."

From the looks of things  Amy's dad, Mitch Winehouse wasn't feeling the remake to much
Speaking to The Daily Mail, Winehouse said that no one on Team "Gatsby" asked his permission for the cover, which he says "Doesn't Bring anything" to his daughter's original.
The Amy Winehouse “Back to Black” cover was premiered in its completeness on London's East Village radio on Friday night. Give it a listen down below. Do You think Beyonce and Andre 3000 did the song any Justice?  Let us know in the comment area.

Source -The Daily Mail

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap

Okay so the second episode of LHHATL aired last night and I must say the people on this show has to be dumbest people on earth. OMG... if I watch another reality TV show and see women begging to be used and abused- I am going to scream!!!
Lawd have mercy... where do I start???
Mimi- Has to be the biggest fool in Atlanta... why the hell does she think Stevie J is going to be true to her??? He carried the Sh*t out of her last season and if that didn't show her he doesn't give a fu*k, I don't know what will. He is a damn clown and she is Bozo's dumb azz assistant. Girl wake up and move on... even if it is with a gay man.
Joseline- I have to give ole girl her props because in just two episodes she has carried both Stevie, Mimi, and even little Eva to the curb and dropped them off!!! All I can say is she needs to get a lawyer and get Stevie the hell out of her life- because he is now a non mutha fu*ckin factor. WERK!!!
Stevie J- All I can say is that every dog has it's day and his is coming sooner than he thinks.
Benzino- He f*cked Joseline just as sure as I'm born. He couldn't even look Stevie in the face but like I said every dog has it's day!!!
Momma Dee- She needs to really mind her business and let her son make his own decisions. Let that man make things right with the woman he loves and his child because every child deserves a family. I thought her bringing Shay to the studio and this man is engaged was tacky and low as hell. She needs to grow up and let them people live. Erica doesn't care about her approval because she doesn't need it- she has his baby!!!
Shay- Get a life and move on. He fu*cked u, Ducked u, and left you alone!!!
Scrappy- stick with Erica she is the best thing for you, she loves you and your daughter needs you!!!
That's my opinion- "Don't Get Mad It's Just Talk"
What do you think???

Michael Jordan Marries for a the Second Time

Basketball great, Michael Jordan married his girlfriend of five years, Yvette Prieto. That's right the Jumpman himself has tied the knot AGAIN!!! As we all remember Jordan divorced his longtime wife Juanita Jordan who racked up $168 million in the divorce settlement in 2006. He currently has an estimated net worth of $650 million.
Well Jordan is being a lot smarter these days with his money. He has a prenup entitles his current wife to $1 million for each year they are married and if the marriage lasts longer than 10 years, she will receive $5 million for each year they are married.
Reportedly the ceremony took place at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida, in the presence of 500 guests. After the ceremony an additional 1500 guests joined the couple for a reception under a 40,000 square foot tent- which is bigger than Jordan's mansion...
The entertainment was provided by Usher and celebrity guests included Tiger Woods, Patrick Ewing and Scottie Pippen.

Chris Brown's Father was Against him and Rihanna Getting Back Together

Chris Brown’s father says he was against his son and Rihanna getting back together. Clinton Brown told the “New York Daily News” that he wasn’t thrilled to hear that Rihanna and Chris had rekindled their relationship late last year. He said, “personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together.” he stated that one needs “balance in a relationship.” Without that balance, he fears the relationship could come to a tragic end. He used the high profile deaths of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse as examples.
Well that's one more person that says they don't need to be together- and I agree!!!
Anyone who has the power to take you away from making money and potentially ruin your career is not someone you should go back to. If it were me... I would have left her azz right where she was!!! She knew he was a star and she knew that calling the cops would be tragic. Now I'm not saying what he did wasn't wrong but come on... she was looking for a come up and that's exactly what she got. If I was him I would just hit and run like Drake did!!!
"She could have a Grammy- I still treat that azz like a nominee"- Drake
Source: Freddyo.com

Jeffrey Wright Arrested For DUI

Actor Jeffrey Wright was pulled over by New York City Police and is facing DUI charges. According to the “New York Daily News,” the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” actor was pulled over in Manhattan’s Lower East Side early Saturday morning after police allegedly spotted him driving erratically.
One source claims the actor was “speeding and nearly caused an accident.”
Officers reportedly smelled alcohol on his breath and administered a field sobriety test.
Wright reportedly failed the test and was arrested for suspicion of DUI.
Jeffrey Wright is known for his roles in a number of films, including “Broken City,” “Casino Royale” and “Lady in the Water.” Wright’s latest film “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” will hit theaters on November 22nd.
Source: freddyo.com

Jason Collins: NBA Player Announces He's Gay

NBA player, Jason Collins has come out of the closet!!! Yay!!! I am so happy to see someone have the courage to truly be themselves and he is a the first openly gay male athlete in the history of American pro team sports. He disclosed his sexuality in a column appearing in the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated.
Collins also has the full support of his Washington Wizards teammates and the team's President, Ernie Grunfield.
The team is "extremely proud of Jason and support his decision to live his life proudly and openly."
"He has been a leader on and off the court and an outstanding teammate throughout his NBA career. Those qualities will continue to serve him both as a player and as a positive role model for others of all sexual orientation," Grunfeld said.
Collins stands 7-foot and played center with six NBA teams over the past 12 seasons. Along with the Wizards and Celtics, he has also worn the Minnesota Timberwolves, New Jersey Nets, Atlanta Hawks and Memphis Grizzlies jerseys. He has averaged 3.6 points and 3.8 rebounds in 713 career games.
"Jason Collins has forever changed the face of sports," said the Human Rights Campaign.
"At a time when millions are reflecting on the life and legacy of Jackie Robinson, Jason Collins is a hero for our own times," added the group.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said the 34-year-old veteran is widely respected in the league.
"We are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue," he said in a statement.
Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers called Collins "a pro's pro" and one of his favorite players he ever coached.
"If you have learned anything from Jackie Robinson, it is that teammates are always the first to accept," Rivers said. "It will be society who has to learn tolerance."
Atlanta Hawks' Managing Partner/NBA Governor Bruce Levenson and Hawks' President of Basketball Operations/General Manager Danny Ferry said they respect Collins and his message and support players' individual rights.
"Jason represented everything that we look for as a member of the Atlanta Hawks and we are proud he wore our jersey," they said.
Collins played college ball at Stanford University. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and a Stanford alumna, wrote on Twitter that she is "very proud of my friend Jason Collins for having the strength & courage to be the first openly gay player in the NBA."
Bill Clinton called the announcement an "important moment for professional sports and in the history of the LGBT community."
Collins, who had been traded by the Celtics to the Wizards this season, wrote in his essay that U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, helped prompt his decision to come out as gay. Kennedy and Collins were roommates at Stanford. He recounts hearing about Kennedy, who is not gay, marching in Boston's Gay Pride Parade.
"For as long as I've known Jason Collins he has been defined by three things: his passion for the sport he loves, his unwavering integrity, and the biggest heart you will ever find," Kennedy said. "I'm proud to stand with him today and proud to call him a friend."
President Barack Obama, a big basketball fan, hadn't yet weighed in, but White House spokesman Jay Carney said, "I can certainly tell you that here at the White House we view that as another example of the progress that has been made and the evolution that has been taking place in this country and commend him for his courage and support him."
Active players posted their approval on Twitter. The Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant said: "Proud of @jasoncollins34. Don't suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others." Steve Nash, also a Laker, said: "The time has come. Maximum respect."
Two Wizards' players, Garrett Temple and Bradley Beal, said in tweets they were "proud" of Collins. "Much respect to my teammate," Temple said. "Great teammate, mentor and better person," said Beal.
Michael Strahan, the former New York Giants defensive end, praised Collins for "having the courage to stand up and out for who he is. I support, respect and salute you!!"
Collins' twin brother, Jarron, who also played in the NBA, were teammates at Stanford. Jarron tweeted about Jason: "Very proud of you."
A few athletes have come out as gay after they've left professional sports. One is John Amaechi, a former NBA player.
Amaechi told CNN he hopes Collins will be a catalyst for a wider acceptance of openly gay athletes, saying he believes Collins is better equipped than anyone who came before him to handle the attention that will come his way. But it may take more, Amaechi said.
People like to believe one iconic figure can change things, he said, "but the reality is that when there's this tipping point, or enough people coming together deciding that change is necessary, that's when change happens."
The Women's National Basketball Association has had its share of milestones and openness as far as gays are concerned. In 2005, Sheryl Swoopes -- a top player in the WNBA, the women's pro league -- announced she was gay.
Brittney Griner, the No. 1 pick in this year's WNBA draft, recently said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that she is gay.
We recently reported that NFL player Kerry Rhodes was outted by his former assistant- Hollywood or Hollyhood as I like to refer to him as. Though Rhodes denied the allegations many still believe what they heard through grapevine. I hope Collins' courage helps those who are struggling with the decision to come out of the closet.
It's not easy to come out of the closet, it is one of the most difficult things to do- it changes everything, and everyone. So hats off to Jason!!!

Fantasia Evicted From her N.C. Mansion

Times are rough for Fantasia Barrino. The singer and American Idol alum was evicted from her North Carolina mansion over the weekend, TMZ reports. Barrino has been facing problems with the home for years, including near-foreclosure, so she decided to sign the property over to the bank and walk away. The home was recently seen on VH1's reality series Fantasia For Real.
(Fanstasia's N.C. Mansion)
Barrino has had long-standing troubles with the home. In 2009, the former “American Idol” winner almost got foreclosed on, but dodged the bullet at the 12th hour. Last April she put the house on the market, with an asking price of $800,000 … $500,000 less than she paid for it.
According to court docs, Barrino transferred the deed over to the bank in February … skipping the foreclosure process and jumping right to the part where she loses her home.
I guess sometimes you have to lose to win!!! I wish Tasia the best and I know she will bounce back because she's a survivor.
Sources: BET.com and blackscoop.com

Nail Trend

 With the latest galaxy nail trend, it’s  very easy to achieve these futuristic galaxy nails. These designs are cool and futuristic, and the realm of artistic possibilities is as infinite as our universe. Im in love, I cant wait to try them out..
  1. Base Coat
  2. Dark nail polish for base color
  3. Light color for base of nebula
  4. Two to three bright nail polish colors to create nebulae
  5. Cosmetic sponge
  6. Piece of paper
  7. Glitter polish
  8. Top coat

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Shoe Alert


The higher the heel the better, I live for me a good pump. My show obsession is Real! Check out these lovely Dsquared 2, Trish Ayers Laminato Pumps. I love the colorblock, the style and everything of these! You can wear a  cute freak em dress or any other color and these shoes  would go perfect with. Retails for $517. Do you love? xoxo

Ray J Releases a Whack Video for Kimye Diss song "I hit It First"

Ray J has released for a video for his heavily talked about Kimye diss song, "I Hit It First."
In the video he parades around like a pure fool with a Bentley that lights up??? Can you say WHACK!!!
He also has a Kim K look alike in the video- and he says the song isn't about her... yeah RIGHT!!!Many of the scenes in the video are reminiscent of the home video/sex tape he co starred in with
Kim K.
Here's my Opinion: he is a total AZZHOLE!!! A child, a jerk, a lame-o, a non mutha fu*ckin factor, and... somebody help me please- I'm running out of befitting adjectives for this fu*ck up. Oh I forgot to say a liar. Does he really think anyone believes this is not about Kim???
Child please- he better back down before he gets knocked down!!! He is totally obsessed with this girl and her fame. If he was smart he would've made good use of that sex tape like Kim K did. The best thing he has going on is his huge penis and he's making that irrelevant with his whack azz antics.
But hats off to Kim for having that sunshine between her legs... juicy got em crazy!!!

See the video below:

Married to Medicine Episode Recap

Okay so I've been on this Married to Medicine kick and I must say I'm starting to get sick of a couple of the cast members already. I know reality TV is suppose to be about the drama... but come on. Some of these ladies need to take integrity 101 and break out a can of whip AZZ!!!
Mariah- Where do I start??? She needs to line up her hair stylist and make up artist and shoot the hell out of them because they obviously HATE her. She looks a mess and acts a mess... she is just messy!!! It was one thing for her to get into a fight at her husband's party- after showing up two hours late but she didn't even have the courage, dignity or enough respect to tell Toya why she's really mad. Why does she keep telling everyone why she's mad at Toya, except Toya??? Can you say coward!!!And then she brings her daughter into the mess by telling this child to ask Toya why she couldn't come to the party... Again MESSY!!! But Toya is better than me because I would have used that opportunity to spread a little sunshine and tell her that her daddy ain't her daddy...
Quad- Ms. Quad... is a cross between a drag queen stuck in a woman's body and a queen copycat!!! And she too is messy just like her bff, and looks like a clown in that make up... just like her bff. She needs to get a life and stop thinking them damn dogs are children- that's right I said it DOGS, because that's what they are.
Toya- I actually like Toya but I wish she would grow a pair and stop caring about what people think about her. I would have left that damn doggie birthday party and I surely wouldn't have given Quad's fake azz a dime. She needs to just call Mariah  and ask her to meet her at the park and really beat that AZZ!!!
Dr. Jackie- I know that she is like the queen bee of the show but come on- the last time I checked everyone on that show is grown and I don't think they need a second momma. 
Dr. Whitmore- I like her but the way she was talking to her employees is a little too much. Everyone deserves respect and just because she's a doctor it doesn't give her the right to mistreat anyone. I think she needs to take respect 101....
Kari- I really haven't found a reason to say anything bad about her but I haven't been watching the show that long. But what I would say is that she needs to lay off the lip injections because it looks like they are filling them with lumpy oatmeal.
Don't get offended this all my opinion- ain't nothing that I'm saying wrong!!!
"Don't Get Mad It's Just Talk"

Paris Jackson Reunites with Her Birth Mother

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Pop icon, Michael Jackson has reunited with her birth mother- Debbie Rowe. The pair were spotted at Ahi Sushi in Studio City, Calif. on April 3, 2013 as they celebrated Paris' 15th birthday.
According to Rowe, former wife to the late King of Pop, the two went shopping and spent quality mother-daughter time together.
Paris tweeted on her birthday:
"Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes !! you guys are beautiful and i love you !!"
Rowe, now age 54, married Jackson on November 14, 1996, in Sydney, Australia, and they later divorced in October 1999. They had two children together: Prince Michael Jackson Jr., born February 13, 1997, and Paris Jackson, born on April 3, 1998.  Both live with the pop star's mother, Katherine Jackson, who also looks after the singer's youngest son, Prince Michael Jackson II, age 11.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Kirk Frost is No Longer Claiming Rasheeda (Just Talk Exclusive)

Media Takeout broke the news of LHHATL stars, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost divorcing. Well we have learned from a reliable source that Kirk is no longer claiming his soon to be ex wife... That's right you heard it here first, so if you use this story you must give credit to Just Talk with Justice Bahlee. According to reports Kirk has been spreading the word that he and Rasheeda are definitely headed for... splitsville. Kirk has mentioned to several sources in the Atlanta area the he and wife, Rasheeda are no longer together.
I said it before and I will say it again- Kirk seemed like a slime ball from the first time I laid eyes on him. And the fact that he is loosely spreading their business is childish and distasteful!!! I think he has been a hindrance to both her growth and career. I hope she really finds someone who has her best interest at heart- romantically and business wise.
Let's tell the truth and shame the devil- she has been on the Hip Hop scene too long not to be further along with her career.
Whenever you have a mate that stands in the way of your growth- they don't have your best interest at heart. Honey love me enough to let me go. If you can't help me, please don't hurt me!!!
It takes a fool to learn that love don't love nobody... don't feel bad Rasheeda, get up, brush yourself off and get back out there because you are a beautiful woman and you still have a lot of pizazz left in you.

Must have : Leather Joggers

 Thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna for  latest fashion statement of leather jogging pants to add to your closet. Im loving these edgy Tom Boy track pants, they are very loose fitting and are very versatile.. I have been seeing these all over the red carpet and I could not wait to get my hands on a pair,, I recently picked up a pair from www.shopnugenesis.com  and I absolutely love them.

Wiz Spotted in Givenchy

Rapper Wiz Khalifa appeared on the set of his new video in a $2,185 Givenchy Plane Print Reversible Bomber Jacket:
Wiz Khalifa's Beat It Video Givenchy Plane Print Reversible Bomber Jacket
The high priced piece has a mock collar and two way front zip.
0 Wiz Khalifa's Beat It Video Givenchy Plane Print Reversible Bomber Jacket  1
Ciara was the first to rock the look:  get yours at Bergdorf Goodman

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Pretty Girls Rock!

Thursday night  Dj Traci Steele from Hot 107.9 & new cast member to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
hosted her 3rd Annual Pretty Girls Rock(PGR) Art, Music and Fashion event benefiting The Atlanta day shelter for women and children. Women of all crafts were showcasing everything from Art, Music and Fashion it was all about WOMEN in the field of artistry. Aside from the beautiful host herself they were many other celebrity guest in the building to show their support;such as castmate from LHHATL Benzino and Kirk, who also mentioned to me that him and rapper Rasheeda are not together after giving him my business card to pass along to his wife... Although I thougt he was joking I guess he wasnt after catching wind on the blogs today that Rasheeda is divorcing him... WHEW!!! There were also Celebs like Bambi from Basketball Wives LA who gave a turnt up performance, Andre from Bad Girls Club and singer song writer Dondria...
The night was perfect, the vibe was awesome I turnt up and had an awesome time.

Me & Bambi ended thr night turning up... #funners #shewon

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kim Kardashian Talks Divorce, Maternity Style Criticism & Kanye Coming To Her Defense

Kim K, dressed in a tuxedo style dress, was spotted on a stroll in Manhattan earlier today while being escorted by her baby’s daddy Kanye West.  Yeezy looked great in that blue blazer!
It looks as though the two were finally able to get some alone time in together after Kim finished her press rounds for E! Upfronts yesterday afternoon. While on the red carpet, Kim caught up with EXTRA TV’s new correspondent Angie Martinez, and she dished about her recent divorce, as well as the criticism over her maternity style.  She also revealed that Kanye gets mad defensive when he hears that folks have been talking about his boo.
Catch some highlights, plus video below:
On her divorce to Kris Humphries
I’m just glad for Kris and I both, that we can just move on. Ultimately, we just wanted the same thing so I’m glad that we could come up with an agreement and move on for both of us.
On if she will be walking down the aisle again
Don’t you think I should slow down? I think I should slow down. I’m just really enjoying my time with Kanye right now and we want to have the baby. When you know how it’s going to be in the end, it’s no need to rush it right now.
On the criticism over the clothes she chooses to wear while pregnant
It’s pretty ridiculous. I love fashion, I love experimenting with fashion so for me to try all of these new things, pregnant or not pregnant, it’s been fun for me, whether they like it or not. It’s so funny because people would say, “Take a cue from Kourtney, she looked so good pregnant!” So, I would borrow her clothes and that’s when I would get dogged out the most. We have such different bodies and the things that would look great on her, didn’t look great on me.
My boyfriend also gets so defensive and he’ll call and say, “Who’s saying mean things” and I’m like, “Don’t worry about it.” I’m so used to it.
Source: Necole Bitchie

Pharrell Williams Reveals How He Continues To Look Young, Gives Advice To Fellas On How To Pick Their Wife

Pharrell Williams is now 40 but he still looks 25. He has everyone wondering, what's his secret.
Earlier this week, he was spotted looking young as ever as he exited Hot 97′s studios with his fiancée Helen Lasichanh. The two stopped by the radio station to chat with Angie Martinez, who tried her best to get the tea on Pharrell’s facial regimen while making the comment that he looks exactly the same as he did 20 years ago. Pharrell told her:
I’m [washing my face]. Like little small stuff. Naomi Campbell taught me a couple of tricks back in the day, like washing your face with cold water, keeping your pores closed. People say my parents look pretty young too. For me, you just have to wash your face.  I use Cetaphil.
Pharrell also talked candidly about relationships while revealing that he is extremely happy and definitely ready to walk down the aisle. He also said that settling down was easy for him and he shared a little advice with the fellas on how to choose the right girl.
Catch a few of those highlights below:
On how much he changed over the years
I’m a different guy in the sense that I’m not touching no other woman besides my girl. I love my family and I’m super happy.
On how easy it is for him to be in a committed relationship
It was so easy, because see here’s the thing,  I’m not no relationship expert, but I just recommend that you get with your bestie. Because y’all agree on everything. This is the person that when the other girls were tripping you could call her and be like ‘She saying…’, and she could talk to you about whatever. So you guys started with a very honest and open rapport. You never had to hide anything. And you know, at a certain point in my business, I don’t know why anyone lies. You’re making money, you’re doing it, she don’t like it, ‘You don’t like it? Beat it.’ But, I’m going to be honest with you.
Women are so attracted to honesty, it’s funny. Even when it hurts. They love that. Women taught me that.
On whether he is ready to walk down the aisle
Yes, of course.
Sources: Necole Bitchie

Sheen Magazine's Men's Issue Premiere Party

Sheen Magazine has a new Men's issue and the Premiere was celebrated in total style. The event was held on the fabulous rooftop of Café Circa in Downtown Atlanta. Also celebrated was the Birthday of the magazine's publisher, Kimberly Chapman. She was totally surprised when she was serenaded by a member of her team and a custom birthday cake adorned with lit sparkles.
The Kids were out last night and so were the kittens... and everybody looked HAWTT!!
The drink of the night was "Red Bottom," which consisted of a splash of grenadine and the rest... all Grey Goose vodka!!!
In attendance were many media affiliates and Bravo's Married to Medicine star, Quad Webb-Lunceford.
Tastefully scattered about the rooftop were oversized covers of the publication and magazine's with Hosea Chanchez, Angela Simmons, Laila Ali, Estelle, Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey, Melanie Fiona, Naturi Naughton and a personally signed cover of Ms. Lisa Raye.
Guest enjoyed premium cocktails and flavorful dishes. I was told one of the most popular items on the menu are the jerk wings... I don't know about the wings but the monkey bread and mussels are awesome!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Beyonce Debuts "Grown Woman" Live

With everyone anticipating a new single from Beyonce and rumors swirling about a release date, King Bey emerges with a live perfomance of her rumored Single "Grown Woman" Produced By super producer Timbaland.

"I'm a grown woman I can do whatever I want!" Beyonce Boast

Since premiering a clip of the song in her Pepsi commercial I've wondered what the entire record sounded like and it definitely does not disappoint! The Timbaland produced track rocks out with African drums that make u wanna get up and shake something!

Watch fan-captured video of "Grown Woman" above and let us know what you think in the comments


New Single Alert -Tamar Braxton- The One

Since Tamar Braxton's new single "Love and War" Debuted On Itunes At #1, There Has been No stopping the youngest of the Braxton Clan! In Less Than 24hours her first single, "Love And War" Shot to #1 on Itunes.  Since The overwhelming success of her first single, Braxton Has Also Announced that she is expecting her 1st child with Husband and Music Exec., Vincent Herbert.  If you're Thinking Pregnancy would put things on hold for Us Tamartians... Think again! Soon to be first-time mom, Tamar Braxton was spotted in Santa Monica on Tuesday (April 23)  afternoon on the set of her new music video, “The One.”  
The singer showed off her baby bump while wearing a classic pair of short overalls; perfect for spring time in Southern California.

While on set at the Santa Monica Pier, Tamar chatted with Rap-Up about the vibe of her upcoming single:
"This new single, “The One,” that I’m shooting a video for, I’m so excited because it has so much energy. It’s so fun. It’s the summertime anthem record and I just cannot wait until everyone sees it and understands that... you know? "Funners, funners, funners in the summer, summer, summer."
Check Out  Tamar's New Single "The One" below:

Source- Rap-up.com