Friday, April 26, 2013

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star is Dvorcing her Husband Kirk Frost

According to, Rasheeda from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta is divorcing her children's father and husband, Kirk Frost. The site also claims that this is not a rumor and states the source is a "Rock Solid Snitch."
The story reportedly was confirmed this morning.
The reality TV star is accusing Frost of having an extra marital affair with Alexis Miller (a.k.a MaryJane). Miller is an Atlanta based rapper, and socialite. Rasheeda apparently found some information that led to the decision to separate. In addition to asking him to leave the house, she also terminated their manager- client relationship.
(Alexis Miller a.ka. MaryJane)
Alexis Miller is no stranger to the hot seat... she is also known for her heavily publicized relationship with Shaquille O'neal. A suit was later filed by Miller against O'neal for stalking her.
She is also known for her openness with dating married men. Allegedly she also signed on to do a reality TV shower, "The Real Mistresses of Atlanta" WTH??? Where they do that at???

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  1. Rasheeda that's what you get when you put a man regardless of who he is on a high pedestal.