Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tyrese Apologizes For Comments About Overweight People : Spotted With Daughter

Tyrese is walking back controversial comments he made about people who are overweight. Earlier this month, the R&B singer and actor told AllHipHop that if someone is “fat and nasty” then they should simply “do something about it.” Tyrese went on the Tom Joyner Morning Show Tuesday to let the world know that his comments were a “poor choice of words.” Apparently, he wanted his words to galvanize people who “find themselves uninspired and unmotivated when it comes to their health.”
Tyrese explains that he was trying to convey lessons he had learned through his own experience of feeling ashamed with his weight. His own weight issues came around the time he was shooting the 2006 film “Waist Deep,” when he weighed 255 pounds. At that point in his life, Tyrese believed his life was “falling apart” and became “lazy” when it came to his health.
Tyrese cleared his head from all the drama by spending time with the love of his life his daughter and her friends yesterday …

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