Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don't Be Afraid of A Little Color

In the 1960's lipstick was associated with femininity. Women who did not where lipstick were suspected of mental illness or thank God times have changed. Some of you are still misled by simular myths about lipstick. Since the days of the ancient Mesopotamian women  and pin up girls, woman have been wearing colors on there lips. 

 If your anything like I once was, you may be afraid of some colors like reds or hot pinks. Well my beauties as your advisor on this subject, I say go for it. This is a new day and there are so many variations of reds, oranges, purples, and pinks to choose from. There are also some even more adventurous colors such as black, greys, blues, greens, and browns that are perfect for special occasions. But for an everyday look you should try bright colored lipsticks. Now my beauties if your still hesitant try matte lipsticks with a thin brown lipliner blended into your lipline. A matte lipstick means it has no shine or it gives a dry look. The liner will give your lips more definition. This will make the color not as overwelming to your eye. I know your probably thinking, "What do I wear on my eyes or cheeks with these colors?" Just keep it simple my beauties as I always say, "When in doubt neutral it out." Stick to your bronzers for blush and browns or creams for eye shadows. Trust me after compliments start rolling in you'll see like I did, lips look great in color.
Red lipstick with liner
Blue listick
Orange lipstick

Black lipstick

Purple lipstick

Hot Pink lipstick

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