Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2nd Generation Wayans Canceled?

According to sources, BET has not picked the show up for a 2nd season. It was initially marketed as a comedy but has turned out to be another drama series.
”During the show, viewers will see the good, the funny and the ugly as Damien Dante and Craig emerge from the long shadows of their uncles to carve out their own paths to stardom in Hollywood. Joining the duo on this ride is friend and business partner George O. Gore II and their office assistant Maya (played by Tatyana Ali).”
 Jet Magazine reported on the upfront for BET this season and Second Generation Wayans was not mentioned in the programming.
Well I tried to watch it a few times, it was cute... but it wasn't on my must watch list. I usually watched it after the Husbands of Hollywood went off. And I didn't know it was suppose to be a comedy... I thought it was a scripted reality TV show kinda thing.

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  1. It was a horrible show. They can't act. I do not watch any show that has an actor who beats women and are dead beat Dad's. Craig Wayans has 4 or 5 kids, from 4 women. He has been convicted of beating 3 different ex-girlfriends, one of them was pregnant with his kid.