Thursday, April 11, 2013

K. Michelle Responds To Ray J’s “I Hit It First”

Ray J has received tremendous backlash from his recently released song, “I Hit It First.” Although he claims the Kimye diss track isn't about Kim, he makes several references of the Reality TV star, her ex, Reggie Bush, and her soon to be baby daddy- Kanye West. Now R&B artist, K. Michelle weighs in and gives her opinion of the song and the actions of today's men.
This what K. Michelle had to say:
“It really bothers me that men have turned into little emotional girls. We know u hit it first it’s ur ex girlfriend. DUH.” She also took to her twitter account and remarked, “B*tches get hurt and emotional. They write songs, get on twitter, send numerous texts. Spoil brats cant handle what they dish out. Get money ladies.”

She also added, “What happened to the Men like my father and Granddaddy? Not just the Men, we all gotta do better.”
I must admit, I don't always agree with what K. Michelle does or has to say but this time she's right and totally on point. If women demanded more from men they would have no choice but to step their game up and come correct. I'm not bashing all men because there are some really good, respectful, and promising brothers out there... but we have to stand up and demand their respect. In my opinion Ray J is simply a childish little boy who will always be nothing more than Brandy's little brother. A diss track about you sleeping with your ex girlfriend is idiotic and AGAIN- childish!!! Kanye stated that Ray J was broke and just trying to ride off of he and Kim's fame to be relevant. He also said that Ray J needs to call him when he gets to the $100 million dollar mark... because HE hit that first.
What do you think about Ray J's Song? 

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