Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bob Whitfield and Mimi Faust (LHH-Atl) Host Single Parents Awards- (S.P.A.A.G.) #EpicFail

Bob Whitfield, ex husband of former RHOA star, Sheree Whitfield attended and served as a Presenter at the 1st Annual S.P.A.A.G. Awards Show. The awards show was held at The Future Vision by Design Salon in Atlanta.
As we all know, Bob Whitfield was dubbed "A dead beat dad" when Sheree made claims that he hadn't paid his Child Support Debt on RHOA. His response to her claims were basically- "You got it." Apparently he is now in good standing with the courts and is an Official Supporter of Single Parent's everywhere... WTH???
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Mimi Faust also presented an award to absentee recipient “Demetria McKinney”- Tyler Perry’s House of Payne star “Janine.” Mimi made her Reality TV debut as one of the women her daughter's father was openly sleeping with. Isn't this ideal behavior for raising a little girl??? Let me answer that- Hell No!!!
I must admit they chose two of the best parents in the ATL... but then again was it really about the parents or was it about getting a big name involved???
What do you think?
See pictures below:

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