Monday, April 29, 2013

Married to Medicine Episode Recap

Okay so I've been on this Married to Medicine kick and I must say I'm starting to get sick of a couple of the cast members already. I know reality TV is suppose to be about the drama... but come on. Some of these ladies need to take integrity 101 and break out a can of whip AZZ!!!
Mariah- Where do I start??? She needs to line up her hair stylist and make up artist and shoot the hell out of them because they obviously HATE her. She looks a mess and acts a mess... she is just messy!!! It was one thing for her to get into a fight at her husband's party- after showing up two hours late but she didn't even have the courage, dignity or enough respect to tell Toya why she's really mad. Why does she keep telling everyone why she's mad at Toya, except Toya??? Can you say coward!!!And then she brings her daughter into the mess by telling this child to ask Toya why she couldn't come to the party... Again MESSY!!! But Toya is better than me because I would have used that opportunity to spread a little sunshine and tell her that her daddy ain't her daddy...
Quad- Ms. Quad... is a cross between a drag queen stuck in a woman's body and a queen copycat!!! And she too is messy just like her bff, and looks like a clown in that make up... just like her bff. She needs to get a life and stop thinking them damn dogs are children- that's right I said it DOGS, because that's what they are.
Toya- I actually like Toya but I wish she would grow a pair and stop caring about what people think about her. I would have left that damn doggie birthday party and I surely wouldn't have given Quad's fake azz a dime. She needs to just call Mariah  and ask her to meet her at the park and really beat that AZZ!!!
Dr. Jackie- I know that she is like the queen bee of the show but come on- the last time I checked everyone on that show is grown and I don't think they need a second momma. 
Dr. Whitmore- I like her but the way she was talking to her employees is a little too much. Everyone deserves respect and just because she's a doctor it doesn't give her the right to mistreat anyone. I think she needs to take respect 101....
Kari- I really haven't found a reason to say anything bad about her but I haven't been watching the show that long. But what I would say is that she needs to lay off the lip injections because it looks like they are filling them with lumpy oatmeal.
Don't get offended this all my opinion- ain't nothing that I'm saying wrong!!!
"Don't Get Mad It's Just Talk"

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