Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fantasia Returns Refreshed and Empowered With New Album "Side Effects of You"

After a 3 year hiatus Fantasia is Back!!
With her hit single "Lose to Win" climbing the charts, Fantasia Is Back And better Than ever Blessing us with The fruit of Her labor "Side Effect Of You" (RCA RECORDS).
The American idol Alum Has reemerged with a Fresh New sound, A new look a new outlook on life.
Fantasia's fourth album, "Side Effects of You," reminds us exactly why she captured our hearts to win 2004's "American Idol." its Been 3 years since Fantasia has released an Album And she's Endured alot tribulations. In 2010 The Idol Winner was a tabloid target with Reports about her finances, supposed diva antics, label tension, her weight and drama during her Broadway debut, "The Color Purple," made her a tabloid punch line. Then it got worse in 2010 when the wife of a man she was dating filed for divorce and blamed Barrino for the demise of her marriage. She threatened to sue Barrino under a North Carolina law that allows a spouse to file suit against the person they deem responsible for the marriage's failure.Things got so Crazy for the singer that She tried to take her own Life overdosing on sleeping pills and aspirin.

"My intentions weren't to kill myself. I just wanted to get away. [I had] so much … on me, on my mind," she said. "I know one, two, three [pills] won't get me away."

But God had another Plan for Fantasia. After Praying and some soul searching Fantasia finally put pen to paper and got behind the microphone to record what is most likely her most revealing album to date.
The singer had her album Release Party  at XL Nightclub in New York City with a surprise tribute from Joe, Kenny Latimore and Yummy Bingham a lot of persuading from the party guest Fantasia hit the stage With and impromptu performance of Her hit Single "Lose To Win" the singer had this to say

"I haven’t had all this love since my first album. So, to have you guys come out and support me after all that I’ve been through. On this album I was able to tell my story. I didn’t let nobody speak for me, I said it the way I wanted to say it. And, I said before I go back into the studio, I won’t go back until they let me do what I want to. You know, sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself. What happened was, since I was so quiet all the time, and I was this country, gullible, fun…kool-aid smile, … everyone thought they could take licks and throw stones at me, but that Fantasia is gone. Now, I’m speaking for myself, they told their story, now let me tell mine. The Side Effects Of You is not just about a man, trust me, he’s in the story, The Side Effects Of You is about the industry, family, friends, those who said they love you and you turn around and they’re gone. My grandmother said, “You don’t cry over spilled milk, you pick up and move on."

The Grammy winner, who mostly collaborates with producer Harmony Samuels on the new album, declares a whole new lease on life, delivering a more mature, no-nonsense version of her former self.

After Listening to The Album I must say Fanny Has Put her Fanny In this Album! Deeming This A "A Rock Soul Movement" Tasia Has Defiantly brought us that Rock edge while still Giving Us the soulfulness that shes known for. This Album is sure to be a Classic With hits like her Rumored Next single "Without me" Featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot Who also co-produced the Track. "Get It Right" Fantasia Delivers Riveting Vocals Letting Him Know that he needs To get it right.
"Lighthouse" Which is one of my favorites and  also has our girl dabbling in a lil bit of Rap! Letting the haters and doubter know that they will never stop her light from shining.
The Album is Pretty Solid Fantasia Delivers in a way Only she can with the Passion and the Voice to back it up, theres no stopping Our American Idol.

The Album has been in the Top 10 on Itunes weeks before its release based from Pre orders and now sits at #2 One day after being released.

Check out her performances from Fantasia's Album release Party and her New Single "Without me"


"Side Effects of Me" Available Now

Source:True Exclusives

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