Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap

Okay so the second episode of LHHATL aired last night and I must say the people on this show has to be dumbest people on earth. OMG... if I watch another reality TV show and see women begging to be used and abused- I am going to scream!!!
Lawd have mercy... where do I start???
Mimi- Has to be the biggest fool in Atlanta... why the hell does she think Stevie J is going to be true to her??? He carried the Sh*t out of her last season and if that didn't show her he doesn't give a fu*k, I don't know what will. He is a damn clown and she is Bozo's dumb azz assistant. Girl wake up and move on... even if it is with a gay man.
Joseline- I have to give ole girl her props because in just two episodes she has carried both Stevie, Mimi, and even little Eva to the curb and dropped them off!!! All I can say is she needs to get a lawyer and get Stevie the hell out of her life- because he is now a non mutha fu*ckin factor. WERK!!!
Stevie J- All I can say is that every dog has it's day and his is coming sooner than he thinks.
Benzino- He f*cked Joseline just as sure as I'm born. He couldn't even look Stevie in the face but like I said every dog has it's day!!!
Momma Dee- She needs to really mind her business and let her son make his own decisions. Let that man make things right with the woman he loves and his child because every child deserves a family. I thought her bringing Shay to the studio and this man is engaged was tacky and low as hell. She needs to grow up and let them people live. Erica doesn't care about her approval because she doesn't need it- she has his baby!!!
Shay- Get a life and move on. He fu*cked u, Ducked u, and left you alone!!!
Scrappy- stick with Erica she is the best thing for you, she loves you and your daughter needs you!!!
That's my opinion- "Don't Get Mad It's Just Talk"
What do you think???

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