Monday, April 15, 2013

NeNe Leakes Returns to RHOA for Another Season

Very Rich B*tch, Nene Leakes will be returning to the RHOA for Season 6 at her new contract of $1 Million Dollars including Bonuses and Salary. In fact all the ladies will return for Season 6 and they have already signed their new contracts. As we all know, NeNe has been making remarkable strides in LA with her other gigs (Glee and the New Normal), one of which- the New Normal is scheduled to be cancelled by May 2013 due to ratings.
I must admit that I'm glad to see all the girls returning, especially my girl, Nene, however they could have really left Kenya out!!! Anyway, I can't wait to see what Season 6 brings and I wish all the ladies well in all of their ventures.
Well it's no secret that RHOA has mega ratings and Bravo is completely aware of it. They also know that the ladies took the drama to an all time high this season and they wanted to make sure all would return.
Check out what a source had say to say below:
"Regarding her million-dollar windfall, an unnamed source told Radar Online, “She likes being on the show. NeNe is really happy with the ‘New Normal’ and ‘Glee,’ where she can be a real actress, but she knows her bread and butter comes from Bravo and that’s why she’s coming back, ’cause she can’t turn the money down!”
Meanwhile, there is speculation that the “RHOA” cast members might see green when they peer in Leakes’ direction since news of her hefty salary broke.  The anonymous source weighs in, “Everyone gets it, NeNe is the favorite, but they’re still jealous, of course. They wish they could earn what NeNe makes, because they don’t think she would be nearly as popular without fighting with them.”

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