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Exclusive Interview with RHOA's Apollo Nida

Bravo’s the Real Housewives of Atlanta is by far one of the most talked about Reality TV series on the tube. From the ever surmounting drama to the challenging issues each coupled has faced this season- this show is undeniably a hit. I am totally a fan of the show but what intrigues me even more… are the strong men behind these glamorous women.
I sat down with Apollo Nida, the husband of savvy businesswoman, Phaedra Parks. On the show Apollo is cool and calm but don’t get it twisted because when necessary… he has no problem with telling you how he feels.
We got a good glimpse of Apollo expressing himself this season when he and Phaedra consulted with former Miss U.S.A- Kenya Moore. As we all know Kenya listened to the couple’s idea of creating a workout video. She then went and secured a distribution deal for the concept, and when they didn’t agree on giving her 10% of all proceeds- she stole their idea.
Apollo called Kenya, “A bitter.” And from there the conversation became even more heated. The three part Reunion show is complete and we have learned a lot about the cast and how they feel about each other. Kenya started in on Phaedra in the first part by dubbing her with the nickname, “Shady Pha-Pha.” Earlier in the season Phaedra said you can’t turn a whore into a house wife- that’s her statement and she stuck to it during the reunion.
Kenya also accused Apollo of sending her inappropriate text messages. Andy Cohen dismissed this claim when he viewed Kenya’s phone and saw that the messages were not inappropriate.
I got a first-hand opportunity to ask him about all the drama. While talking to him he dispelled many misconceptions and made his undying love for his wife and children… crystal clear.
See what Apollo had to say below:
On Apollo the man: “I try to stay humble, high spirited, and focused. I try not to get distracted by the negativity that comes with the territory.”
On how you and Phaedra meet: “We met in 1997, on 285 in rush hour traffic. She was on her way home and I was cutting hair in the neighborhood by her house- so we were both going the same way. I asked her for her number and she said no. We were in traffic for like twenty or twenty five minutes and she asked me to follow her home. We exchanged numbers and we became really great friends.”
On being a Dad:  “Being a Dad is awesome. I was actually going to bring my son today. I wanted to spend some quality time with him because our schedules are so hectic. But it’s just amazing seeing him grow from day to day.
He told me that they have decided to wait on finding out the sex of the new baby- so stay tuned for updates.
On spending time in prison: I gained a sense of awareness. Prior to prison I knew myself but I really didn’t. When you’re confined it brings out a whole other animal in you. Its preservation, you’re grasping at anything. But in my sense it was more so spirituality. I studied three different religions- Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. I think being grounded spiritually will get you through any situation.
On media’s reaction since last season:  “They love the Drama. The show is drama. They love the competitiveness. But nothing’s really changed; it’s pretty much been the same.
On being on Reality TV: “First it was invasive. Coming from prison and not really knowing how people are going to perceive me. No one really knew me; they didn’t know how I looked. They didn’t know about my educational background- so they just cast judgment on someone based upon the stigmatism that this person is a convicted felon and was in prison for six years. I was more so worried about my wife, her accolades, what she’s accomplished, and what people would think about her. I wonder would it destroy everything we’re trying to build. But as you see we’re still going strong and it’s been four years.
How has life changed for you since being on the show: “It’s presented business opportunities that I may not have had without that platform, from a positive standpoint. From a negative standpoint- people are always in your business, you can’t do anything. You really don’t realize how many people watch Reality TV. Some Reality TV stars are bigger than stars in major films.
On the new workout video: “The videos are produced under “Nida Fitness.” Phine Body is a feminine brand and a line with more things to come. I wrote and produced 90% of the video. I am a certified trainer and nutrition specialist. I told my wife around the time when Kandi came out with “Bedroom Kandi” that we need a product. Something that would make people come to us. At first we were working with a company for an abdominal machine but that didn’t go well. And one day my wife was watching the show and she was walking with Sheree and she told her, “Girl I’m going to show how to get one of these Donkey Booty’s.” So then we said we should go ahead and do a workout video. Then we started working with Kenya and things didn’t go right, business wasn’t right. When we put our minds to something we’re going to do it. So that didn’t stop anything- we’ll just go around you. And now we have two DVD’s and we’re about to come out with a third maternity video that we’re shooting this month.
On Kenya Moore stealing your idea: “I was like really, would she really go there?” Anything I do- I rise to the level of competition. My game is going to already be impeccable. If you put the two DVD’s together there’s no comparison in my opinion. We’re talking about a one hundred and twenty thousand dollar production budget verses a fifteen thousand dollar budget. Kenya’s not a trainer. You have someone who is a trainer, and works out daily. So I can say she’s doing something wrong because I have the credentials to back it up. At first it kind of rubbed me the wrong way but there are a thousand workout videos. You just have to roll with it and make sure your product is better.
On your video sales vs. Kenya Moore’s: “I already know that our product is the best seller. We beat out Julian Michael’s top two videos. Julian Michael is the workout guru. That’s logged, you can look that up.
On you texting Kenya Moore: “I was kind of blindsided. People have a tenacity to take things out of proportion and make them more then what they are to get a rise out of people.
On his relationship with the others husbands: “Peter and I didn’t hit it off the first year. But when we were in Anguilla we stayed in the same villa for about a week and we had a chance to really engage and see that we’re similar and I think that’s what really helped us to gel more. I’m not a fake person so I’m not going to kick it with you and spend time with you and come back to Atlanta and act like I don’t know you. So me and Peter are cool. Todd and I are cool but we don’t spend a lot of time together. I don’t really kick it with Kordell; I’ve done an interview on his Sports talk show. Walter is cool. We kick it a lot, we go out. He likes to party and I know if I’m out and about I can hit him up.
On Kordell filing for divorce: “I told my wife we both have to appreciate each other more. We have to not allow that to be us and not allow negative outside influences to persuade us to ultimately do something we will regret in the long run. Just looking from the outside in, I feel the TV show and the ridicule was weighing on him. It took me until this year to really sit down and watch the show and be comfortable with the things people say behind your back. From the outside their relationship looked strong. When we were in Anguilla they were bunned up and having fun. I really didn’t see it coming. I thought it was just people talking but when I saw it on the news, I knew it was for real.
On what was your reaction when you heard the rumors of you and Phaedra splitting: “I don’t know where that came from. When we found out we were at Peter’s spot and I was like I don’t know where that came from. We’re progressing, and we’re having another baby.”
On Future goals: “I am a very multi-faceted person; I’m not one to coat tail. All of this is extra for me. I just launch a debt recovery agency. I buy debt, and that’s a multi-million dollar industry. I get more satisfaction from doing things outside of the Housewives franchise. My main thing is just to be a better husband and a better father.
On other women being attracted to you: “Things haven’t changed. The TV show didn’t make the women attracted to me. Now the women have a different agenda. Rather it’s the money or whatever. I just take it in stride.”
On Phaedra getting a spin off show: “I think the cameras have been intrusive enough so it won’t be a show about us. I will be on there from time to time but it’s really about her.
On what do you want your legacy to be: “Just that I overcame the odds and many, many obstacles and became a good man and a good person.  At the end of the day I want to be a good man, father, and husband. I want to be the father I didn’t have. I want to also be that role model for young individuals or even grown men. So when I pass I want people to know I was a good man and a good person. I really overcame and worked hard to combat all of the negative things people said about me. People say you don’t have anything to prove but Apollo Nida had something to prove to the world. I had something to prove to myself.

 Exclusive Interview with HeadKrack from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show

"Since I was a kid I was always infatuated by performing, entertaining, and like putting on a show for people"
The Rickey Smiley Morning Show is undoubtedly one of the funniest broadcasts on the radio. Comedian, entertainer, and actor Rickey Smiley joins with his co-hosts Headkrack, Ebony Steele, and Gary with the Tea.
One of my favorite people on the show is HeadKrack. His jokes are timeless and his freestyles reminds me of old school Hip Hop. So I sought out to interview him and find out about HeadKrack the man, father, entertainer, and Hip Hop lover.
He was on his way to interview rapper J. Cole when he met me at Starbucks in Midtown Atlanta. We sat in the midst of what felt like a cyber café as everyone seemed to be preoccupied with their electronic devices. Yes they were preoccupied until the lyrical genius spat a captivating freestyle rap exclusively for Just Talk. I enjoyed listening as he spoke very freely, sharing his experiences in the entertainment business and his personal views on life.
Read the exclusive interview below:
On the meaning of HeadKrack: There’s a dice game called C-lo and whenever you roll 4, 5, or six they call that a head crack which means it’s an automatic win. And in life everything I’ve done up to this point seems like I’ve been so lucky. I keep hitting a head crack. I mean even with this radio thing- when Keynote and I first started we called ourselves the Bodega Brovas and we wanted to do an overnight show and they put us on 6-10 which is prime time. And that blossomed into us being number one- then that blossomed into a morning show which started out with one city and ended up being seventy- then that blossomed into a TV show and the music thing. I’m blessed to be able to travel the world with my best friend.
On what made you decide to go into the entertainment business: Since I was a kid I was always infatuated by performing, entertaining, and like putting on a show for people. I use to have the Thriller VHS tape and whenever my Mom’s friends would come over I knew the choreography from top to bottom and I would do it for them. That parlayed into doing school talent shows, which parlayed into me battling people and battling on the radio. Then getting together with different people and different groups and trying different music out.
"My love for music has always been there"
On how the opportunity for the Rickey Smiley Morning Show come about: The night show was doing well and Steve Harvey had just left the station. The Program Director in Dallas at 97.9 The Beat said, Yo Krack you’re a really organized guy and you’re really plugged into Pop culture. I’m going to take you from the night show, put you with this new guy Rickey Smiley, and we’re going to form a morning show.
On being on the # 1 morning show: You know it’s crazy because it really hasn’t quite set in to me that the morning show is what it is. And every now and again I’ll come across people who are big fans of the show and they tell me these amazing things. Like I was having such a bad day and when you all said this-So when I run into those people, I get it. But other than that it’s this thing in the back of my mind that I get up at 4 a.m. and go do. It’s weird because I do realize that I’m on the number one morning show but I don’t wake up and say, Yeah I’m on the number one morning show. It’s like it’s this thing I’ve been doing and I’ve been blessed to be able to do it as long as I’ve been doing it. You have people who tell have horrible stories about being bounced from station to station. Technically I’ve been at the same station for my entire career and on two back to back successful shows.
On how you discovered your love for music: My love for music has always been there. I’m originally from the Bronx, New York and when I grew up it was like right when Hip Hop was really starting to pop. It used to be this dirty little thing that radio stations would play after 10 o’clock or midnight, and to watch it grow to like this massive thing that drives a whole culture is amazing. So I felt connected to it from day one.
"The Bodega Brovas consists of Keynote, Travi, and me"
On how the Bodega Brovas came about: The Bodega Brovas consists of Keynote, Travi, and me. Keynote went to the high school not too far from me and I was the guy people were always telling him about that reminded them of him and telling me that I reminded them of him. Eventually we met each other and we just clicked. Keynote and I worked together every night for like five years so we were tight from that, plus we love Hip Hop. Then Travi was a part of another group too, so when he left his group he was like- I like what you doing and he wanted to just travel with me on the road and be my hype man. So when I got booked for a series of gigs in Europe- Keynote, Travi, and me had recorded a song but we couldn’t go all the way to Europe to do just one song. So I was like let’s go in the studio do a few of records, and a few records turned into like nine records, nine records turned into like twelve, and so on. Then we were like we have to call ourselves something and we decided on the Bodega Brovas.   
On what Bodega means: Bodega’s are multi-purpose stores that sell everything from sandwiches to cigarettes to toilet paper. And musically Bodega Brovas are the same way. We’re fun. We’re conscious. We’re ignorant. We party. We kick a message. We have records that will make you want to cry. We have records that will make you want to get on the treadmill and run until it gets dark.
On The Bodega Brovas tour: The last one we got to go to Germany, Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands. It was awesome. It was just like a fun energetic tour. Our shows are like a mixture of a live Hip Hop show and almost stand up. And overseas they’re really excited about Hip Hop like its new and they come out and support. Including countries where English is not their first language. In Germany we were like three shows in before we realized- They don’t know what we’re saying. But when we throw the records on you can’t tell.
On your greatest accomplishment to date: My kiddos. I have a thirteen year old who is mild mannered, respectful, and sharp. I’ve had custody of him since he was very young, so it’s just been pretty much me and him against the world. I’m proud to have not raised a statistic. And then I also have a newborn.
On your future plans: I want to do more television. Dish Nation is really popping, and me and my man Keynote from Bodega have a few ideas for TV shows that we’re about to pitch out. I really want to be more involved in the world of television. Radio is such a one dimensional media that you have to imagine what we’re doing- I want to show you what we’re doing. I want to tell the stories from people who grew up in our era. So more television, more radio, and hopefully more music. I’ve been in radio for twelve years now and I’m really ready to take it to that next level.
 "I tripped coming out of a cardboard limo- it was just so whack"
On your most embarrassing moment: There’s quite a few but I was on this talk show called the Richard Bey show. This was like 1995 and they were doing a show on prom date disasters. I met this girl and she was the new girl in school and she was already pregnant when I met her. We even got to the point where I had named the baby. We went to the prom together and we split up but we said we would meet back up. And she was in a hotel room with this dude that I actually looked up to. So I brought her on the show as like my big pay back but the way they edited the show made me look even worst. I tripped coming out of a cardboard limo- it was just so whack. I’m so glad that the Richard Bey show got cancelled. I’m so glad that if you do a Google search you can’t find it. There’s one tape and it’s at my grandmother’s house in the safe and you’ll never see it.
"Everything in my life happened for a reason"
On if you had a chance to do it all over what would you change: I wouldn’t change anything. Even the mistakes in my life have worked out. Like my parents were ruggedly cheap and they wanted to save money so they put me in school a year early. All my friends were like a year older than me. I really think that helped shape my sense of humor, it made me more responsible, and made me interested in older things. So I think everything in my life happened for a reason.
On your marital status: I’m in a relationship
On your future plans for marriage: I’m married to this game.
On what type of woman do you like: I like all types of women. I don’t really have a type. I don’t discriminate.
On what you want your legacy to be: I want my legacy to be that HeadKrack was the dude that came in and he had fun, he inspired people, and he didn’t care about what people thought. At the end he did it his own way. It’s okay to be like- I don’t like what they’re doing and I want to do something else. That’s what creates individuals. Like when everybody else was like out in the field Ben Franklin was out inventing stuff. That’s want I want to do. I want to push the envelope and do different things. Rather it’s from a music stand point or a film stand point. Even with the envelopes of radio. I want see more free thinkers in radio. I want to see the play lists expand more and celebrate more aspects of Hip Hop. And from a music stand point I want to make records that matter now, matter later, and twenty or thirty years from now.  
I enjoyed talking to HeadKrack as he shared his life experiences and future aspirations. He is a real stand up Dude- I officially stamp him a part of the Just Talk family.

Exclusive Interview with TLC's Sisterhood Star Pastor D

"I don’t have any regrets from doing the show but I will definitely say it was a challenge"

On January 1st TLC premiered a Reality TV series called “The Sisterhood.” The Sisterhood has since been labeled controversial. The series prompted many religious groups, churches, and clergymen to create a petition to cancel the highly talked about show. The series touched on topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, drug abuse, and even prostitution. These topics are generally hushed in the African American church as if they are non-existent or don’t affect the church but we all know that’s not true.

The show followed the lives of several Preacher’s wives as they managed their daily lives, the church, and their businesses. The cast included Pastor Domonique“Pastor D” Scott, Pastor Tara Lewis, Christina Murray, and Delana Rutherford.

In a search to get to know a little bit more about some of the cast members, I sat down with Pastor Domonique Scott for a one on one exclusive interview.

While running her boutique (Queen Maker) in Johns Creek, Georgia, Pastor D spoke very freely as she shared hers views on the show, her fellow cast mates, and even her own testimony. I must admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect, however she showed me a very different side of herself.

On the show she appeared to be the “Bad Girl” of the bunch but in person I witnessed the direct opposite of this myth. She was very solid and educated on her beliefs and faith. She admitted to having grown from the Reality TV experience and shared that she and her husband Pastor Brian Scott have reopened the doors of the Good Life International Church.

"I don’t have any regrets from doing the show but I will definitely say it was a challenge"

On do you have any regrets from doing the show: I don’t have any regrets from doing the show but I will definitely say it was a challenge. It was like the scripture says “No man should build a house without counting up the cost.” I don’t always think before I proceed. My husband gets on me all the time about that and I always say I haven’t gotten that far yet” and he says well I’m going to need you to get that far.

On has the show affected your marriage: Yes. Watching the show we went through that emotional roller coaster and as you see the men are not there. Even though he knows me he would watch the show and get brand new and I’m like ain’t nobody got time for that. He was like why are you on national TV taking a shot and I said because I’m proving a point.

On how do you feel about the petitions: They don’t want to get told on. And it’s all good, everybody has an opinion. That goes to show you Justice how weak the body of Christ is because we have a million watchers and you couldn’t even get a thousand signatures. You can’t play with Satan’s toys and devices unless you’re willing to get dirty. And they’re not willing to get dirty unless it’s behind closed doors. So as far as I’m concerned you’re weak and you’re preaching a weak gospel.

On Ivy stating you were acting the way you did ten years ago: Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Just like that movie said- I never did worry about the small things.

On the tattoo you got in Miami: Honestly, when I went back I felt a heaviness and pressure. I’ve heard the voice of the Holy Spirit, the Son of God, and on few occasions God himself. And at that moment he was speaking to me. In the world people say- Get over it. The church says-Forgive. And God said you forgave everybody else but you didn’t forgive little 7 year old Domonique. So when I walked into the tattoo shop I saw the word “Free.” I thought finally, that’s how I feel- free to love, and free to forgive myself because I hadn’t forgiven myself.

On was the tattoo good for your image as a Pastor: A lot of ministers have tattoos. My image is my image to maintain and no one has a Heaven or Hell to put me in.

"We love the Hell out of people. We don’t wait for you to get cleaned up to come to church"

On the church you Co Pastored with your husband: Good Life. We are childlike preachers. We just love God and we don’t put on no airs but as far as being prophetic, love, accountability, and sound teaching goes- It’s all at Good Life. We love the Hell out of people. We don’t wait for you to get cleaned up to come to church.

On what led to the decision to close the doors of the church: We were struggling. My husband lost his job and we had the overhead of the church, a business, and our household. It was either lose the church or lose everything including his marriage. And when the recession hit, it hit tithers and the church. And I’m not mad at them because if it comes down to me putting a piece of chicken on your table verses mine- if my faith isn’t there I’m going to choose my household.

On what future plans do you and your husband have for your ministry: We’re re-launching Good Life International Church (starting February 17th in Johns Creek, Georgia at 6:30 p.m.). We’re getting a lot of invitations to speak all over. And we really want take the God Life experience on the road with our leading package as “With this Ring” because we really need to talk about divorce. Because the same things you did to get your mate you need to do to keep them.

On do you feel that you’re ready to reopen the church: I feel we will never be ready because God is all encompassing. We’re going to make mistakes and our mistakes aren’t over. My thing is I’m just going to trust God to do the things he said. And if I sit back and wait on me, to be close to perfect- it isn’t going to happen. I’ll tell you I’m closer to Peter most days than I am to Jesus.

"I want to build something so that my children can know that their Momma loved God"

On your testimony: My mother hid me until I was delivered. When she had me she dropped me off to Emma Lou Rolle who is now deceased. When she wanted to play Momma and she thought she had the right man to play father she would come get me, and a couple of them liked little girls. It started for me at a very early age and I finally got tired of it and I told her about the last husband. And when I say she stomped the yard with me- she stomped the yard. I couldn’t have been any more than nine or ten. I got up and I just walked out. I said I can’t do this. My mother had four children and all of us had different fathers. I was the oldest so I always took care of them and I never had a childhood. That coupled with being raped, touched, and molested by these different daddies’ every other month. I landed in a foster home and I got pass around for case of beer and twenty dollars by my foster father and his friends. I ran away and I found myself on the streets. My first pimp was a young boy and he didn’t know what to do with me so he dropped me off to J Baby. And unlike what people think J Baby was a gentleman, he never beat us- it was a business for him. I can tell you this- the beatings I experienced didn’t come from a pimp. It came from my first husband who was a prophet. J Baby taught me how to survive, we have a child together, and we are still there for each other.

On if you could do and be anything in the world, without anyone criticizing you, what would you be: I would be water, because it washes, it replenishes, and it cleans. It doesn’t ask for anything, it doesn’t want anything- it just is.

On what you want your legacy to be: I want to build something so that my children can know that their Momma loved God. When I walked into the church at 22 years old I was addicted to crack and I was lost but they have no excuse because I taught them about loving God.

It was an absolute pleasure talking to Pastor D and I now consider her a personal friend. For more on Pastor Domonique Scott email her at, Pastor D at, or follow her on twitter @ therealqueenmak. I officially stamp Pastor D a member of the Just Talk family.

Exclusive Interview with LHHATL's RaSheeda

"I’m getting geared up for more music and more things.”
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is no doubt a hit. From the drama surrounding Stevie J, his longtime girlfriend and daughter’s mother Mimi Faust, and his permanent side chick—Joseline Hernandez to the fuming madness between the “Boss Chick” Rasheeda and R&B singer K. Michelle. While watching the first season I felt compelled to see how things turned out. Every episode seemed to end with a cliff hanger constraining viewers and assuring they would tune in the following week.
Now that season one is over and the taping for season two is well underway I sought out to talk to Rasheeda and find out what she’s been doing since LHHA, and what viewers can expect next season…
I spoke with rapper and business woman, Rasheeda as she was on her way to tape LHHA. As we chatted she was open and very straightforward about her views and opinions.
On What Rasheeda has been working on since LHHA
“Oh my gosh a lot. My website is doing extremely well. I’ve been building that and expanding that. I’ve added apparel and other things. And I’m looking for a location for that. I’ve been all around the United States promoting the album “Boss Chick Music,” I’m just promoting and doing shows and just really holding it down. It’s been an amazing year. And already I’m back taping. I’m getting a lot of songs played on TV like“Nashville and Bad Girls Club.” And now I’m getting geared up for more music and more things.”
On the positives learned from the Drama and tension on the show
“I don’t know about positive, positive. But there are a few things I want people to know, just because you see a few minutes of a person on television doesn’t mean that’s who they are. But some of the positive things, it was good to be able to see myself and my husband go through our issues on television. To actually watch it kind of helped in a sense. It’s been crazy… But it’s been a great experience though.”

"You just have to understand that those things don’t bother me."
On the rumors and allegations surrounding her and husband/manager Kirk Frost
“I think when it comes to dealing with stuff like that when you know who you are, where you come from, and what you’re made of… You just have to understand that those things don’t bother me. One thing we understood is that you have to take the bitter with the sweet. And people are going to say things about you that a lot of times that are so untrue and one the thing about the press is they’ll pull out all of the negative stuff they can pull out. But let you be out here really doing some positive stuff and you’ll never know it because they could care less about the positive things. I just look at it look honey these people don’t even know me, they don’t know us.”
I assured her that I am absolutely not interested in exploiting anyone. I never have been and I NEVER will be. True journalism and interviewing is about the interviewee feeling comfortable enough to speak freely without worrying about people misconstruing their words or selling their private details. People feel that they can talk to me, like they can trust me, and they can.

"You can have some of the people fooled some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time."
On her least favorite cast mate
“I don’t even have to answer that do I? The girl with the big ole fake butt.”
On the letter she wrote about K. Michelle’s behavior
“I was at one of those points where I was like okay by the time I get off of another plane, if I hear another interview come out of this dumb girl’s mouth- I want to break her neck. That’s how I was feeling but at the end of the day I really was like fed up. You can have some of the people fooled some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. To be honest your character card is ratchet as hell and you better watch your step. I look at it like a person who continues to throw stones… Why are you throwing them? Why are you so angry? Why are you mad? I’ve never done anything to you and I have my opinion. So at the end of the day I just say some people come into your life for a reason and boy I’ll be glad when that’s over.
On if she thinks K. Michelle’s needs therapy or is it all for attention
“I think she has some issues from her past. Mentally and totally-- past, present, and future. She does everything for attention. A person that just wakes up and tweets about you out the blue… I am not thinking about your a*s let alone tweet or talk about you like that. The only time I talk about her is when she’s mentioned and sometimes I’ll do interviews and I won’t even talk about it. I definitely know it’s for attention because if you pay attention to season one all she did was talk about people, start sh*t with people, and talk about that story. Other than that she didn’t have anything else going on. So everything was for attention.”

"I’m not a hundred percent sure but from what I see and from knowing him… I can’t see that."
On if she thinks Memphitz abused K. Michelle in any way:
"Let me say this… I’m not a hundred percent sure but from what I see and from knowing him… I can’t see that. And more than likely she’s lying.
On if there is any chance for reconciliation between her and K. Michelle
On the possibility of a sit down for a truce between her and K. Michelle
“She’s not mentally capable of having a logical conversation with a woman like me, so no.”

"I think she’s just jealous of me and my crazy, beautiful, successful friends who all have men in their lives."
On if her loyalty and friendship with Toya is keeping the feud going
“Of course, and I think it’s even deeper than that. I think she’s just jealous of me and my crazy, beautiful, successful friends who all have men in their lives. And even me being married. If you really pay attention the things that she’s says about me and other people are actually the problems she has within herself.”

On what viewers can look forward to next season
“You’ll be able to see more real relationship issues that I think a lot of people in the world have gone through or are going through. You’ll get to know me a little more… definitely a little more. You’ll get to step into my music lane and my Boss lane. Other than that I can’t give you too much more… You’ll have to just watch and see what happens…
On what fans can expect from Rasheeda in the future
“Well I’m working on a new album… “Also be on the lookout for my new single from the “Boss Chick Music” album called “Hit it from the back.” It’s going to be very cool, very ghetto. And check out my website “”
On what she wants her legacy to be
“What I want my legacy to be is… When I turn on her music or when I see her on television that’s the woman who made me feel empowered. She made me feel good, confident, driven, and motivated. A woman who wasn’t scared to stand on her own two feet, say what she wanted to say, or feel how she wanted to feel. And at the same time say to other women, the sky is the limit. Do you, be classy, and be respectful.”
Rasheeda and I ended the conversation with her answering questions many inquired about and leaving nothing unsaid. I enjoyed talking to Rasheeda, her outspoken demeanor and jovial personality made my job easier. For more information on the “Boss Chick” herself you can follow her on twitter @rasheeda or I officially stamp Rasheeda a part of the Just Talk family.

Ceaser: VH1's Black Ink Crew Reality Star
“People want to script things to make it feel like this but this is for real.”
Ceaser: Vh1’s Black Ink Crew Reality TV Star, Business Owner and Tattoo Artist
The demand to get to know America’s Reality TV stars is in demand. So I sought out to get to know Vh1’s Black Ink Crew owner Ceaser. Ceaser took the time to do an exclusive interview with Just Talk with Justice Bahlee as he was leaving his house in Harlem, New York.
He spoke very candidly as he answered various questions about the show, his fellow cast mates, his relationship with Dutchess, and his future plans. I learned that he’s a native of New York, who has been tattooing for the past 7 years and owning Black Ink for 5 years.
I asked him how the opportunity for a VH1 Reality TV show came about: “Originally they came to me with the idea of me doing it on my own. They wanted me to break off from Black Ink, but I told them we are family and if I eat we all eat. That ain’t how it go; we’re going to just keep this in the family. At the time I didn’t own Black Ink I just worked there. After we shot the pilot with VH1, the owner did some bull$h*t, and didn’t pay the rent. They told us six days before we were about to get evicted that they didn’t have the shop anymore and basically we had to move all of our stuff. So basically I had to empty my savings out and pick Black Ink back up. So I met with the owner, he asked for one month’s rent and a security deposit. He could have acted differently but he wanted to see me successful and I really appreciate that.”
Has the show increased business at the shop: Yeah a hundredfold.”
Are tattoos by appointment only:For me yes. I had to do that because people have been acting crazy calling up talking about I’m their baby daddy.”
How much does the average Tattoo cost: We ain’t on no Hollywood stuff. $60 and up.”
What was the best and worst tattoo you ever did: “People may not think this is my best tattoo but to me it’s the most meaningful. It was a tribal tattoo to cover up scar on a lady’s face. Her story is basically like the General’s daughter but a black version. She suffered the scars during a rape at West Point and she had it until she was an old lady.” His worst tattoo: “My worst tattoo was when this lady came in smelling like horse $h*t to the 1000 degree.”We both laughed as he explained and he seemed to be pretty disgusted as he remembered the experience.
Who’s the best tattoo artist in the shop: “Me, of course.”
How does Black Ink stand out from its competitor’s: “For many reasons. Specifically because we’re black, we’re young, and we put out quality work. Other tattoo shops can say yeah they’re black but they not putting out quality work like we are and plus they don’t flow like us. People want to script things to make it feel like this but this is for real.”
“Some people need trophies but I don’t need all that I just need to make sure my daughter is fine”
Would you consider moving to another city like ATL or LA to open another shop: “It’s funny you should say that. I was thinking about moving down to Atlanta to open another shop. LA too but I figure more so Atlanta because of the black culture.”
Has the show caused any problems or issues at the shop or in your life: “My baby momma drama went up a whole lot. She went from trying to put the courts on me to trying to put her hands on me. As far as the shop is concerned it’s crazy too. People waking by taking pictures, coming in taking pictures, and asking for pictures. It’s something new and that you have to get used to.”
How old were you when you got your first tattoo: “17, I got a stupid Mortal Kombat tattoo. Then I got a cross on my stomach and it hurt so much I didn’t get it finished. I was supposed to get my mother’s name on it. And the funny thing is that’s the tattoo she kicked me out of the house for."
How many tattoos do you have: I don’t know exactly but it’s in the 30’s. I stop counting because I basically get tattoos when I feel like it.” He told me he had just got a new tattoo a few days prior, a skull and rose on his neck.
Do you have any names of ex-girlfriend’s tattooed on you: “Hell no, I don’t believe in that. I will never, ever do that.”
Does your daughter’s mother have a problem with your public attraction to Dutchess: “At first she was trying to play cool and collected. But I think she has a problem now.”
Are you and Dutchess a Couple:“You have to watch the show to find that out.” As we all know from watching episode 6, months of flirting, and chemistry that Stevie Wonder could see… They finally went on a date… And my man Ceaser came correct with flowers and the whole nine yards. Dutchess’ response was tears of appreciation. I’m not sure but Ms. Dutchess may become the First Lady of Black Ink.
Are you ready for a serious relationship:“Yeah.”
What type of women are you attracted to: “They have to be Intelligent, beautiful, and creative.”
Do you want more kids: “I can’t say no to that. If it happens, it happens. Kids are a blessing in the right situation so they can grow. I always say kids are a blessing.”
What are your future plans: “I feel like since we’re up and coming I need to use this platform to unite our culture. Maybe we can do some tattoo conventions, tour the country, and do some publications or something.”
What would you want your legacy to be: “Honestly, I want it to be my daughter. If she can live off of my name and go on to create a name for herself that would be the greatest. Some people need trophies but I don’t need all that I just need to make sure my daughter is fine. A lot of people don’t make sure their kids are okay. I mean I know she’s going to be stressed but I rather leave her with that stress than to have her depending on a man and he does her dirty and she can’t pay her bills.”
I had a great time talking to Ceaser, he says what he means, and he knows exactly what he wants. I wish him and the Black Ink Crew much success. He also assured me that when he came to Atlanta we would hang out!!! Can you say P-A-R-T-Y!!!
Follow Ceaser on Twitter @Ceaser_Tattoo or on instagram at ceaser_tattoo.

Powerhouse Producer Carlos King

“Working with Oprah was A Dream Come True.”
I caught up with Reality TV Producer Carlos King as he cruised through the streets of Atlanta. On his way to a friend's house warming celebration; he took time to give Just Talk with Justice Bahlee an Exclusive interview.

The new era of television that has captured the attention of viewer's and changed their perception of entertainment forever is... (Drum roll please) Reality TV. From exploring messy and disgusting habitats on “Hoarder's Buried Alive” to showcasing the rich, lavish, and sometimes not so happy lives of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA).”

RHOA was dubbed Bravo’s highest rated show of the The Real Housewives franchise and the highest rated reality series on the Bravo network. Even I have been captivated by Reality TV series and its unceasing drama. So I set out to speak to one of the masterminds behind this growing genre of Entertainment.

Carlos King is definitely one of the masterminds behind Reality TV and arguably one of TV’s most talented producer’s. In addition to Producing RHOA, Carlos’s work includes Co Exec. Producer of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL), Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Oprah: Behind the Scenes (Season 25).

During the interview he explained what makes Reality TV successful. “It gives viewers an opportunity to see how real people live their lives and that’s something you don’t see on sitcoms or drama series. The beauty of Reality TV is that anyone can be on it because it’s real life situations.” He shared that LHHATL was his favorite Reality TV series, but he is also a fan of “The Braxton’s” and “Keeping Up with The Kardashians.”

I asked him the question most Reality TV fans want to know -- Is Reality TV scripted? His response, “No, Reality TV is not scripted and I know a lot of people may think so but… I can only speak for the shows I produced and there’s no script involved. For instance Stevie J in a relationship with two women and how he was raw enough to allow that to unfold on television. You may think to yourself this can’t be real because what man in his right mind would publicly display his infidelity. But again when you choose the right people to be on the show they are signing up to really showcase their lives.”

I asked if he thought Reality TV depicts its cast in a negative way. “No I think Reality TV exposes people for who they really are. Let’s talk about RHOA. When NeNe was going through her divorce it wasn’t something we told her to do. When you sign up for Reality TV you can’t say you can cover this event but you can’t cover me going through a divorce. You can’t pick and choose what the producer is allowed to capture because you sign on to tell your true story. And it’s hard to watch your family go through the toughest time of their lives while the cameras are rolling, and I do understand that. But again it’s not like we’re making up these story lines their happening regardless of rather a producer or camera was there or not.”

He conveyed his experience working with NeNe Leakes. “Working with NeNe was a great experience. I like to say she and I came into this thing together because it was her first time being on Reality TV and it was my first time producing a Reality TV show. So to see how she has grown over the past four years just brings a smile to my face, because she’s such a hard worker and she’s so misunderstood. But she’s just a passionate woman who truly speaks her mind and it may not always be the most political thing to say but it’s her truth and that’s something you can’t take away from her. She’s so successful because people relate to her: Like there’s a NeNe I went to high school with or there’s a NeNe I knew back in the day.”

“I was supposed to leave an impact in this world.”

He expressed his admiration and shared what it was like working with “The Queen of Talk” that’s right “O” herself. “Working with Oprah was a dream come true. She’s someone I’ve admired since I was 19 years old. I was 31 when I was granted the opportunity to work for her and it was amazing. She’s the nicest person you could ever meet. I remember watching the Oprah Winfrey show and she had this segment called “Live Your Best Life.” I was watching it and it truly did change my life! I told my friends Oh my God I would like to work for this powerful black woman. He further asserted “The one thing I took from that experience was no matter how successful you become you never talk down to people. I never once saw her talk down to her staff. She treated her staff as if they were her family members. And they were devoted to making sure the quality of the Brand matched Oprah’s vision. That was amazing to watch and study.”

Carlos is not only making remarkable strides in the Entertainment industry, he’s also enjoying a personal life well deserved. He recently purchased a home and celebrated both his real estate gain and the Super Bowl as his celebrity pals attended. Celebrities in attendance included Sheree Whitfield, RHOA star Kenya Moore, Tameka Raymond, Jasmine Guy, Derek J, LHHATL‘s Mimi Faust and Erica Dixon, LaTavia Roberson former member of Destiny’s Child, Meelah of 702 , DJ A One, Nikki Nicole and a host of others. Click HERE to see photos

I asked my Just Talk Junkies to submit questions they’d like me to ask Carlos and the most popular question submitted was about his marital status. When asked if he was single, he chuckled then answered, “I’m not married, but I’m in a relationship.”

His achievements are many and there’s no doubt that there’s more to come. However a man is not authenticated by his accomplishments nor his affluence but by his legacy. I asked what he wanted his legacy to be, he imparted, “I would like my legacy to be that I’m somebody who knew at a very early age that my life was bigger than just living, breathing and dying eventually. I was supposed to leave an impact in this world. So I would want people to look at my life as an example of how a gay black man from Detroit Michigan moved to New York with $500 in his pocket. And I interned my ass off, I worked my ass off, and I did all those things because I always saw the bigger picture. I know a lot of people look at me as being successful, which is fine but there’s still so much more I want to do with my life. Every single day I wake up and I looked forward to what the day brings. Because I enjoy what I do, I love what I do, and I always want to continue feeling alive every time I go to work. So that’s what I want my legacy to be.”

It was a pleasure speaking to Carlos, I was enlightened by his perspective, and I truly look forward to his future endeavors. For more information on Carlos King visit him at or follow him on twitter at @kingdomlos. I officially stamp Carlos King a part of the Just Talk Family!


"Exclusive Interview with Ms. Coochie Crack"

I recently had the enlightening pleasure of interviewing Krystle "Ms. Coochie Crack" Thompson who appeared on the Real Housewives of Atlanta as a competitor for Jet's beauty of the week. In case you forgot Ms. Coochie Crack was very harshly criticized by former Ms. USA- Kenya Moore. I sought to get Ms. Coochie Crack's side of the story in hopes of clearing the air and seeing just how this unnecessary event has affected her life.
Q: When did you decide to audition for the Jet beauty of the week?

A:I always wanted to audition. And on that day It was kind of a last minute decision after I was encouraged by a friend.

Q: When you woke up that morning what were your expectations for the audition?

A:On the way to the audition I didn’t know what to expect. After some of the girls auditioned Kenya came out and gave a pep talk to those waiting. She told us to give it! And I really thought she was being positive but obviously not.

Q: Were you nervous?

A: I was nervous, because I knew it was going to be filmed.

Q: Was this your first time trying out for something of this nature?

A: No. I have tried out in the past, I have participated in several other events and worked with many celebrities. All without incident.

Q: Before you went before the panel, what was the atmosphere like?

A: It was cool. I thought she would have been supportive, by her encouraging speech and her advice for us to "Give it, and be sexy."

Q: Were there others who complained about Kenya’s behavior toward them?

A: Yes. Q from 112, and many others have said her behavior was horrible.

Q: I noticed that when she was making her negative comments you maintained a smile? Why? What was going through your head at that time?

A: I was trying to make her mad. I try to give the opposite of negativity. She is such a hater it infuriated her. I maintained my professionalism.

Q: How did her comments make you feel as an aspiring artist?

A: It disappointed me because as a little girl I looked up to her as a former Ms. USA. But it also made me feel good because she was obviously threatened.

Q: In my opinion everyone who stands in leadership or authoritative positions should at least show some compassion for those who are trying to reach that plateau? Do you feel that Kenya Moore lacks compassion for others?

A: I do. I think she has inner issues, and insecurities.

Q: How do you feel she could have handled the situation better?

A: She should have said it with more tact. She should have kept her critique. She should also look at her past before she tries to say something.

Q: How has your life changed since the incident?

A: It hasn't been any major changes. I'm realizing that the hate is real when your trying to make it, and being exposed, good or bad.

Q: Has it changed your professional plans any?

A: Not much, but I have enrolled back in school to perfect my craft.

Q: Do you feel she should apologize publicly?

A: I do. But if she feels she doesn't want to it shows who she really is. I want her to apologize not only for me but for women everywhere, because she's putting down women who are just like her. I need it and she will give it...

Q: Do you feel that she bullied you?

A: Not bullied but hated on. It can be considered as bullied, but she's invisible to me.

Q: What are your thoughts about her now?

A: I don't look up to her, I actually despise her. She has loss respect as a woman and a former Ms. USA. No respect right now.

Q: If you could say anything to anyone else who has experienced this what would you say?

A: I would say continue to strive for what's in your heart. If someone is putting you down, don't stop continue. Don't let the problems of others affect you. Let the haters hate.
I also contacted the PACER Center & National Bullying Prevention Center which is publicly supported by Ellen DeGeneres to seek their advice regarding the definition of bullying, and how it affects those targeted.

Julie Hertzog, Director forwarded the following statement:

Definition of Bullying
Bullying behaviors can be much more complex and varied than the stereotype of a boy beating up a smaller classmate. For example, harmful bullying can also occur quietly and covertly, through gossip or on the Internet, causing emotional damage.
Although definitions vary from source to source, most agree that an act is defined as bullying when the behavior hurts or harms another person physically or emotionally, and when the targets have difficulty stopping the behavior directed at them and struggle to defend themselves. Many definitions include a statement about the ”imbalance of power”, described as when the student with the bullying behavior has more “power”, either physically, socially, or emotionally. That may mean the student has a higher social status, is physically larger, or emotionally intimidating.
Impact of Bullying
Research about the short- and long-term damage caused by bullying shows that it affects students in many negative ways. It can affect their education - students may avoid school, lack concentration, and their grades may suffer. Bullying can also lead to physical and mental health problems, including sleeping problems, headaches and stomachaches, depression, self-harm (such as cutting), increased fear or anxiety, and thoughts of suicide.
Although Ms. Hertzog's comments were directed toward students I feel that the information she provided is applicable to all ages. I also feel that bullying is a serious problem in America ans for a former Ms. USA to conduct herself in such a manner. What does this say to our children, both those struggling with being bullied, and those who are bullying. Is Ms. USA really saying it's okay to publicly, humiliate, embarrass, and insult an innocent person.
I'm not judging Kenya Moore, and I don't know what she was thinking at the time but I would definitely like to her response and see her render an apology to Krystle and others who have been victims of bullying.

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