Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ivy Couch: Star Studded Baby Shower

TLC's The Sisterhood star, Ivy Couch and her husband Pastor Mark Couch was honored Thursday night at a star studded baby shower. Both media and entertainment celebrities were present as everyone congratulated the couple on the anticipated arrival of their baby girl. The shower was hosted by Couch's fellow cast mates, Pastor Domonique "Pastor D" Scott and Pastor Christina Murray.
Guests enjoyed delectable pink cupcakes adorned in sparkling silver beads, lavish finger foods, and an adorable baby pink and white cake.
The couple received many gifts including a beautiful custom made cream dress presented and designed by Atlanta based fashion designer Algernon Johnson.
The venue for the event was the Atria of Hair Designs by Future Vision Salon in Atlanta. April Green, owner of the beautiful salon graced the shower with her presence and extended a warm thank you to the hosts for choosing her venue.
The lovely couple emphatically thanked everyone for the gifts as well as their acts of kindness and love. They announced that the name of their church has officially been changed to "The Lifeline Church." Pastor Mark wore a t-shirt with the church's new logo. They also informed guests that the grand opening of a second location will take place on March 31st in Fairburn, Georgia.
The event was grand and gracious!!!
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gucci Mane Denied Bond in Fulton County


Rapper Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis turned himself in Tuesday at 11:30 p.m. after Fulton County Sheriff's issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant stemmed from an alleged altercation at the Harlem Nights club in Atlanta.
The victim of this incident, a soldier reports that he was hit in the head with a champagne bottle after he asked security if he could take a picture with the rapper. He also claims that he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital via ambulance and received 10 stitches for his injury.
Davis attended a hearing in Fulton County Court today at 11 a.m. Fulton County Assistant D.A., Jacoby Hudson brought up his criminal history and the fact that he is currently on a 36 month probation for a battery conviction in Dale County. Prosecutors cited his criminal past as reason not to grant him bond.
Judge Jessy Lall agreed with prosecutors and denied the stars bond. Lall stated that the rapper previously had an aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charge a few years ago and is already on probation for another battery conviction.
The rapper's Attorney, Drew Findling stated that prosecutors have no proof other than the word of the victim.
Davis will remain in the Fulton County jail until his April 10th court date.

Dionne Warwick Files for Bankruptcy

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick has reportedly filed bankruptcy in a New Jersey Court. The pop star claims she has just $25K in assets but owes over $10 million. The singer makes about $250K a year but spends $130K of that each year. Her publicist cites mismanagement by handlers. Or in layman's terms, she got people stealing her money- honey!!!
The five-time Grammy winner Dionne Warwick earned millions of dollars from her half-century career and now reports that she lives on just $10 a month after paying bills.
According to her 50-page filing last week in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark, the 72-year-old singer is nearly broke, with only $1,000 in her bank account and $10.7 million in debts.
The songbird who is now in financial ruins is known for her unmatchable versions of Burt Bacharach-Hal David hits like “I Say a Little Prayer,” “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” and “Walk on By,” is left with almost nothing from her glamorous past.
Warwick is claiming a mere $25,500 in assets, including a two-year-old laptop computer; various gowns and other clothing; an assortment of well-worn furniture, including a decade-old dining room set; and books, artwork and paintings worth $5,000.
Warwick is the cousin of the late great Whitney Houston.
Her most expensive items remaining are a pair of fur coats and two pairs of diamond earrings, with a value of $13,000.
 She has sold more than 100 million records and 30-plus singles, however the documents make no mention of the whereabouts of memorabilia like her gold and platinum records.
Warwick's average monthly income is listed as $20,950, and her general monthly expenses as $20,940. That leaves just $10 in monthly disposable cash??? Really???
 To date she continues to perform live and collects most of her money from Social Security and a pension. Warwick was spotted Tuesday at her $5,000 a month suburban South Orange, N.J., home.
The majority of her debt is reportedly $10.2 million in tax claims from the IRS and the state of California. She also owes a former manager about $500,000, and has an outstanding debt of $20,000 in Visa credit card charges, according to court papers.
The outstanding tax bills are from two decades, from 1990 through 2007.
A spokesman for Warwick blamed the singer’s money woes on the mishandling of her money in the late 1980s and ’90s.
“Due to several consecutive years of negligent and gross financial mismanagement, Dionne Warwick has realized the current necessity to file personal bankruptcy,” said publicist Kevin Sasaki.
The enormous tax debt came from penalties and interest on back taxes in which the principal has since been paid off, he said.
The singer “has repeatedly attempted to offer repayment plans and proposals to the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board for taxes owed,” said Sasaki.
I surely hope things work out for the once Psychic Friends Network rep. God knows that family has enough troubles.

Gucci Mane Arrested for Assault

Rapper Gucci Mane has been arrested AGAIN!!!
The musician, whose real name is Radric Davis, was reportedly booked into the Fulton County Jail Tuesday, and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, according to online jail records.
Fulton County sheriff’s spokeswoman Tracy Flanagan said, "Davis turned himself in at the jail about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, and will face a magistrate for a first appearance at 11 a.m. Wednesday."
It was reported by Channel 2 Action News last week that Atlanta police issued a warrant for the rapper's arrest following the March 16th incident at the Harlem Nights club on Courtland Street.
The alleged victim told Channel 2 that Davis hit him in the head with a champagne bottle after he asked to take a photo with the star.
“I’m in the military. I wanted to get a picture with Gucci Mane, is it okay?” the soldier said he asked a security guard.
“I was speaking to the security guard, and Gucci Mane hit me in the head with a bottle,” the soldier added.
The victim told the station that after the altercation he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital via ambulance, and his injury required 10 stitches.

Is Your Relaxer Thinning Your Hair?

By: Chrystal Chance

Twitter: @chrystalchance
Instagram: @chrystalcatl

            Everyone wants to wear their natural hair these days- because they think relaxers are making their hair thin. This is one of the many myths of hair care. Relaxers were invented to simply do what they say, relax your natural curl pattern to a more manageable texture. If your practitioner is educated on how to identify your hair texture and density they should be able to choose the correct relaxer strength for the desired results.

            Identifying the texture is the first step. The second step is choosing the appropriate relaxer strength.
           The pH level of relaxers are 9 to 10, meaning the product strength of all relaxers are high. When applying the product it should only be applied to the hair that has the natural wave pattern. None of the product should be applied to the hair previously relaxed. This is what causes hair to thin or become over processed.
Relaxed Hair vs. Natural Hair
           The pH level of relaxers are high and because of this the products only take 10 minutes to relax the hair. Another 10 minutes is also required to smooth the product over the entire head. At this time the product should be completely rinsed out with warm water. Then shampoo the hair at least three times with a neutralizing or pH balanced shampoo.
Relaxed, Colored, and Healthy Hair
          Your hair should now be conditioned to put back the nutrients that the relaxer and shampoo removed.
          "Going Natural" is not the only option for having healthy and in most cases the hair that is becoming thinner is not caused by your relaxer. Many practitioners are not applying the products properly or are not educated on the process.
          So the next time you think about healthy hair don't eliminate relaxed hair because when properly maintained by a professional it can also be healthy hair!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kontrol Magazine's Black Carpet Looks

Kontrol Magazine's Black Carpet Looks

Basketball Wives LA- Bambi
Former Destiny's Child member- LaTavia Roberson and Justice Bahlee
TLC's The Sisterhood Star- Pastor D and her husband Pastor Brian

Jade Novah and Justice Bahlee
Hamilton Park
Corey Sims

Kordell Stewart Files for Divorce

Former NFL player Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams. Porsha's intro line on the show is "I have a picture perfect life," sometimes the picture can be crooked.
TMZ reports that Kordell Stewart, the husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Porsha Williams, has filed for divorce after nearly two years of wedded bliss.
The couple’s struggles to get on the same page regarding having children was well-documentted throughout the latest season of Housewives. In one episode, Porsha's fellow cast members accused Kordell of being controlling.
I do hope they can work it out because I actually like them together!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Love and Hip Hop NY Name Change

So I just got finished watching the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop NY or should I say Love and Lesbians- because the men on this show are clearly LESBIANS!!!

First stop Consequence- he is so quick to talk about his faith and how devoted he is to it yet he lives with and has a child with a woman that he's not married to... He always talks to her like she's a mangy little puppy. So much so she was shaking... but when he was talking to Joe Budden his voice was as soft as cotton candy??? WTF!!!
Joe Budden- he has a homeless kid that he has turned into his sex slave in exchange for room and board. he tries to use reverse psychology on his women but clearly they don't understand what he's saying because he doesn't know what he's saying!!! GROW UP and try speaking English!!!
Rich Dollaz- WOW!!! Where do I start??? First of all who in their right mind would allow Rich to use them??? He is the biggest clit of them all. In fact he is the epitome of the dreaded trip to have a Pap Smear. He needs to seriously grow a pair and stop acting like a love sick girl who can't get over her first. Erica Mena is a SLUT!!! Everyone has said it, even his own mother but he's destined to fall by the power of her p*ssy!!!
Mandeecees- I really do like Mandeecees. I think he and Yandy are a cute couple and they have two adorable little boys. However, he's dating a well respected business woman and he continues to be in the legal spotlight??? WTF!!! I hate to see any woman cry over a man but a man is someone who thinks of his family before he acts.
So in conclusion I think the name of the show needs to be changed from Love and Hip Hop NY to Love and Lesbians NY!!! These men are clearly boys and the women need to wake up and move on!!! Word of advice- People change, from bad to worst!!! In my opinion the only men on reality TV who actually act like men are the men from Real Housewives of ATL. I'm just saying... Man up G's!!! 

Kontrol Magazine Celebrates Executive Editor- Ramzie's 26th Birthday

Kontrol Magazine hosts "A Night in Ramzie's Tomb," to celebrate the 26th birthday of its Executive Editor, Levar "Ramzie" Kemp.
The event kicked off at the Museum Bar in Atlanta with celebrities and guests walking the Black Carpet. Celebrities in attendance included LaTavia Roberson (formerly of Destiny's Child), Bambi (Basketball Wives LA), Tiffany Evans (Tyler Perry actress), Pastor D (TLC's the Sisterhood), Phoenix (recording artist), Jade Novah (recording artist), Hamilton Park (recording artists), and many more.
The night would not have been complete without the gracious arrival of the birthday boy himself, Ramzie. He wore a very fashion friendly black blazer, adorned in gold accents, and a gold and black bow tie that was simply to die for.
Once inside guests were greeted with the ambiance of a relaxed lounge environment. The lights were dim and the sounds of familiar R&B and Hip Hop tunes seasoned the background. Guests mingled in the multi tier event that included a V.I.P section and general admission areas. V.I.P guests enjoyed a full buffet and free drinks all night. Celebrity guests posed for pictures as fans flocked around them.
The night concluded with a full show and several celebrity performances.

CLICK HERE to see more photos

HeadKrack: Exclusive Interview with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Co-Host

"Since I was a kid I was always infatuated by performing, entertaining, and like putting on a show for people"
The Rickey Smiley Morning Show is undoubtedly one of the funniest broadcasts on the radio. Comedian, entertainer, and actor Rickey Smiley joins with his co-hosts Headkrack, Ebony Steele, and Gary with the Tea.
One of my favorite people on the show is HeadKrack. His jokes are timeless and his freestyles reminds me of old school Hip Hop. So I sought out to interview him and find out about HeadKrack the man, father, entertainer, and Hip Hop lover.
He was on his way to interview rapper J. Cole when he met me at Starbucks in Midtown Atlanta. We sat in the midst of what felt like a cyber café as everyone seemed to be preoccupied with their electronic devices. Yes they were preoccupied until the lyrical genius spat a captivating freestyle rap exclusively for Just Talk. I enjoyed listening as he spoke very freely, sharing his experiences in the entertainment business and his personal views on life.
Read the exclusive interview below:
On the meaning of HeadKrack: There’s a dice game called C-lo and whenever you roll 4, 5, or six they call that a head crack which means it’s an automatic win. And in life everything I’ve done up to this point seems like I’ve been so lucky. I keep hitting a head crack. I mean even with this radio thing- when Keynote and I first started we called ourselves the Bodega Brovas and we wanted to do an overnight show and they put us on 6-10 which is prime time. And that blossomed into us being number one- then that blossomed into a morning show which started out with one city and ended up being seventy- then that blossomed into a TV show and the music thing. I’m blessed to be able to travel the world with my best friend.
On what made you decide to go into the entertainment business: Since I was a kid I was always infatuated by performing, entertaining, and like putting on a show for people. I use to have the Thriller VHS tape and whenever my Mom’s friends would come over I knew the choreography from top to bottom and I would do it for them. That parlayed into doing school talent shows, which parlayed into me battling people and battling on the radio. Then getting together with different people and different groups and trying different music out.
"My love for music has always been there"
On how the opportunity for the Rickey Smiley Morning Show come about: The night show was doing well and Steve Harvey had just left the station. The Program Director in Dallas at 97.9 The Beat said, Yo Krack you’re a really organized guy and you’re really plugged into Pop culture. I’m going to take you from the night show, put you with this new guy Rickey Smiley, and we’re going to form a morning show.
On being on the # 1 morning show: You know it’s crazy because it really hasn’t quite set in to me that the morning show is what it is. And every now and again I’ll come across people who are big fans of the show and they tell me these amazing things. Like I was having such a bad day and when you all said this-So when I run into those people, I get it. But other than that it’s this thing in the back of my mind that I get up at 4 a.m. and go do. It’s weird because I do realize that I’m on the number one morning show but I don’t wake up and say, Yeah I’m on the number one morning show. It’s like it’s this thing I’ve been doing and I’ve been blessed to be able to do it as long as I’ve been doing it. You have people who tell have horrible stories about being bounced from station to station. Technically I’ve been at the same station for my entire career and on two back to back successful shows.
On how you discovered your love for music: My love for music has always been there. I’m originally from the Bronx, New York and when I grew up it was like right when Hip Hop was really starting to pop. It used to be this dirty little thing that radio stations would play after 10 o’clock or midnight, and to watch it grow to like this massive thing that drives a whole culture is amazing. So I felt connected to it from day one.
"The Bodega Brovas consists of Keynote, Travi, and me"
On how the Bodega Brovas came about: The Bodega Brovas consists of Keynote, Travi, and me. Keynote went to the high school not too far from me and I was the guy people were always telling him about that reminded them of him and telling me that I reminded them of him. Eventually we met each other and we just clicked. Keynote and I worked together every night for like five years so we were tight from that, plus we love Hip Hop. Then Travi was a part of another group too, so when he left his group he was like- I like what you doing and he wanted to just travel with me on the road and be my hype man. So when I got booked for a series of gigs in Europe- Keynote, Travi, and me had recorded a song but we couldn’t go all the way to Europe to do just one song. So I was like let’s go in the studio do a few of records, and a few records turned into like nine records, nine records turned into like twelve, and so on. Then we were like we have to call ourselves something and we decided on the Bodega Brovas.   
On what Bodega means: Bodega’s are multi-purpose stores that sell everything from sandwiches to cigarettes to toilet paper. And musically Bodega Brovas are the same way. We’re fun. We’re conscious. We’re ignorant. We party. We kick a message. We have records that will make you want to cry. We have records that will make you want to get on the treadmill and run until it gets dark.
On The Bodega Brovas tour: The last one we got to go to Germany, Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands. It was awesome. It was just like a fun energetic tour. Our shows are like a mixture of a live Hip Hop show and almost stand up. And overseas they’re really excited about Hip Hop like its new and they come out and support. Including countries where English is not their first language. In Germany we were like three shows in before we realized- They don’t know what we’re saying. But when we throw the records on you can’t tell.
On your greatest accomplishment to date: My kiddos. I have a thirteen year old who is mild mannered, respectful, and sharp. I’ve had custody of him since he was very young, so it’s just been pretty much me and him against the world. I’m proud to have not raised a statistic. And then I also have a newborn.
On your future plans: I want to do more television. Dish Nation is really popping, and me and my man Keynote from Bodega have a few ideas for TV shows that we’re about to pitch out. I really want to be more involved in the world of television. Radio is such a one dimensional media that you have to imagine what we’re doing- I want to show you what we’re doing. I want to tell the stories from people who grew up in our era. So more television, more radio, and hopefully more music. I’ve been in radio for twelve years now and I’m really ready to take it to that next level.
 "I tripped coming out of a cardboard limo- it was just so whack"
On your most embarrassing moment: There’s quite a few but I was on this talk show called the Richard Bey show. This was like 1995 and they were doing a show on prom date disasters. I met this girl and she was the new girl in school and she was already pregnant when I met her. We even got to the point where I had named the baby. We went to the prom together and we split up but we said we would meet back up. And she was in a hotel room with this dude that I actually looked up to. So I brought her on the show as like my big pay back but the way they edited the show made me look even worst. I tripped coming out of a cardboard limo- it was just so whack. I’m so glad that the Richard Bey show got cancelled. I’m so glad that if you do a Google search you can’t find it. There’s one tape and it’s at my grandmother’s house in the safe and you’ll never see it.
"Everything in my life happened for a reason"
On if you had a chance to do it all over what would you change: I wouldn’t change anything. Even the mistakes in my life have worked out. Like my parents were ruggedly cheap and they wanted to save money so they put me in school a year early. All my friends were like a year older than me. I really think that helped shape my sense of humor, it made me more responsible, and made me interested in older things. So I think everything in my life happened for a reason.
On your marital status: I’m in a relationship
On your future plans for marriage: I’m married to this game.
On what type of woman do you like: I like all types of women. I don’t really have a type. I don’t discriminate.
On what you want your legacy to be: I want my legacy to be that HeadKrack was the dude that came in and he had fun, he inspired people, and he didn’t care about what people thought. At the end he did it his own way. It’s okay to be like- I don’t like what they’re doing and I want to do something else. That’s what creates individuals. Like when everybody else was like out in the field Ben Franklin was out inventing stuff. That’s want I want to do. I want to push the envelope and do different things. Rather it’s from a music stand point or a film stand point. Even with the envelopes of radio. I want see more free thinkers in radio. I want to see the play lists expand more and celebrate more aspects of Hip Hop. And from a music stand point I want to make records that matter now, matter later, and twenty or thirty years from now.  
I enjoyed talking to HeadKrack as he shared his life experiences and future aspirations. He is a real stand up Dude- I officially stamp him a part of the Just Talk family.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Domonique Scott: Catch TLC's Sisterhood Star on the Black Carpet of Kontrol Magazine's K.Y.D. Awards

Domonique "Pastor D" Scott from TLC's The Sisterhood will be attending Kontrol Magazine's annual Kontrol Your Destiny Awards Sunday March 24th 2013. Stay tuned for photos from the Black Carpet.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Secret to Building Wealth Quickly

It's one the most popular Google search subjects. It's the question many seek to answer their entire lives. But why haven't we tapped into the answer??? What is the answer???

It's simple- If you believe it and see it, you can conceive it!

1. Believe it- If you believe in yourself and never doubt your ability to live your best life, you will do it.
2. If you can see yourself with all of your bills paid, they are paid. If you can see yourself driving that new sports car, you will own it. And if you see yourself owning your own business, you will be an entrepreneur.
3. Believing+Seeing= Conceiving. Whatever you focus on most is what you will have. So if you keep saying to yourself- I can't pay all these bills, you won't because you spoke it into existence. But if you spend most of your time thinking about your finances being secure and living your best life, that's what you will inherit.
I know that this concept seems hard to believe so I gathered some information from other replicable sources.
The Bible- "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Mark 11:24
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the full staircase. Just take the first step."
Buddha (563 BCE-483 BCE)- "All that we are is a result of what we have thought."
Now believe yourseld into greatness!!!


What are sexpectations? Sexpectations are the sexual goals you set for someone before you have sex with them... Most times we rush into having sex because we're afraid if we get to know the person a little more we won't want to have sex with them at all. But what happens when finally you have sex and it's HORRIBLE!!!
Do you stay? Only if you're okay with having bad sex. (I wouldn't stay- a lifetime of bad sex... no thanks).
Do you go? This is the time when you use the 80/20 rule. (If the 80 is most of the things you want and the 20 is the bad sex and a few miscellaneous annoyances, keep em).
Do you act like you ran into an ex and suddenly rekindled old feelings? This only works if you have no feelings for the person (chances are you do) and you just want out. But keep in mind that the friendship will probably be ruined and you can never go back- even though they WILL get better over time. Experience is the best teacher!!!

What do you do? If good sex is high on your priority list and the person is worth investing in- figure out exactly what you want them to do? Initially I advise against a sit down conversation because sex can be a terrible ego bruiser. But instead learn some new tricks and seductively introduce them to your partner. And if they ask why you want to try new things- just say sex with you makes me want to try new things, and leave it at that. 
Is good sex on my priority list? If good sex is very high on your priority list and you know you can't be faithful while training your mate- MOVE ON... No one deserves to be mistreated and chances are you will never grow to love them- at least not any time soon.

I hope this helps and happy Sexpectating!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lil Wayne's Remains in ICU

YMCMB Rapper Lil Wayne remains in ICU as many visited him over the weekend. Drake, Chris Paul, and his wife Jada leave Cedars- Sinai hospital. Drake and Chris Paul entered with their heads low. Jada maintained a somber look as she walked.
The exact details of his condition are still unknown, however as of this morning he is reportedly still in ICU and stabilizing.
HIPPA laws were definitely violated when the hospital leaked information about the stars condition to TMZ. The Entertainment website stated that he was in an induced coma and that family and friends were gathering to say goodbye. Mack Maine, Toya Wright, and T.I. expressed their ill feelings toward TMZ via twitter. TMZ later removed the statement about his family and friends saying their goodbyes but stands behind the other claims.
It has also been reported that inside sources say the hospital's staff are under investigation.
In Austin, Texas, Usher performed a surprise show with The Afghan Whigs at SXSW. The multi Grammy wining star took a moment to express his concern and well wishes.
One of my fellow artists, good friend, Lil Wayne is going through a real hard time right now. And I just want to say that I have a positive attitude about his fate, there’s a lot of positive energy out there. Can we give it up for him one time?
See video below: