Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sheree Whitfield:Former RHOA Star Files Three Restraining Orders

Sheree Whitfield: Former RHOA Star Files Three Restraining Orders
Real Housewives of Atlanta star files three temporary restraining orders against Atlanta bloggers in one week. The bloggers allegedly went onto the Reality TV stars developing property without her permission. The bloggers are said to have gone onto Whitfield’s property and taken photo’s then posted them online. A judge ordered the bloggers to stay away.
TMZ reports, three bloggers now have temporary restraining orders in Georgia between February 22-26th against Tamara Brawner, Quentin Latham, and Michelle Brown. The first restraining order against Brawner states that she has been trespassing Sheree’s property since 2011 for her blog, “Chateau Sheree” which contained information about the construction of her new mansion.
The second and third petitions against Latham and Brown were similar but didn’t include them entering the property. A judge ordered that the bloggers stay at least 200-500 yards away from Whitfield.
I know everybody wants to break the story but is it really worth your integrity??? I guess nobody believes in true journalism anymore!!!

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