Monday, March 11, 2013

Domonique Scott: Exclusive Interview with TLC's The Sisterhood Star

"I don’t have any regrets from doing the show but I will definitely say it was a challenge"
On January 1st TLC premiered a Reality TV series called “The Sisterhood.” The Sisterhood has since been labeled controversial. The series prompted many religious groups, churches, and clergymen to create a petition to cancel the highly talked about show. The series touched on topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, drug abuse, and even prostitution. These topics are generally hushed in the African American church as if they are non-existent or don’t affect the church but we all know that’s not true.
The show followed the lives of several Preacher’s wives as they managed their daily lives, the church, and their businesses. The cast included Pastor Domonique “Pastor D” Scott, Pastor Tara Lewis, Christina Murray, and Delana Rutherford.
In a search to get to know a little bit more about some of the cast members, I sat down with Pastor Domonique Scott for a one on one exclusive interview.
While running her boutique (Queen Maker) in Johns Creek, Georgia, Pastor D spoke very freely as she shared hers views on the show, her fellow cast mates, and even her own testimony. I must admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect, however she showed me a very different side of herself.
On the show she appeared to be the “Bad Girl” of the bunch but in person I witnessed the direct opposite of this myth. She was very solid and educated on her beliefs and faith. She admitted to having grown from the Reality TV experience and shared that she and her husband Pastor Brian Scott have reopened the doors of the Good Life International Church.
"I don’t have any regrets from doing the show but I will definitely say it was a challenge"
On do you have any regrets from doing the show: I don’t have any regrets from doing the show but I will definitely say it was a challenge. It was like the scripture says “No man should build a house without counting up the cost.” I don’t always think before I proceed. My husband gets on me all the time about that and I always say I haven’t gotten that far yet” and he says well I’m going to need you to get that far.
On has the show affected your marriage: Yes. Watching the show we went through that emotional roller coaster and as you see the men are not there. Even though he knows me he would watch the show and get brand new and I’m like ain’t nobody got time for that. He was like why are you on national TV taking a shot and I said because I’m proving a point.
On how do you feel about the petitions: They don’t want to get told on. And it’s all good, everybody has an opinion. That goes to show you Justice how weak the body of Christ is because we have a million watchers and you couldn’t even get a thousand signatures. You can’t play with Satan’s toys and devices unless you’re willing to get dirty. And they’re not willing to get dirty unless it’s behind closed doors. So as far as I’m concerned you’re weak and you’re preaching a weak gospel.
On Ivy stating you were acting the way you did ten years ago: Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Just like that movie said- I never did worry about the small things.
On the tattoo you got in Miami: Honestly, when I went back I felt a heaviness and pressure. I’ve heard the voice of the Holy Spirit, the Son of God, and on few occasions God himself. And at that moment he was speaking to me. In the world people say- Get over it. The church says-Forgive. And God said you forgave everybody else but you didn’t forgive little 7 year old Domonique. So when I walked into the tattoo shop I saw the word “Free.” I thought finally, that’s how I feel- free to love, and free to forgive myself because I hadn’t forgiven myself.
On was the tattoo good for your image as a Pastor: A lot of ministers have tattoos. My image is my image to maintain and no one has a Heaven or Hell to put me in.
"We love the Hell out of people. We don’t wait for you to get cleaned up to come to church"
On the church you Co Pastored with your husband: Good Life. We are childlike preachers. We just love God and we don’t put on no airs but as far as being prophetic, love, accountability, and sound teaching goes- It’s all at Good Life. We love the Hell out of people. We don’t wait for you to get cleaned up to come to church.
On what led to the decision to close the doors of the church: We were struggling. My husband lost his job and we had the overhead of the church, a business, and our household. It was either lose the church or lose everything including his marriage. And when the recession hit, it hit tithers and the church. And I’m not mad at them because if it comes down to me putting a piece of chicken on your table verses mine- if my faith isn’t there I’m going to choose my household.
On what future plans do you and your husband have for your ministry: We’re re-launching Good Life International Church (starting February 17th in Johns Creek, Georgia at 6:30 p.m.). We’re getting a lot of invitations to speak all over. And we really want take the God Life experience on the road with our leading package as “With this Ring” because we really need to talk about divorce. Because the same things you did to get your mate you need to do to keep them.
On do you feel that you’re ready to reopen the church: I feel we will never be ready because God is all encompassing. We’re going to make mistakes and our mistakes aren’t over. My thing is I’m just going to trust God to do the things he said. And if I sit back and wait on me, to be close to perfect- it isn’t going to happen. I’ll tell you I’m closer to Peter most days than I am to Jesus.
"I want to build something so that my children can know that their Momma loved God"
On your testimony: My mother hid me until I was delivered. When she had me she dropped me off to Emma Lou Rolle who is now deceased. When she wanted to play Momma and she thought she had the right man to play father she would come get me, and a couple of them liked little girls. It started for me at a very early age and I finally got tired of it and I told her about the last husband. And when I say she stomped the yard with me- she stomped the yard. I couldn’t have been any more than nine or ten. I got up and I just walked out. I said I can’t do this. My mother had four children and all of us had different fathers. I was the oldest so I always took care of them and I never had a childhood. That coupled with being raped, touched, and molested by these different daddies’ every other month. I landed in a foster home and I got pass around for case of beer and twenty dollars by my foster father and his friends. I ran away and I found myself on the streets. My first pimp was a young boy and he didn’t know what to do with me so he dropped me off to J Baby. And unlike what people think J Baby was a gentleman, he never beat us- it was a business for him. I can tell you this- the beatings I experienced didn’t come from a pimp. It came from my first husband who was a prophet. J Baby taught me how to survive, we have a child together, and we are still there for each other.
On if you could do and be anything in the world, without anyone criticizing you, what would you be: I would be water, because it washes, it replenishes, and it cleans. It doesn’t ask for anything, it doesn’t want anything- it just is.
On what you want your legacy to be: I want to build something so that my children can know that their Momma loved God. When I walked into the church at 22 years old I was addicted to crack and I was lost but they have no excuse because I taught them about loving God.
It was an absolute pleasure talking to Pastor D and I now consider her a personal friend. For more on Pastor Domonique Scott email her at, Pastor D at, or follow her on twitter @ therealqueenmak. I officially stamp Pastor D a member of the Just Talk family.


  1. Is the Sisterhood Show coming back for a 2nd season?

  2. TLC has not officially announced anything to date, however I will update everyone as soon as a decision has been made. Thank you for your response and make sure you're subscribed to receive exclusive information and news.

  3. Great interview. I am sure that she is under orders from her legal counsel to keep silent about her current legal woes, however,
    I do worry that the new allegations have damaged her potential to do the great things that she claims that she wants to do.

  4. The "J-baby being a gentleman" not withstanding, I read this article and was impressed with her story of redemption. Based on that, I went to her website obtain some additional information about her new church.
    I really wish I had not.
    In addition to it being extremely poorly written (for someone working on a "doctrine"), the part regarding her education seemed like such a huge lie, it calls her credibility into question....

    To wit: In her bio she states that she returned to school in 2001 (with her GED) and left in 2003 with MASTER'S DEGREE...umh, okay! So she would like the reader to believe that she got a Bachelor's degree AND a Master's degree in 2 to 3 years. Oh and now she is obtaining her 'doctrine'.