Thursday, March 21, 2013


What are sexpectations? Sexpectations are the sexual goals you set for someone before you have sex with them... Most times we rush into having sex because we're afraid if we get to know the person a little more we won't want to have sex with them at all. But what happens when finally you have sex and it's HORRIBLE!!!
Do you stay? Only if you're okay with having bad sex. (I wouldn't stay- a lifetime of bad sex... no thanks).
Do you go? This is the time when you use the 80/20 rule. (If the 80 is most of the things you want and the 20 is the bad sex and a few miscellaneous annoyances, keep em).
Do you act like you ran into an ex and suddenly rekindled old feelings? This only works if you have no feelings for the person (chances are you do) and you just want out. But keep in mind that the friendship will probably be ruined and you can never go back- even though they WILL get better over time. Experience is the best teacher!!!

What do you do? If good sex is high on your priority list and the person is worth investing in- figure out exactly what you want them to do? Initially I advise against a sit down conversation because sex can be a terrible ego bruiser. But instead learn some new tricks and seductively introduce them to your partner. And if they ask why you want to try new things- just say sex with you makes me want to try new things, and leave it at that. 
Is good sex on my priority list? If good sex is very high on your priority list and you know you can't be faithful while training your mate- MOVE ON... No one deserves to be mistreated and chances are you will never grow to love them- at least not any time soon.

I hope this helps and happy Sexpectating!!!

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