Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mandeecees Harris Pleads not Guilty to Drug Charges

Love and Hip Hop star Mandeecees Harris pleads not guilty to drug conspiracy charges
Love and Hip Hop star Mendeecees Harris pleaded not guilty to drug conspiracy charges in federal court. If found guilty he could serve a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.
Harris is the boyfriend of Yandy Smith a fellow LHHNY star.The two also share a newborn son. Harris is one of three men accused of playing a role in a pipeline of heroine and cocaine between Rochester and New York City from 2005 to 2012. Ronald Walker and Harris’ brother, Tyrus Harris were arrested last year and are still incarcerated awaiting trial. They also pleaded not guilty.
Reportedly $1.5 million in cash, a 2012 Land Rover, and more than $406,000 in jewelry was seized by Police.
The Reality TV star was also recently acquitted of aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual assault, and child endangerment from accusations of sleeping with his son's 15-year-old sister.
Harris' girlfriend Yandy was completely supportive during his last trial, however her thoughts on his current charges have not been revealed.


  1. dam i hope he gets out

  2. Hope he is founded not guilty.

  3. Good luck to them both. Outta all the couples on the show, I felt their relationship was the most relatable & real. And, it's so sad when ugly people are allowed to pursue such heinous acts on others because they want some form of revenge after seeing mandeecees success & was no longer apart of it. The drugs charges persay I wish the best for you all & hope the court takes into consideration if you did take part in the drug allegation that yes you made a terrible mistake & sees that you are now a better man. God bless Yandy Mandeecee littl' mandeecee & precious baby.

    1. I agree... and they were my favorite also. So my heart goes out to Yandy and their kids!!!

  4. I also hope he get out cause he don't look like he can do jail.......lol

  5. Thuglife..the hate u gave lil infant fucks everyone..

  6. What got him was buying that house and jewlrey for yandy.u can't be doing that on national t.v. and nobody knew what they hell he did for a living

  7. Everyone bitch wants a Dope Boy...lol... Now everyone feels sorry for that nigga...smdh

  8. A bad example, if he is proven guilty.