Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do You Believe in Premonitions

Do You Believe in Premonitions
The other day I shared with my spouse that since I was a child I have had premonitions about death. Initially she looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language but as I further explained she became intrigued.
On March 1st we sat in the parking lot of a local Pizza Hut and discussed the accomplishments of Master P and the No Limit label. I randomly made the comment, “I hope he’s not about to die.” Understand that I have not yet mastered the skill of interpreting exactly what the premonitions mean.
On the morning of March 5th I saw the face of a man along with a female and a car crash. After relentless research I learned that Mr. Magic, a rapper on the No Limit label and his wife was killed in a car accident on March 1st.
Prior to learning the identity of the crash victims I vaguely described the man to my spouse and when I found the photo I immediately recognized him. I had never seen or heard of Mr. Magic prior to the vision and had no idea how I would figure out who this man was. I searched my mind to see if I had ever seen the man before and ask if we knew anyone fitting this description. She couldn’t recall anyone fitting that description and said, “That could be anyone in Atlanta.”
When I found the story about the car crash and read that he was on the No Limit label, she sat back on the couch and held her hand to her mouth. I don’t know if the article made her a believer or if it was just confirmation of what I had stated previously but she definitely believes me now.

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