Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Personal Blog: I Love D.C.- My Home Forever

Founded on July 16, 1790 and resting upon 68.3 square miles- Washington. D.C. is a lucrative town to many celebrities and politicians. For some it's Chocolate City, to others it's a massive political playground- but for me it's just home.
After recently relocating to Atlanta I found that moving to a new city is a great opportunity to soul search and increase your appreciation for home. I love the people, soul food, and beautiful scenery Atlanta has to offer but there are just some things Atlanta doesn't have.
The other day I had a taste for an old fashioned carry out fish sub and before I realized it I was making plans to head to Florida avenue- Then I realized that I'm 800 miles from home. After having this epiphany I shared many fond memories with my girlfriend.
When I was done I was missing home more than ever... Don't get me wrong I love Atlanta and I have no plans of going home to live but I sure do miss my three bff's (Dana, Dionne, and Black), chicken wings with mumbo sauce, and GOOD Chinese food!!!

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