Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Your Relaxer Thinning Your Hair?

By: Chrystal Chance

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            Everyone wants to wear their natural hair these days- because they think relaxers are making their hair thin. This is one of the many myths of hair care. Relaxers were invented to simply do what they say, relax your natural curl pattern to a more manageable texture. If your practitioner is educated on how to identify your hair texture and density they should be able to choose the correct relaxer strength for the desired results.

            Identifying the texture is the first step. The second step is choosing the appropriate relaxer strength.
           The pH level of relaxers are 9 to 10, meaning the product strength of all relaxers are high. When applying the product it should only be applied to the hair that has the natural wave pattern. None of the product should be applied to the hair previously relaxed. This is what causes hair to thin or become over processed.
Relaxed Hair vs. Natural Hair
           The pH level of relaxers are high and because of this the products only take 10 minutes to relax the hair. Another 10 minutes is also required to smooth the product over the entire head. At this time the product should be completely rinsed out with warm water. Then shampoo the hair at least three times with a neutralizing or pH balanced shampoo.
Relaxed, Colored, and Healthy Hair
          Your hair should now be conditioned to put back the nutrients that the relaxer and shampoo removed.
          "Going Natural" is not the only option for having healthy and in most cases the hair that is becoming thinner is not caused by your relaxer. Many practitioners are not applying the products properly or are not educated on the process.
          So the next time you think about healthy hair don't eliminate relaxed hair because when properly maintained by a professional it can also be healthy hair!

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