Friday, March 1, 2013

Tips for Eliminating the Stress in Your Life

Tips for Eliminating the Stress in Your Life
Health professionals have said time and time again that one of the biggest causes of illness is stress. We have all experienced it but most of us have no idea how to eliminate it.  I want to help you find peaceful living, after all you only have one life to live and the quality of this life is totally up to you. I thought of a few tips to help you achieve the level of peace you desire.
1.      Get rid of the bad seeds in your life. Bad seeds are people who are always negative and bring nothing but drama into your life. Stop answering their calls, hanging out with them, and even associating with them until you can minimize the stress they bring into your life. This includes family.
2.      Take time to meditate daily. You will find that taking time to quiet your mind will do wonders for your mind and body.
3.       Invest in yourself. Start treating yourself at least once a month. Dinner, movies, the spa, etc.
4.       Explore and participate in activities that make you feel good about yourself (exercising, dating, traveling, dressing up, etc.).
5.      Stop allowing people to mistreat you. If someone in your life constantly seeks to mistreat you- address the issue with them. If they continue to mistreat you walk away- End of Story! If you are not able to address the issue walk away- This is your life and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your choices.
6.      Stick to your decision. We often think that when we take a break from someone and we change they have also. This is a common myth!!! Just because you’ve changed doesn’t mean they have and expecting this is like being up a creek without a paddle. If dealing with a person causes you stress let them go and if you were meant to be connected to this person they will come back- Without the stress and drama!!!
I’m no expert but in my experience these tips have helped me determine who stays in my life and who goes. After all your life is precious and your friendship is a privilege. I hope this helps!!!

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