Monday, March 25, 2013

Love and Hip Hop NY Name Change

So I just got finished watching the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop NY or should I say Love and Lesbians- because the men on this show are clearly LESBIANS!!!

First stop Consequence- he is so quick to talk about his faith and how devoted he is to it yet he lives with and has a child with a woman that he's not married to... He always talks to her like she's a mangy little puppy. So much so she was shaking... but when he was talking to Joe Budden his voice was as soft as cotton candy??? WTF!!!
Joe Budden- he has a homeless kid that he has turned into his sex slave in exchange for room and board. he tries to use reverse psychology on his women but clearly they don't understand what he's saying because he doesn't know what he's saying!!! GROW UP and try speaking English!!!
Rich Dollaz- WOW!!! Where do I start??? First of all who in their right mind would allow Rich to use them??? He is the biggest clit of them all. In fact he is the epitome of the dreaded trip to have a Pap Smear. He needs to seriously grow a pair and stop acting like a love sick girl who can't get over her first. Erica Mena is a SLUT!!! Everyone has said it, even his own mother but he's destined to fall by the power of her p*ssy!!!
Mandeecees- I really do like Mandeecees. I think he and Yandy are a cute couple and they have two adorable little boys. However, he's dating a well respected business woman and he continues to be in the legal spotlight??? WTF!!! I hate to see any woman cry over a man but a man is someone who thinks of his family before he acts.
So in conclusion I think the name of the show needs to be changed from Love and Hip Hop NY to Love and Lesbians NY!!! These men are clearly boys and the women need to wake up and move on!!! Word of advice- People change, from bad to worst!!! In my opinion the only men on reality TV who actually act like men are the men from Real Housewives of ATL. I'm just saying... Man up G's!!! 

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