Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why straight women love Studs...

Since the begining of time women have loved, adored, and had serious passion for other women. Regardless of if it's taking a second look at her impeccable figure or eyeing her perky breasts, it's a form of attraction.
Now don't get me wrong because I'm not a hetro-hater, by all means to each it's own. But I want everyone to be truthful and cut the bullsh*t. "Women love Women."
I have encountered straight women who are truly secure with their sexuality, but the moment the opportunity presented itself, she took the bait.
I asked one woman why she thought straight women are attracted to masculine women and she said "Well the number one reason is because everybody thinks masculine woman give better head..." I had to chuckle out... because that wasn't the first time I had heard that myth. And for the record, there's always one that spoils the bunch...
She also added that the other benefits are integrity, "I feel that women have more integrity than most men these days. "I use to date someone who didn't work at the time, she honestly wanted a job, and anything she had she shared with me. Men just don't do that."
"Women offer a certain level of sensitivity that men just don't have." I asked if she had ever been in a straight relationship and she responded "Yeah, however it wasn't fulfilling. I found out that I was infatuated with the idea of being with a man rather than actually loving him."
What would you say to a straight woman that's with a man and in love with a masculine woman? "Stop being selfish, and start being selfish." Stop being selfish by not allowing him to be with someone who loves him, and start being selfish by living for you and not allowing stereo types to dictate how you live."

Women are very emotional beings and love is just one of those emotions that sends us into overdrive. The truth of the matter is that masculine women are just as emotional as feminine women are. Every aggressive woman loves sports, a fresh Polo, and an enticing striptease but many also enjoy
flowers, foot rubs, and being cuddled.

Often times the relationship between two women move so fast that most consummate and cohabitate within the first 30 days. And if a woman is in a neglectful relationship with a guy and she meets somone who shows her the attention she feels she deserves, most likely she will gravitate to what feels good.

My advice is live your life to the fulles and if you decide to go where so many woman have gone before... good luck and I wish you the best.

Coming August 2012... Relentless Ties by: Justice Bahlee


“My Initials aint S.I.C. for nothing Nigga.” –Spencer Chance

Spencer stood on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge as he amusingly watched his henchmen dangle “Budda,” a once loyal street lieutenant from the bridge.

“I’m sorry Spencer, I’m sorry” Budda cried in hopes that Spencer would have mercy and allow him to live.

“Where’s my money Budda,” Spencer said as he removed his .45 from his waist and loaded a bullet into the chamber. “Pull that mutha fucka up,” he shouted as he laughed aloud. Spencer looked Budda dead in the eye as he used his gun to wipe away his tears. “Now I know you didn’t mean to cross me and because you’ve been such a loyal little nigga and made me so much money I’m going to let you live, but if you ever cross me again…” Spencer paused and looked at the other four men who stood spectating with smirks on their faces. “I might not be so fucking forgiving, you feel me,” Spencer completed.  

Budda nodded his head in agreement because he was too choked up to speak.

“Now about the money you owe me, you’re going to pay me back, with interest… Right, Spencer aggressively insisted.

Budda’s eyes widened as he didn’t respond, but seeing the fearful look in Spencer’s eyes caused Budda to quickly gathered himself and take advantage of the opportunity at hand.

 “Yes, yes Thank you Spencer, I love you man,” Budda replied shaking and emotional.

On bended knees Budda pleaded with Spencer as if he was God and he had just granted him access into Heaven. Spencer snatched his feet from Budda’s grasp, hoping to save his Gucci loafers from the flow of his continuous tears. Spencer turned his back and walked away but before he got into his candy apple red Cadillac convertible he shouted “The Penthouse we got to celebrate… Budda's alive.” Displaying an abundance of theatrics with his hands and facial gestures, his face exhibited forgiveness and joy but the true contents of his heart and thoughts were filled with deadly revenge, and just like God whatever Spencer thought was soon to become a reality.

Later that night Spencer and his entourage enjoyed the pleasures of expensive liquor and half naked women as they sat in the VIP section of the Penthouse, a strip club in D.C.

Every man including Budda was given stacks of one dollar bills to splurge on the women. As the night became the wee house of the morning, Spencer suggested that they continue the party at a nearby hotel.

He signaled for Juan the club’s owner, when he arrived Spencer informed him that he wanted to hire ten of his finest girls for an overnight assignment. Juan laughed and quickly rushed off to retrieve the women. On the outside Juan appeared to be an honest man, with a smile of gold and the gift of gab. One would have never suspected that he was involved in human trafficking in his native homeland of Mexico City. He returned to Spencer with the requested women, all varied in height, color, shape, and size as they stood before Spencer as if they were on a show room floor. Spencer quickly glanced at the women admiring their individual beauty. He then called for Budda to come over, when he arrived Spencer said “Pick one, anyone; it’s on me my man.” Budda’s eyes lit up as if he were a kid in a candy store. Carefully eyeing each woman he picked the second to the last in line. “Her, I want her,” he said anxiously and eager as he felt a slight hard on forming in his cargo shorts. “Well her it is,” Spencer said as the woman stepped out of line and walked over to him, recognizing that he was in charge.

Budda stepped up and said “What’s your name baby.”

“Juicy” she replied seductively.

She was moderately attractive with large breast, a double wide ass, a tad bit on the heavy side, and just how

Budda liked his women, raunchy. Spencer allowed his entourage to claim the remaining women before he paid the $4,600 tab, and left the club.

Spencer pulled up to the $700 a night W Hotel, reached inside the glove box, and retrieved a large envelope containing the finest of Kush. He proceeded into the hotel lobby and checked into the Penthouse suite.

Once he reached his destination, accompanied by his entourage he made sure things were ok, then left his men to their pleasures.

Spencer exited the Hotel and got into his car. Sitting there starring into the distance, he picked up his iPhone and called Whispers.

Whispers was one of the Council’s oldest and most elite hit men. He was known for his straight razor abilities and his raspy voice. He had been abused physically and sexually by his father as a child. When he was seven years old he shot his father after he found his mother beaten and unconscious on the kitchen floor. Before his father took his last breath, he grabbed Whispers and slit his throat damaging he vocal cords forever. After this Whispers became a professional with the very weapon that almost claimed his life.

“Yo Whispers handle that,” Spencer stated calmly.

“Okay” Whispers replied in a low raspy tone.

Whispers had clandestinely entered the suite and after ending the call he started down the semi lit hallway of the penthouse. As he approached the last door on the left the sounds of a woman moaning filled the atmosphere. Whispers silently opened the door, removed his pearl handle blade and stood over the couple as they obliviously continue their sexual escapade. With a smile on his face and a blade in his hand Whispers leaned over the couple and softly stated “It’s time to die.” Whispers took hold of Budda’s long locks as he began to plead for his life. “No Whispers, No, don-…” Before he could complete his statement Whispers sliced him from ear to ear. Blood splattered across the wall, the exquisite headboard, and the young woman’s screaming face. Whispers then moved towards the woman as she also pleaded for her life.

“ No, please she cried.”

He reached out and embrace her, “Shhh,” he whispered as he slid his blade into her chest and through her heart. He loosened his grip and laid her on the bed as the small blood stain quickly spread across her chest. Her eyes were wide open as she slowly slipped into eternal rest.

Whispers exited the hotel suite, removed his cell phone, and dialed the last number that called his phone. “It’s done” he stated then hung up the phone.

Spencer sat pondering Budda’s betrayal and the outcome of his actions, then stated aloud “My initials ain’t S.I.C for nothing nigga,” after which he sped off into the night.

Welcome to Relentless Ties, the first of a Trilogy…

Gettin Mo Butts than a Ashtray!!! reports that NFL player Eric Green, who played cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers was found LIABLE of RAPING A DUDE in his butt!!!YIKES!!!
That's right. A transgender man who goes by the name Angelina Mavila filed a $10 million sex assault suit against Eric Green, claiming that Eric forcibly sodomized him/her in the anus.
The lawsuit was apparently filed in 2010, and now justice is finally Angelina's, on top of her being awarded a $160K judgment against Eric.

Eric I wish you would have called me... I know a couple of dudes that would have let you hit for half the price. Hell for a $160K I might stand in line my damn self... you dig???

Oh and Pastor Eddie Long would have been glad to have relations with you... Or is he the top???

I don't knock what nobody else does but next time you might want to try getting it from somebody who wants to give it to you... instead of taking it!!!

Sometimes gettin Mo Butts ain't what it seems...

Has Bruce Springsteen lost his mind???

It has been reported that Bruce Springsteen leaped into the crowd and drank a beer belonging to one of his fans.

After jumping off of the stage in Philadelphia at his "Wrecking Ball" tour, he energetically sang and enticed the crowd. He sang "Raise Your Hand." The crowd enjoyed the performance, and Bruce was looking his best.

Hell for 62 years old he looked damn good, rock on Bruce you are aging well baby...

With fans grabbing at him and touching his body, he sang his heart out. So much that when the song was done he flopped down in a chair from exhaustion as a fan handed him a half empty cup of beer. Bruce lifted the cup to his lips and to show his Bad Assness, he began to drink...yuck... can you say disgusting???

Bad ass or not I aint drinking behind no stranger, but as we can see Bruce ain't scared...

From OCTOMOM to Round the Way B**ch...

Octomom is reportedly getting $2,000 a month in food stamps from the state of California... damn, maybe I need to move to Cali...

According to sources the mother of 14 who vowed never to go on welfare and become a self fulfilling prophecy has done just that. Now don't get me wrong I don't think it's anything wrong with receiving help when you need it, but don't try to act like yo ish don't stink.

The truth of the matter is we all have experienced hard times and it's not the end of the world but folks kill me acting like they all that and a bag of chips... survey says NOT!!!

To cut back on cost Octomom has taken all of her children out of private school, except her son with autism, giving her a total monthy savings of $4,000. If you earn enough to pay a $4,000 a month bill why are you getting food stamps???WTF... I'm just saying??? I guess it's different strokes for different folks...

She also has been posing topless to make ends meet, however this has not been as lucrative as she would have hoped. After 14 babies it's a wonder she can even let the girls out the gate without them dragging the ground... teeheehee...

So from her high horse, to the Player's Club, and now the welfare office. I officially confer upon Octomom the title "Round the way BITCH."

Now girls and boys let this be a lesson learned don't speak to fast because you never know when you may have to eat a piece of "Ms. Minny's pie."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Justice, No Peace!!!

I'm sitting here watching HLN as people all over the world rally, and protest for justice in the shooting death of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin, a black boy from Florida.  On any given day I can turn the t.v. on and see countless injustices as it relates to black people, but when I see a child murdered because he looks suspicious I think what is the world coming too???

George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood, plan and simple and his A$$ needs to be arrested. OJ stood before a jury of his peers and they determined he did not kill Nicole Brown, but the state thought it was still his fault and sent him to trial for negligence in her death... WTF??? In fact they weren't staisfied until they ruined poor OJ.

But a white man shoots a black boy and he goes free... I am outraged!!!

We as a people have to wake up and realize that the civil rights movement is not over!!!

Black people get a little bit of education, some property, and a Cadillac and we forget about the fight. Just because they let us sit at the front of the bus or eat in the main dining room doesn't mean we've won. Just because they have an Equal Opportunity Office doesn't mean the opportunities are equal.

What race is the lowest paid secretary, receptionist, or the file clerk at your job.  How many black people do you know that are permanant teleworkers or are remote employees because it's more feasable for them and their families.

In every organization there is always a white person who has a fexible schedule, whether it's coming in late, leaving early, or hardly coming to work at all, and what kills me is it's always okay with mangement. If black people were afforded the opportunities that whites have we would be a lot more advanced as a people. Hell if they just give me my forty acres and a mule I'll make it work!!!

Wake up America it's suppose to be "One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All."

Until George Zimmerman is arrested and charged for the murder of Trayvon Martin there will be No Justice, No Peace!!!


Whitney, Bobby, & Cissy or should I say Whitney, Robyn, & Cissy...

I have briddled my tongue long enough... yeah right!!!

When I heard that Whitney Houston's cause of death was basically a cocaine induced heart attack, I felt robbed... I thought crack was whack? Damn, Damn, Damn (in my Florida Evans voice)!!!

Bobby Brown has been arrested for a DUI, did'nt he learn anything from Whitney's death??? Some say he's still grieving her death, I say he's acting a junkie fool as he always has but I guess it's his prerogative.

It's said that Ms. Cissy is not a friend of Bobby Brown at all, and I can't say I blame her... If it was my daughter he spat on, disrespected, and simply used up I would be pissed too honey!!!

Ms. Cissy also wasn't very friendly to a Ms. Robyn Crawford who was roumored to be Whitney's former lover... I understand that it's hard for parent's to let their children grow up, but did Ms. Cissy like anybody her daughter bought home.

Here's what I think, and remember "It's Just Talk." Whitney Houston LOVED women!!! I mean let's be real don't we all??? She met Robyn, they fell in love, and alike most homophobic parents, Cissy flipped out causing the relationship to come to it's demise.

Shortly after that Whitney started using drugs. A little while after that Whitney met, married, and had a child with Bobby Brown. She had a child with Bobby Brown...WTF???? She truely didn't know her worth, I mean let's just be real Whitney was America's Queen of Pop and she married R&B's bad boy? What the hell, where dey do dat at???

I think if Ms. Cissy would have minded her own business her daughter would have never married the wrong man, she would have been happy, drug free, and alive today... I hope Ms. Cissy sees the truth, and parents take heed because you can't control grown children...THE END.

Wallah Magic...

Frank McCourt is out and Magic Johnson is in... drum roll please! Magic Johnson bought the L.A. Dodgers for a whopping $2 billion dollars.

Late Tuesday night Magic along with Frank McCort announced the good news. This is a marriage made in sports history, as Mr. Magic himself unites with the most legendary sports franchise of all times.

Magic represents the investment group Guggenheim Partners, and jointly they secured the $2 billion deal that is currently pending approval in federal bankruptcy court. Although GP CEO Mark Walter is the regulating partner, Magic is still an owner.

McCort is no longer an owner, in fact he's parking cars... Well he's not actually parking cars but he did make a deal to purchase the property surrounding the Dodger Stadium (the expensive parking lots)for $150 million dollars.

So Congrats to one of the greatest sportsmen basketball has ever seen, and let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the Dodgers has better luck now that they've got MAGIC!!!