Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why straight women love Studs...

Since the begining of time women have loved, adored, and had serious passion for other women. Regardless of if it's taking a second look at her impeccable figure or eyeing her perky breasts, it's a form of attraction.
Now don't get me wrong because I'm not a hetro-hater, by all means to each it's own. But I want everyone to be truthful and cut the bullsh*t. "Women love Women."
I have encountered straight women who are truly secure with their sexuality, but the moment the opportunity presented itself, she took the bait.
I asked one woman why she thought straight women are attracted to masculine women and she said "Well the number one reason is because everybody thinks masculine woman give better head..." I had to chuckle out... because that wasn't the first time I had heard that myth. And for the record, there's always one that spoils the bunch...
She also added that the other benefits are integrity, "I feel that women have more integrity than most men these days. "I use to date someone who didn't work at the time, she honestly wanted a job, and anything she had she shared with me. Men just don't do that."
"Women offer a certain level of sensitivity that men just don't have." I asked if she had ever been in a straight relationship and she responded "Yeah, however it wasn't fulfilling. I found out that I was infatuated with the idea of being with a man rather than actually loving him."
What would you say to a straight woman that's with a man and in love with a masculine woman? "Stop being selfish, and start being selfish." Stop being selfish by not allowing him to be with someone who loves him, and start being selfish by living for you and not allowing stereo types to dictate how you live."

Women are very emotional beings and love is just one of those emotions that sends us into overdrive. The truth of the matter is that masculine women are just as emotional as feminine women are. Every aggressive woman loves sports, a fresh Polo, and an enticing striptease but many also enjoy
flowers, foot rubs, and being cuddled.

Often times the relationship between two women move so fast that most consummate and cohabitate within the first 30 days. And if a woman is in a neglectful relationship with a guy and she meets somone who shows her the attention she feels she deserves, most likely she will gravitate to what feels good.

My advice is live your life to the fulles and if you decide to go where so many woman have gone before... good luck and I wish you the best.

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  1. Thanks for posting this article because this truly gave me life!! Thank you!!