Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whitney, Bobby, & Cissy or should I say Whitney, Robyn, & Cissy...

I have briddled my tongue long enough... yeah right!!!

When I heard that Whitney Houston's cause of death was basically a cocaine induced heart attack, I felt robbed... I thought crack was whack? Damn, Damn, Damn (in my Florida Evans voice)!!!

Bobby Brown has been arrested for a DUI, did'nt he learn anything from Whitney's death??? Some say he's still grieving her death, I say he's acting a junkie fool as he always has but I guess it's his prerogative.

It's said that Ms. Cissy is not a friend of Bobby Brown at all, and I can't say I blame her... If it was my daughter he spat on, disrespected, and simply used up I would be pissed too honey!!!

Ms. Cissy also wasn't very friendly to a Ms. Robyn Crawford who was roumored to be Whitney's former lover... I understand that it's hard for parent's to let their children grow up, but did Ms. Cissy like anybody her daughter bought home.

Here's what I think, and remember "It's Just Talk." Whitney Houston LOVED women!!! I mean let's be real don't we all??? She met Robyn, they fell in love, and alike most homophobic parents, Cissy flipped out causing the relationship to come to it's demise.

Shortly after that Whitney started using drugs. A little while after that Whitney met, married, and had a child with Bobby Brown. She had a child with Bobby Brown...WTF???? She truely didn't know her worth, I mean let's just be real Whitney was America's Queen of Pop and she married R&B's bad boy? What the hell, where dey do dat at???

I think if Ms. Cissy would have minded her own business her daughter would have never married the wrong man, she would have been happy, drug free, and alive today... I hope Ms. Cissy sees the truth, and parents take heed because you can't control grown children...THE END.

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