Saturday, March 31, 2012

Has Bruce Springsteen lost his mind???

It has been reported that Bruce Springsteen leaped into the crowd and drank a beer belonging to one of his fans.

After jumping off of the stage in Philadelphia at his "Wrecking Ball" tour, he energetically sang and enticed the crowd. He sang "Raise Your Hand." The crowd enjoyed the performance, and Bruce was looking his best.

Hell for 62 years old he looked damn good, rock on Bruce you are aging well baby...

With fans grabbing at him and touching his body, he sang his heart out. So much that when the song was done he flopped down in a chair from exhaustion as a fan handed him a half empty cup of beer. Bruce lifted the cup to his lips and to show his Bad Assness, he began to drink...yuck... can you say disgusting???

Bad ass or not I aint drinking behind no stranger, but as we can see Bruce ain't scared...

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