Monday, April 29, 2013

Ray J Releases a Whack Video for Kimye Diss song "I hit It First"

Ray J has released for a video for his heavily talked about Kimye diss song, "I Hit It First."
In the video he parades around like a pure fool with a Bentley that lights up??? Can you say WHACK!!!
He also has a Kim K look alike in the video- and he says the song isn't about her... yeah RIGHT!!!Many of the scenes in the video are reminiscent of the home video/sex tape he co starred in with
Kim K.
Here's my Opinion: he is a total AZZHOLE!!! A child, a jerk, a lame-o, a non mutha fu*ckin factor, and... somebody help me please- I'm running out of befitting adjectives for this fu*ck up. Oh I forgot to say a liar. Does he really think anyone believes this is not about Kim???
Child please- he better back down before he gets knocked down!!! He is totally obsessed with this girl and her fame. If he was smart he would've made good use of that sex tape like Kim K did. The best thing he has going on is his huge penis and he's making that irrelevant with his whack azz antics.
But hats off to Kim for having that sunshine between her legs... juicy got em crazy!!!

See the video below:

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  1. I don't like the song either. Ray stop trying to be relevant by putting these no good songs out. You don't make money that way.