Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Premiere Recap


The drama filled Reality TV series, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiered it's first episode for season two last night. Well as far as I can tell we are in for another season of cat fighting, two timing, confused driven LHHATL.
Last night we watched as Momma Dee tried to coherse Scrappy to go out with Shay... did she forget that Scrappy is engaged to Erica Dixon??? WTH??? Now he's going to have problems making up his mind because his mommy put another idea in his head. This is crazy!!!
Stevie is still up to the same ole tricks but this time he has everybody living in his house... where they do that at??? Joseline says she doesn't need Stevie but she's living with him. And Mimi continues to think Stevie is telling the truth... WHY??? If you think someone is a liar, why would you want to be with them??? And poor little Eva, she is sooo cute... I hope she's not affected by this mess!!!This love triangle makes me SICK!!!
We didn't see RaSheeda and Kirk but the previews show her announcing her pregnancy and him requesting a blood test for the baby.
Benzino has a new Talk Show on V103. He interviews Joseline and the energy between them seem a little bit strange... What's that about???
K. Michelle has a new contract with Warner Brothers, an album out, and... another beef over a man!!! This time K was beefing with Ariana after she did an interview and admitted to having sex with K's ex. The two hashed the disagreement out like grown women as Ariana admitted that she hurt K. Michelle but she does like her. K. Michelle's intoxicated response was that she likes Ariana also but she was hurt. In the end both women apologized, shook on it, and their friendship was restored.
Karlie Redds was featured in a preview of the next episode. In the clip she accuses Benzino of showing her Joseline's sex tape- which he denies.


Is Scrappy still messing around with Shay?
Do Erica and Momma Dee come to blows?
Is Stevie hitting his new artist?
Is Mimi living with her new man?
Is RaSheeda cheating on Kirk?
Is K. Michelle a changed woman?
Did Benzino show Karlie a sex tape?
Did Benzino and Joseline sleep together?

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