Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Weather Calls For More

Hello my beauties I hope the you are staying warm this fall because it's a cold one. So it's that time of
 the year when the key to every outfit is to be warm but there isn't any reason you should forget about your skin. Sometimes we don't moisturize as much in the fall because we're covering up with long soaks and sweaters but our still needs the same thing, moisture. Just because your not going to the beach doesn't mean you should neglect your skin. More the ever moisturizing is very important. The cold weather drys out your skin to and it needs moisturizing creams to keep it nice and soft for those cozy nights in. Now there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Creams are better because they are more difficult to rub off with your close. My favor is Jergens Almond Cherry scent and here are a few more good ones to start with that aren't too expensive. As always my beauties love yourselves and be the best you ever.

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