Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adam "Pacman" Jones Arrested Allegedly Ripped Cops During UI Arrest

Adam "Pacman" Jones -- aka the NFL's version of  DMX -- was arrested again, this time during a DUI stop where he wasn't even the suspect ... for once.

Jones was the passenger in a car Ohio State Patrol pulled over early Monday morning -- and he reportedly mouthed off to officers while they were conducting a field sobriety test on the woman was driving.

The Cincinnati Bengals' star cornerback was arrested for disorderly conduct and released. The driver was also arrested for OVI ... operating a vehicle impaired.

Jones has a string of legal issues -- 8 arrests since entering the league 2005 -- and could be suspended by the league or the team for this latest one.

Most recently he was caught on surveillance cameras hitting a woman outside a nightclub back in June -- and already has an Oct. 7 court date for that case.

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