Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Not A Myth It's A Fact

Hello my beauties I hope you've all had a wonderful week as I did. Today I was made aware of a study done in 2011 on 326 Black women that found that nearly 60 percent showed signs of advanced hair lose. The study showed that women who suffered from this hair lose were more likely to wear hairstyles that caused traction, the too tight tugging of braids and weaves. This news is not surprising to me because I've been saying for the longest that it is not a healthy choice to continuously wear sew-ins and braids and glue in wigs. This study has simply proven my point because the average woman who wears these hairstyles is not going to a salon every week for the appropriate maintenance. African American women who have a tightly coiled curl pattern is fragile because the hair strand is weakest at the twist. Also because it is tightly coiled the sebum oil can move down the hair shaft so when you wear hairstyles that tug at the hair just breaks off. If this is done at a young age or constantly the follicle will eventually stop producing hair. If you want to keep your hair you have to get your priorities in order. You have to concentrate on hair care rather the hairstyle. If not you'll have no choice but to wear wigs glued to your because will be no hair to braid. This is no longer a myth it's a fact. Over the next couple of weeks I will be giving you more information discovered in this study on advanced hair loss. So stay tuned, I'm sure you all will find the news to be helpful in your hair care. Remember to love yourselves my beauties and have a great week.

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