Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Your Smell?

Hello my beauties I hope that you all had a wonderful week. Today I would like to talk about the awesome world of fragrance. The queen of Hollywood glamour Mrs.Elizabeth Taylor is still the highest paid celebrity after death because she has known for decades how important it is to smell hypnotizing. The biggest part of being beautiful is feeling beautiful and when you smell good you feel good. There are so many choices to choose from.  You have every celebrity, designer, name brand, etc. who have their own fragrance. Most of them have more than one fragrance, so the list go's on and on. I only have a couple that I can personally say that are completely amazing and I love the way I feel when I smell them on me.  Heat Rush by Beyonce', Rihanna's Rebel Fleur, and Rihanna's Rogue are my favorites right now. They all have a sweet smell to them which I love, not to mention all of the body sprays and lotions out there. As you all know I'm here to simply share with you all of the knowledge I've learned on my journey through the world of beauty and I say everything that makes you feel sexy, sassy, smart, sensual, and plan old hot you should go for it. It's all about you loving you, than everyone else will follow your lead. As always love yourselves and check out these scents, I'm sure you'll find the one for you.

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