Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chris Brown And Drake Squash Their Beef On Camera

Chris Brown and Drake have BURIED THE HATCHET after the bitter, bloody, bottle-throwing Rihanna-fueled beef ... and the reconciliation was all captured on video.

Brown posted a video on Facebook last night that was shot in a recording studio -- and it shows a bunch of superstars who are collaborating with CB.

But the shocking part ... one of the people in the studio is Drake -- who is not only hanging out with his former arch-nemesis, but the two BRO OUT with an "I don't hate your guts anymore" handshake.

Pretty crazy how far these two have come -- since it was just last year when their entourages brawled in a NY nightclub, leaving several innocent bystanders with major injuries, including NBA star Tony Parker.

It's unclear when or how the two settled their differences -- but according to reports ... they were seen hanging out at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Vegas last month.

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