Monday, April 9, 2012

Weezy Engaged???

Lil Wayne and his stunning girlfriend Dhea have been seen together on many occasions, yet recently she has been sporting some new BLING!!! Some think the star studded couple are engaged, with their increased sightings and the fans starting to believe the same, who knows we may hear wedding bells.

According to sources the couple dined at Barton G restaurant in Miami on valentines day. While there Weezy slipped the waiter a large yellow stone ring to place in the restaurant's signature Sundae, and moments after it was delivered to the rapper's table he shouted "She Said Yes." Everyone in the crowded restaurant believed that he had proposed, and later that evening he tweeted "She Said Yes."

America I said it... I said it... I said it!!! When Toya got married I knew it wouldn't be long. Oh don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.... When your ex gets into a relationship or God forbid gets married you begin to play the "I can top that" game. Weezy ain't in love he's trying to impress Toya, but it won't impress her that you married again, it would have impressed her if you would have made it work for your family...

If they are engaged I wish them the best... really I do but I do hope Ms. Dhea knows what she's getting into because if he almost drowns in the p*ssy, he'll swim to her butt...teeheehee...

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