Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Gets into a FIGHT!!! Exclusive!!!

Lindsay Lohan has been formally off probation for less than two weeks and she's already been accused of getting into a bar fight???

According to sources, a report was filed by a female in the West Hollywood Sheriff's office last night. The woman alleges that Lohan didn't like the fact that she was talking with a friend of LiLo's, and got into it with her at a nightclub on Thursday night, yet she didn't file a report until last night. Call me crazy but that sounds like she' been coached for the cash...Hmmm...

Law enforcement states the women's claims will be investigated like they would with any case like this one- to determine it's validity.

Lindsay's rep. Steve Honig, told TMZ, "Lindsay was absolutely not involved in any sort of altercation whatsoever. This is clearly another case of someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame."

I don't know, and I wasn't there but Ms. Lindsay certainly has some explaining to do... Damn girl you must like tha man all up in your sh*t!!! From today on we shall call Ms. Lindsay Lohan "Thug Passion" because she clearly has all of the white gangsta rapper's and the such beat... teeheehee...

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