Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Godfather of Go-Go "Chuck Brown Dies...

Washington, D.C mourns the lost of the King of the go-go beat!!!

At an early age I learned of and fell completely in love with the unique sound of go-go music. The genre of music was given this named by Brown because it goes on and on. "Chuck" as he was affectionately known by Washingtonians was considered the cream of the crop in the go-go industry. His shows were always more costly, and usually required adult attire but his performances were well worth the aforementioned prerequisites.

To many in the metropolitan area go-go is the preferred sound, and although it has failed to have the same infectious impact outside the DMV area, many claim to love the sound regionally and internationally. Brown's career is said to have been nationally launched because of his invention of go-go. Some of his biggest hits include "We need some Money, Go-Go Swing, and Run Joe." These oldies but goodies will remain in the hearts and memories of true fans for years to come.

His direct influence falls upon greats alike, Trouble Funk, Rare Essence, Experience Unlimited (EU), and many others.

He reportedly died at John's Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 75.
My heart and prayers go out to his entire family, and to all those who truly love go-go.

"Wind me up Chuck, Wind me up Chuck, Wind me up Chuck, Wind me up Chuck."
Thank you Chuck for a great time!!! Rest In Peace!!!

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