Thursday, May 30, 2013

Karrine Steffans and Young Berg a Couple

Does Karrine Steffans have a new man? Is she over Lil Wayne? She recently posted pictures of her and Young Berg together on Instagram and Twitter.
Karrine is either in “LOVE” or infatuated with the feeling. She entitles one picture as LOVE.
The next picture she entitles Love in Cartier:
The next picture she calls “Cali Blown” where she is smoking on something at sun set.
Does this mean that the Karrine Steffans is off of the market? Is she and Young Berg making plans for the future. I'm not sure but we sure will be watching.
Do you think these two are in LOVE or just a summer fling?
Do you think she’s over Lil Wayne?
Let us know by leaving your comments below.
Pictures via: Instagram and Twitter. 

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