Friday, May 24, 2013

Soulja Boy Involved in Hit-and-Run Accident with Motorcyclist

 According to a surveillance video Soulja Boy  t-boned a motorcyclist at a Hollywood intersection with his bright red Bentley and fled the scene in January.
“Now watch him Yule!”
No literally!
Somebody should have told Soulja Boy to stay put at the scene of the accident.  The motorcyclist had a friend who started his own investigation immediately following the accident. The friend scanned the area and asked the valet at Roscos’s Chicken and Waffles who hit his friend. This is where the they learned that the bright red Bentley belonged to the one and only Soulja Boy.
“Soulja Boy Tell-Em!”
Who knew that he would have fled the scene, then and with his “Soulja Boy Tell-Em” dance theme lies the hidden message aka “Watch Me Yule“.
He should have turned up some SWAGG and dealt with the music. Fleeing the accident is never a wise decision.

After keying in his license plate number, the police found out that the dots all connected back to Soulja Boy. So they impounded the car and found out that the repairs made on the Bentley coincided with the hit and run damages.
So if this were you, what would you have done in the moment— been like Soulja Boy and Yule or stay to pay the price?
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Pictures via Instagram.

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