Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RHOA Porsha Stewart Kicked Out by Kordell Stewart

As we all know former NFL quarterback, Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from his RHOA star wife, Porsha Stewart.
Reportedly Porsha has tried to mend the relationship by requesting mediation but her estranged husband has not shown up for one session yet. Since filing for divorce the couples has continued to live together semi peaceably... but according to court documents Kordell has locked Porsha out on a few occasions.
Well the ish has just hit the fan!!!
According to TMZ, Kordell just changed the locks on Porsha!
That's right he changed the freakin locks... where they do that at??? Really Kordell???
Porsha now wants the courts to grant her use of their home or pay her to find a place of her own. Gurl get a damn grip and a crib because he is carrying the hell out of you... just walk away with your dignity baby!!!
Aside from her drama on the home front, she recently filmed some scenes for comedian Rickey Smiley’s sitcom, which is currently in production for its second season.
Well all I can say is good luck Porsha and I wish you the best gurl!!!
What do you think about the Stewart's new drama???

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